Friday, 19 January 2018

Fashion Friday: Mini Skirts and Winter Boots

Hello friends!  Every once in a while Saskatchewan winter days are warm enough to enjoy without a jacket, even if only for a few minutes.  This past week has not been as described above but looking at these pictures reminds me that better days are ahead and the frigid cold, -30C to -40C too shall pass.  It's really okay since I had a nasty, nasty spill on the ice a week ago and have been more or less resting on my back or attempting to hobble around, either way not a pretty sight.  Sigh.

As I have been working my way through my closet, seriously so many options in there, I gave this skirt a go.  I absolutely love a good cord/suede skirt in a rich brown color and I own both.  I needed to decide which one was going to stay and which one is going to go.  Well as much as I adore the cord skirt, with the cute little button details, I let it go because I discovered as I walked the material kept bunching up in all the wrong places.  Yes, I tried static spay but nothing.  Bye, bye skirt.  

Regardless I love how this outfit and color combinations turned out and I have since worn this same outfit subbing in my suede skirt, same result, LOVE.  These black booties, linked below, are work horses in my closet, especially for the office.  They are cheap, cheap, cheap and so comfortable (but I will admit they have no grip and I was wearing them when I slipped and did a number on my hip 😓) What I really think makes this outfit pop is the bright hues of blue and red in the blanket scarf.  Below I am linking up great options to recreate this look.  

Shop This Post:

Expression Booties (this years version)
Corduroy Button-Up Skirt (similar)
Ruffle Cold Shoulder Sweater (Wishlist item);
Blanket Scarf: Option #1; Option #2

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  I hope it's warm enough, wherever you are, that you can get outside to get some fresh air and vitamin D.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Crafty Corner: What To Do With Your Christmas Cards?

I love receiving Christmas cards.  They are one of my favorite holiday traditions.  I line them all up on my mantel and also on my arts, crafts & cards wall.

 The trouble is, what to do with them after the season is over?

 I always felt uneasy recycling them, this also goes for birthday cards, birth announcements and so on, so they for years I ended-up piling them  away in a box.  Then last year  I came across this idea of a mini Christmas book on Pinterest by Dawn over at Rasberry Suite and I am so pleased with the results that I want to share how I created my own version using things I had at my fingertips.  

Materials needed:
  • Christmas cards
  • Cereal box/light weight cardboard
  • Scrapbooking paper
  • Scissors/paper cutter
  • Glue stick
  • Hole Puncher 
  • 2 binder rings
  • Number stencils and/or fun holiday embelishments
It took me less than half an hour to put this together and store it away until next year.  

Step #1 Use your largest Christmas card to determine the size you will need for your front & back cover.  Cut the cardboard to be just slightly bigger than the largest Christmas card.  

Step #2 Using your scrapbooking paper, I like using wintry or holiday season themed for fun, cut it to the size of the front and back covers.  Glue the paper down to cover the advertisement on the cereal box. 

Step #3  Using a 3-hole punch, begin punching the holes of the Christmas cards and the covers.  I generally place the card to the very top of the whole puncher and then I don't have to worry about the holes lining up.  For the most part, all of the cards end up having two holes, unless it's really small card.

Step #4  Put everything together using the binder rings and decorate the front cover using embellishments, stickers or go with simplicity like me and just add the year to the front cover so you know what year each of the books represents.  I also add a picture of my girls with Santa on the front and back covers.  Now  you are ready to store the booklet away and take out next year to display in your home during the holidays.  You can enjoy the pictures and special notes every year but they are compact in one little book.

 Quick.  Cheap.  Easy.  Done.

What do you do with all of your Christmas cards?  

Friday, 12 January 2018

Winter Style: Pom Toques and Plaid Shirts

My favorite part of this outfit is well EVERYTHING .  How cute are these matching pom toques that the girls and I scored at Urban Planet for $2 right after Christmas?!?  I was wearing this outfit when we went to the mall so the girls could spend their xmas money, and well, we all  ended up walking out dressed as triplets.  THIS NEVER HAPPENS so I rejoiced  and documented.  

Over the holidays I seized the opportunity away  from the office to wear my favorite jeans that have been  collecting dust in my closet since early fall.  As promised, I've been wearing my closet and I love how this outfit came together.  I would normally deem the cropped, step-hem, distressed jeans as spring-fall wear but that's just because I never thought to pair them up with cute little booties.  I can't believe I didn't think of this combination before.

