Thursday, 21 September 2017

Embroidery Love Affair: One Skirt, Three Ways

You guys embroidery is everywhere this season and I am all head-over-heels in love with it all!  I have been admiring the jeans with embroidery since the early spring but since I work in an office environment it didn't seem like the best investment for me.  That being  said when I walked past this beauty at H & M a few weeks ago I knew it was going to be coming home with me.  I quickly found the possibilities with this beauty were endless.  It's perfect for the office, date night and I am pretty sure I am going to wear it for Thanksgiving dinner. 


Here are three very different versions of the outfit. 


1.  Stripes and florals.  My favorite pattern mixing duo.  I also picked this adorable jersey knit, ruffle top at the same time as the skirt from H & M.  They were just made for each other.



2.  Feminine in Pastels.  This blush pink top was passed down to me by a friend and I love the little ruffled shoulders.  How pretty is the H & B rose gold necklace and pearl combination against the light pink blouse.  This is just so pretty to take me into spring of 2018.


3.  Feeling Sexy.  Okay you guys, so this one made me feel sexy and who doesn't like that?!?  The reason for it?  This new bodysuit.  It's my first and it's low-cut which generally I do not wear, and obviously wouldn't wear to work, but you know what, I think I would for date night.  So this one is getting  archived so I can pull it out next time Logan and I actually get a night out on the town.  Oh, and how cute are these spruce green pumps?


What's your favorite 2017 fall trend?


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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Edmonton Part 2: Family Vacation Hightlights




As you may have read last weeks post the trip to Edmonton brought a pleasant surprise for me at the half-marathon, read about here,  but today I want to talk about the amazing opportunity this little mini-vacation brought to our whole family.  Initially Logan and I were going to just drive  in for the weekend alone but then we decided to take the kiddo's along and make it a mini-mini-vacation, jammed packed of family goodness.


1.  Friends and babies.  We stayed with our good friends, Shaun and Karli, and their sweet littles, Will and Libby.  Karli and I have been friends since high school and the husbands totally hit it off years ago when we brought them into our circle.  We were thrilled when they added Will to their little family, shortly followed by Libby. Halie especially took a liking to hanging out with Will and playing trucks with him, reading stories, blowing bubbles and carrying him around. 


2.  More Friends.  We were also hosted for dinner by  our best man Nick and his family.  Logan and Nick have been best friends since primary school and we were pretty sad when they decided to move away.  It was awesome to spend  time catching up over dinner with them and to have the kids reconnect after a few years of not seeing each other.  Nick also ran the half with me, I was so extremely proud of him as he is not really someone that runs.  Kendra, his wife, is wonderful at navigating through the city closures and got us there in time!

3.  Waterpark.  Highlight of the trip for the kids for sure.  They spent 7 hours there!!!!!  They loved the wave pool the most but we also hit many of the waterslides.  Halie is a total ride junkie, while Anya could take it or leave it and as a rule of thumb doesn't enjoy the funny feeling in her tummy that you get on rides.  Logan and I did the big huge pink slide, refer to pictures, and I almost bailed waiting in line but it was such a thrill.  You stand in a tube at the top, it starts a countdown and  all of a sudden the bottom gives out and you are flying through the waterslide tunnel.  It's over before you know but it's an adventurous waterslide.   I bailed at hour 5 and spent 1.5 hours shopping by myself.

4.  Shopping.  I basically went into two stores, H & M and Simons, and bought everything there.  I was hoping to mull things over and pick them up the next day or try a few other stores, but that didn't happen.   I will post the things I purchased over the next few weeks but here is a quick shot of the embroidered skirt and stripped top that I picked up (full details on Friday).


The girls hit up the American Girl Store.  WOW!  That store is impressive and expensive.  LOL!  Since that day Halie has purchased her very own American Girl doll through Indigo.  She takes her everywhere and the girls have spend endless hours playing with their dolls.  Honestly, I am thrilled to have her hold on to some childhood play for a while longer.

Halie is obsessed with Harley Quinn.


5.  Ikea.  We went to Ikea with kids and actually they loved it.  How is it that you walk into that store with no real list and walk out with a $350 bill?  I love all the things I bought.  I love fresh cut flowers but since I can't always have them on the table, I splurged on this arrangement for the home of fake flowers.  I think they look really nice and I love seeing colorful colors in my living space now that the days are getting shorter.




Shop Ikea: white rug; cookbook/iPad stand; old-fashioned milk jug vase; flowers (lilac, snowball green flowers, hydrangea); napkins (watercolor, fall leaves; old-fashioned floral)


Overall an amazing get-away.   As we drove away our hearts were full from all the visiting we got in with our sweet friends and the fun memories we made with the girls.  Traveling is much easier now that we don't have nap schedules, food needs, diapers and diaper bags to attend to. 

