Tuesday, 15 August 2017

What It's Like Being Lake People: A New Chapter in our Life

A year ago, Logan and I spend hours, days, and weeks agonizing over the decision to buy/not to buy this cabin that stole our hearts at 'hello'.  It was a huge decision, two mortgages!  Could we do it?  What things would we have to give up?  Were we okay with the changes this would bring, the positive/negative?  We went over our finances with a fine tooth comb, several times.  Had panic dreams.  In the end we finally just took the leap because this was what we dreamt of, talked about since we had gotten married, what we hoped to provide our kids with but never actually felt it was going to be conceivable in our lifetime. 


We took the leap and this year we were the LAKE PEOPLE and as I write this, there are tears threating to slip out and there is a heaviness, the gratitude kind, in my chest.  Every morning as I drank my coffee on OUR deck, at OUR lake, I thought to myself, "wow! this is my life."   It would truly take my breath away at times. 


Let's take a peak of our highlights!

#1 Boating and Water

We spent a lot of time on the boat this year.  We wakeboarded and wakeboarded, mostly in the early mornings while the water was like glass. 

Anya killed it on the kneeboard and graduated from a beginner board to an adult/trick board.  She finally figured out how to turn and got herself out of the wake!!!!  She also took her first big spill in the lake and took it like a champ.

Halie is much more reserved on the water but did get up on the kneeboard and rocked, in exchange for blue hair.  She is a dynamite fisherwoman and enjoyed catching several fish to feed us this summer!

#2 Family and Friends

The lake is more beautiful when you can share it with the people you love.  We had several people visit and so many more that we hope will come throughout the year. 


Both sets of grandparents came to out to spend time with us this summer and the girls were thrilled to show them around.


My sister and her family spent a few days at the lake soaking up the sun, tubing, fishing, enjoying the campfire.  Our 13 year old nephew stayed on with us for another week and he was a blast.  Halie and Alen have a relationship and love for each other like siblings who don't really fight.  They just click and fostering family relations is extremely important to our family.


Speaking of cousins, baby Cooper and aunty Jenna made it out for a day.  Cooper was not a fan of the water not only for himself but for any of our group.  Each time Anya ventured out for a swim, he would cry and cry. Poor little monkey.  What did he love?!?  Ice cream!!!


Friends and friends.  Lots of friends around the campfire, on the beach and in our life.  Blog post to come about having my best friend and her family out for 4 days in the near future.


#3 Sand Castles and Burials

No matter how old or young you are, sand is magical.




#4 Nature

Fox.  Deer.  Birds chirping.  Wind whistling.  Bugs.  Hiking.  Restores your soul.

#5 Me Time, Our Time  & Family Time

I ran and trained, loosely, for a half-marathon this summer.  I feel good about it for the first time in a long time.  I read.  I paddled.  I sat on my deck and drank coffee.

Logan and I reconnected away from the daily demands of life.  We had coffee.  We sat around the fire.  We talked.  We held hands. We kissed  We laughed.  We fished.  We golfed.  We made friends.


Halie is growing up and this summer came at a perfect time.  The girls didn't drive me crazy, instead I was able to get to know them individually and together.  I actually coveted our "girl only weeks".  We talked.  We beached.  We read all over the place.  We watched Gilmour Girls.  We made suppers together. 


Needless to say we had an amazing summer and the memories created will last a lifetime.  I feel stronger as a person and a family unit as we return to our 'real' lives and begin another year of school, work, business as usual. It's different because I know that our little piece of heaven is just a skip and a hop away and we plan to utilize it anytime we just need a little family downtime. 

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Fashion Friday: Romper Deals & Steals

It's no secret that I love rompers and jumpsuits as I've featured them multiple times on my blog here, here and here.  I adore an outfit that you can literally grab and go with a few accessories to dress it up or down. 



The truth is that I've spent 80% of my summer at the lake, and as much as I love to get dressed up and play with clothes, that is not required at the lake.  I mostly live in the same few outfits and this little romper that I purchased last summer is just one that I gravitate towards all the time.  It's perfect for the beach (cover-up), going into town or taking a stroll at the beautiful golf course/marina. 

I am sharing some awesome deals on rompers for both summer days and cooler nights here today.  There is still a three weeks of summer left and with some heels, accessories, and a clutch many of these can be transition to early September, depending on where you live.

1.  Romwe Aztec Print Romper just screams BEACH!  It's lightweight, flowy, has pom poms, and the print is my favorite, it just makes me think of the lake.  It also comes in two different prints and it's 60% off.


2.  ASOS Embroidery Romper.  To me this is just very cute and yet sexy without being over the top.  I think it's the perfect summer date night outfit.  I love the combination of this summers hottest trends, ruffles, cold shoulders and embroidery. 


3.  Charlotte Russe Floral Romper is the perfect day to evening piece.  To me it says summer days around the town, markets, coffee, brunch and then add some strappy heels and off you go to patio drinks with friends.  Best part is $20!!!!!


4.  Chickwish Crochet Romper. This is as classy as a romper can get in my opinion.  It's delicate crochet detail, the long bell sleeves and black color make it easy to wear to a summer wedding reception or possibly even to work, depending on the length. 