One of my favorite pieces is this plaid shirt that I've had for a couple of years now.  I wear it to the office tucked into a skirt, under a sweater and dress pants, with pearls, etc.  For this outing I paired it up with a lightweight gray sweater, because gray is my new favorite neutral.  

This coat was a 'new to me' purchase through a local buy and sell.  I love the deep, purple color, the over sized brown buttons, and the large waist belt.  Do you ever shop second hand or do a girlfriend clothing swap? It's so fun to get new stuff without breaking the bank. 

What's your favorite casual, weekend, outfit combination?  

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Forever 21 Jeans ( similar)
American Eagle Gray Sweater  (similar on sale $19.99)

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Why I Need a Winter Break & Family Recap

I am a teacher and am currently working in a consultant position for my school division.  I will begin by saying that I absolutely adore my job.  I am extremely passionate about it and dedicated to it.  That kind of passion can sometimes come at a price to my own family though.  I haven't completely mastered the art of leaving work at work and being completely present when I am home.   I worry about certain kids, I worry that I am not doing enough, I make to-do/don't forget lists in my brain, I am constantly thinking about what I can do to bring certain concepts to the forefront for my students, how I can create an inviting environment, etc. Like most teachers I know, I my work day isn't really 9-3:30, which means that my own family shares my time and brain with many other little people.  So when a break like the Christmas holidays rolls around, I am able to actually turn off my teacher brain for a short time and my full attention is devoted to my own family .  I get to enjoy and fully reconnect with my own girls.  I get to at the move  beyond activities after school, play dates with friends, beyond the suppertime recap of their day and mundane daily chores that need to be accomplished between 5:30- 10 p.m.  I get to giggle, cuddle, cook, bake, watch a movie without planning/marking on the side, play games, go for coffee, get outdoors, have lazy mornings, or lazy afternoons.  We have TIME and I find that I treasure it more and more as I see them growing up.

So let's take a peak at how we spent our holiday.


Christmas Eve brought a  story we hope to laugh at one day, even now we kind of already are.  At the girls school there has been a bit of a LICE epidemic and we've had to deal with it a few times this winter.  What do you think we found at 9 p.m. on Christmas Eve, just as we were about to sit down to watch a movie as a family.  LICE in Anya's hair.  There were tears.  There was, "It's not fair!" and "This is the worst Christmas Eve ever!" and to top it off we had to say goodbye to our elf, Buddy.  As a mom, what can you do but laugh at the situation.  Not much fun but the good news is the rest of our break was fantastic!!!

They are literally both crying and it's like 10:45 p.m. on Christmas Eve.  
Milk and cookies for Santa.  (Smiles prior to finding the LICE)

We woke up to our living room resembling Santa’s workshop.  Everyone was spoiled rotten!  One tradition the we have is to never put presents under the tree ahead of time, unless they are for others or the kids were given directly.  The shock and surprise of Santa’s arrival when it goes from pretty bare to overflowing is quite a sight.

Christmas dinner with my parents and my two grandmas.

Christmas with my in-laws and sister-in-laws family  on boxing day.

Cousins watching a movie together.


It was SOOOOOO COLD the first few days but we all braved it in order to enjoy ski-doos that our friends brought up to share with us.  Our kids rarely get to go on ski-doos so it was worth getting all bundled up for, plus we all needed a little fresh air, even in -34C .  I also got to drive a ski-doo for the first time ever, EEK, they can go FAST!

We also did a little sledding with our 'summer' friends.


We rang in 2018 with two other families, for a total of 6 adults, 6 children and one pup.  It was great evening full of  fun, games, laughter, good food and drink.  It was extremely casual and fabulously perfect (other than the fact that Anya ended up getting the flu bug that night  and puking all over the bathroom :(  She is all better now.  Just another funny/story now.)

Skating at the Bess Outdoor Skating Rink

Snowboarding/Skiing as a Family 

This day was  my favorite day of the holidays. We went to Table Mountain for the day as a family. So very proud of Halie's determination to learn how to snowboard. She took her new snowboard to the hill and learned to turn both ways and spent the day on the big hill with us!!!!!

That's a wrap for our 2017 Christmas Holidays.  Thanks for reading.  I encourage you to leave a comment, especially if you never have before and tell me what the highlight of your break was. 