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Fashion Friday: How To Dress For Family Photos


I am back to hopefully posting a fashion related post on Friday's and life happenings on Wednesdays.  It's good to be back at work and to be getting back to somewhat of a routine after a completely laidback summer. 


Every couple of years I try to get family photos done and this year it was especially important for me to have the family photos taken at our lake to commemorate how special this summer was to us as a family and to celebrate this new chapter of our family life.  It just happens that my best friend Ashley is a photographer and was going to be staying with us for five days with her family!  How perfect is that!  


If you are like me, I don't want to drop a ton of extra $ on getting everyone new outfits so this is how I plan for  picture session:


1.  Pick your season.  Seasons are critical and as well as time of day.  Last time we did fall photos so it was all about jewel toned colors and boots.  This year though I wanted sunset, blue lake, soft pastels, to represent the warm summer nights and the golden sunset.


2.  Pick one outfit or a couple that you want to wear and build around that.  I knew I wanted to wear my chambray dress for the photoshoot and since the girls have lots of cute dresses, I thought we could find a color combo that would work.  My husband is always the hardest because he has the least in his closet. 


3.  Start creating a Pinterest board that has color schemes to go along with the one outfit you want to build around.  Here is my Pinterest Board for summer photos.  Also I think this is great for getting ideas to share with your photographer or to give you ideas of props you might want to bring along.


4.  Create flat lays of the different outfit combinations and take pictures to see how they show up together. 


5.  If  you have certain frames that you want to fill with certain combinations of family members, note to self if you want the photos to be vertical or horizontal.  We didn't do that this time but I always ask the photographer for  certain shots so that I can switch out the photos in my frames.


Here is a sample of some of my favorite shots from the shoot.  (p.s. I took a few these)





Have a great weekend everyone! 

Monday, 11 September 2017

Edmonton Part 1: A Pleasant Surprise



You know when something WONDERFUL happens and it's a complete SURPRISE?  Well that's what happened during my half-marathon in Edmonton.  I want to preface this post by saying that I don’t intend this post to be braggy but rather I am allowing myself to share my pride, and happiness, over this unexpected result.  Sometimes as women I feel like we don’t celebrate ourselves as much as we should, or be happy with where we are right now, and that’s something I’ve been trying to work on and model for my girls so here is my celebration.

A few weeks ago I ran my personal best at the Edmonton half-marathon and I can’t even begin to describe my emotions. to you all.  Some of you may recall last years half-marathon disappointment, read about it here, after training hard for months and hoping to achieve 2 hrs flat and then having the worst run ever.  Since that race, I haven’t been able to commit to anything.  Finally in June my close friend Kristi called me out.  She basically said that I could do it, but mentally I was stopping myself because I didn’t want to face disappointment again or having to adjust my goals to suit my needs.  TRUE!!!!!  I am terrible at the mind aspect of running and often sabotage myself.  So when my buddy Nick decided to run the Edmonton half,  I signed up too.  I trained but really took it easy by following the moderate training schedule.  I didn’t want to get hurt again, physically or emotionally, and I didn’t want it hijacking our family time in the summer.  So I did what I could and stayed pretty true to getting in 4 runs a week and some cross-training. 



Then came the illness curse.  Like 2016 I got sick, except this time I was sick for over 3 weeks and when I went o the doctor finally she told me it was a chest and sinus infection and that she would put me on strong antibiotics but she wasn’t sure that I should run.  I ran, with a little help from Advil Cold and Sinus, and somewhere around 16km I realized that there was a good chance I would get a PB.  After just hoping that I wouldn’t be slower than 2:10:00! I just couldn’t believe!  My official time was it 2:01:16!!!!! I ran across the finish line feeling strong, powerful, speedy and with a heart full of pride.  I didn’t reached that flat 2hrs but I am beyond happy with the result and it’s nice to feel that "it's good enough". 



Would I like under 2 hrs?  Of course, but I don’t feel like I need it.  I don’t feel any disappointment.  I just feel happiness, pride, perseverance.  It’s nice to have positive feelings about ones accomplishments rather than despair.  So whatever your goals are and whether you achieve them on your first attempt or not, or ever, I hope you can be better than me and always give yourself a pat on the back and are able to get back to whatever it is that you love. 


My husband refers to them (my family ) as my "running groupies".  Best cheering squad ever! 


My buddy Nick got an incredible first time half –marathon at 2:07:00!!!!  AMAZING.  I couldn’t be happier for him.  He set out to do something and in the midst of a busy family life, with little training, and little running background, he crushed it. 

In closing, I will say that this course was the flattest course I have ran, beautiful route, calm winds, it was really just a dream. I am well aware that I may not be able to replicate this time on a different course, but I am okay with that.  I am moving forwards with just reminding myself that I run 

 a) because I love it

b) to feel healthy and strong, and

c) to manage my stress.  Thee shirt below summarizes it perfectly.