5. Shopbop Free People Romper.  Oh I love Free People but it's usually so $$$ that I can't justify it, but this little number is only $49!  I think this is the romper to take your from summer to early fall.  The floral print is sticking around for fall and the darker shades definitely make it work, as well as the long sleeves.  Pair up with some cute little booties and you've got a perfect transition piece. 

Hope you enjoyed the suggestions!

Friday, 4 August 2017

Fashion Friday: In Full Blossom (Wedding Wear)

Last weekend we went to Mr.K’s cousins wedding.  It was lovely to see two young, high school, sweethearts, take the vows and move into a new chapter of their life.  I might be partially biased, Mr.K and I took the leap at the age of 21, but I love watching young love grow into lifetime commitment.  I feel like Mr. K and I have literally grown up together, and have had to make changes and adjustments as a couple every step of the way, since we were 17.  (Of course I know it doesn't always work out that way but so far so good). 

The wedding was outdoors on a farm and Anya took the opportunity to pose and explore the beautiful garden there.  We had one extra child, our nephew, who stays with us for a couple of weeks each summer.  Didn’t they all clean up nice? 


We have been at the lake more or less the whole summer and so I didn’t buy anything new for the wedding.  Instead I posted on INSTAGRAM and had my friends help me choose an outfit and so this is what I wore. 


I love how full this skirt is from Chickwish, but I don’t get to wear it nearly often enough as we don’t go to fancy events much.  I paired it up with a pink RW & Co. top from last year, some H & B rose gold jewellery and nude heels.  Nude heels are a MUST for every girl.  Seriously I wear mine all the time, and they are my go to for most of spring/summer, much more so then my black heels.  The ones I am wearing are 424 Fifth and I love the strappy detail, but my ultimate favorites are the Nine West mid-heel. 

Between the weeding and the dinner we explored the little town and we found this abandoned old, one room school house.  Being a teacher I just couldn’t resist the history and snapping some shots. 


Have a great weekend all! 


Friday, 28 July 2017

Old Navy Review


Happy Friday!  This has been an amzing week with my family in town and I will share with you all soon. 


I purchased a few pieces from Old Navy and finally am getting around to reviewing them all for your right here, which is great because they are all on SALE right now so you can stock up.  I know everyone is gearing up for fall but not this girl.  I love summer too much to cut it short so there is lot of time to wear your favorite pieces.  I love ordering online and having everything delivered to my door, especially since with Old Navy, I am never sure if I am going to need an XS or S, so I order one of each.  Here we go!



1.  Tiered Maxi Dress

Beautiful.  Boho vibe.  Beach.  Stroll by the water.  Coffee with friends.  Brunch.  Casual patio drinks.  All of it is possible in this dress.  I shouldn't but I will KEEP!!!!


2.  Embroidered Preplum Top

Who doesn't love the cute little embroidered flowers?  I love how this top sits and I don't have any preplum tops so it's a keeper (plus it's on sale for  $14!).  Also another bonus, is that I can see myself styling this underneath a blazer come September and I am back at work.



3.  Relaxed High-Neck Tank (similar)

The color I purchased is all sold out for the alternative is just as pretty.  This is a flowy top and I really like how lightweight it is.  I think it works well with white jeans/shorts, as well as I think with denim.  I am on the fence about whether to keep it, mostly because I really don't need another top regardless of how good the price is.  Thoughts?

4.  Chambray Dress
I wanted to love this dress but it looks like an oversized bag on me.  Even before I put it on, I knew I wasn't going to keep it becase I purchased this chambray dress that I love 150% and wear all the time.  I don't need two so I guess it worked out the way is was supposed to.

We are off to a wedding this weekend and spending a bit more time with my nephew.  Have a great last weekend of July peeps!

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Me Time? Say, WHAT?!?

Ah, the elusive "me time"?  As a full time working mom, of two beautiful vibrant girls, a wife, daughter, granddaughter, friend, etc., I've often wondered what I was doing wrong with my time and how I wasn't getting all of this "me time" people seem to talk about.  It was during the time that  I began taking my masters classes, on top of working full time and being a mom of two really little people, that I realized that my definition of  "me time" needed to change.  I was getting "me time" it just didn't look like other peoples, which is totally fine.  My "me time" was taking my masters (because I choose to do that, therefore I gave up the extra time I might have had for other pursuits) and running was also "me time".  Once I came to understand these activities were what I CHOOSE to spend my time on, therefore they were FOR me, not others, I was able to let go of the notion of not having "me time".

Two weeks ago I did get some different, extra, kind of "me time" and I am not going to lie, I LOVED every minute of it.  I forced myself to do "other" kinds of things that I love and connect with, as opposed to only the things I already carve out time for.  On the agenda:

-Doing yoga
-Paddle boarding
-Having coffee without kids with a friend

The kids were in a three day, 5 hours/day, camp at the lake and I felt like I was the mom I always wanted to be.  It was enough time for me to feel like I had all the pampering in the world, so that when I picked them up I had no desire to be or do anything other than spend time with them.  I felt like I had adequate time to reconnect with the things I love to do and I felt full-filled. 

Here is the million dollar question, how do I do that during the school year?  It just doesn't seem like a realistic expectations?  How do you view "me time"?  How do you carve it out?  Is it a mindset for you, like it is for me?