Friday, 5 January 2018

Cozy Knits for Winter

What could be better suited for winter than  a poncho?!?  They truly are the perfect layering piece and when I came across this one at a local boutique on sale prior to Christmas I had to snatch it up.  I told myself that I could always give it as a gift, but deep down inside I always knew it was mine for keeps.  J  I linked a similar one here and here.  I love this look on any day but especially when it’s so frigid cold outside that it seeps into your bones and follows you indoors (this can happen often in this part of the world).  I styled it with some sleek, slimming pieces such as the OTKB and my favorite skinny black pants.  When you an over sized statement piece like this poncho, I feel everything else can be a little tighter and closer to your body as you don’t need/want to add any  any more bulkiness. 

As promised I am wearing only items from my closet all of January  I am posting my outfits on IG 3-5x/week using the hashtags #shoppedmycloset #wearingmycloset2018.  Follow along or join in the fun and save some $$.  

It's off to work on Monday for me,  Bye bye holidays :(  The good news is that we are getting some warmer temperatures so we can make the most of our last few family days together by enjoying the snow and the outdoors.  What are your weekend plans?

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Taking the Plunge in 2018


I am not one to get all caught up in goal setting and new years resolutions to be totally honest.  I love a fresh start but I tend to get very fixated on goals so I try not to overdo it.  I especially stay away from any ‘weight’ or ‘diet’ related goals as a rule of thumb (don’t misunderstand me, it’s fine if you have these as goals but for me it’s not a particularly good/healthy road to go down).

I did it!  31 days of running for a total of 127 km!


Chilly last run.  -35C with the wind chill. 

The last few years I have joined the Briansport December Running Streak to end the year off.  The goal is to get through the holidays, and all the goodies , by counterbalancing it with a minimum of 1 mile/day run in the month of December.  The first year I made it to day 29 and but the last two years I have ran everyday.  This years total was 127 km, 4 tabata workouts, 4 yoga sessions in my living room, many miles on the treadmill due to extreme cold, 3 trips to the chiropractor and 2 to the massage therapist.  On Dec. 29th as I jumped on the treadmill to do an intense, interval workout,  I realized somewhere close to 6km  that what I was most thankful for was HEALTH, mine and my families.  Each step was one of strength, endurance and determination.  I felt strong and a sense of gratitude for how my body continues to provide me the opportunities to enjoy my family and my  active life.


For 2018 I have taken the plunge on a goal that I’ve had for a long time.  On the way to the lake two days ago I decided to look into adult swimming lessons.  I can swim but I have no endurance and can’t sustain a front/back crawl.  I need to learn the technique and also work on my stamina.  This inability has held me back for years of truly enjoying being in the lake, swimming with the kids and potentially contemplating any sort of mini-triathlon training.  So there you have it,  I registered for adult swimming lessons which will run for 10 weeks.  I hope to also get in another swim during the week to practice but I am leaving that open ended depending on our families schedule.  I will keep you posted on my progress.


A few other simple goals that I have for myself are:





1.  The "Wearing Your Closet" challenge I announced here.  Please join me for the month of January by using your clothing to recreate some favorite outfits or to create new ones while giving your wallet a break.  Follow along on IG and use the #wearingmycloset18 #shoppedmycloset.


2.  Reading:  I love to read but find it so difficult to find the time for pleasure reading with so much work related reading on the go.  So it may not seem like a lot but I would like to read a total of 12 books for the year, one/month, hopefully more during the summer.


3.  Cooking:   I am really excited to try out a new cook book that I received for Christmas. I have a six week meal menu but I'd like to add some new recipes into the mix so like the book goal, I am challenging myself to try a new recipe at least once every month.


4.  Family Time:  At the forefront of everything I just want to continue to practice mindfulness with my girl and family.  My brain is always working, searching for the next goal/adventure, that I often struggle to just stay in the moment.  I've been getting much better at this and part of my journey has actually been to set more realistic/smaller goals, which allow me to focus more on family rather than achieving things that I said I was going to.  One thing that I have let slip that I want to reclaim is reading in bed with Anya every night.  Halie reads now on her own, grade 5 and we still talk about the material she is reading, but Anya has only a few more years of reading bedtime stories or books together in her bed and I don't want to miss that. 


I will hopefully  keep you posted on my progress monthly


What are you going to try out in 2018?  Or what goal have you set for yourself or your family?  Leave a comment as I love to hear from you.  Happy New Year!