Sunday, 20 January 2019

Winter FabFitFun Box Review


A gift just for me.  I love it.  Seriously the anticipation of waiting for my FabFitFun box to arrive sends me back to Christmas morning, every time.  What in our adult life gives us so much joy or giddiness?  I tried my first box in the fall, before committing to invest all of my birthday money into a year subscription, and I am so glad I did.  I would never buy most of these items on my own, I just wouldn't, but receiving them as a surprise or a gift, I just love it and feel like I am pampering myself.  After the first box, I decided that I deserved this little quarterly gift.  My winter box arrived just before Christmas and I also bought my sister one for her birthday and she LOVED IT!    Okay, let's look at what I received!


The boxes are always beautiful and there is always a magazine that goes through all the products, tips and tricks.  Love reading it. 


The Patchology sheet mask I actually purchased as an add-on, which you can do with every box.  I received a sheet mask in my first box and absolutely loved them so I was hooked and these are just as good.  The set of 5 sheet masks for like $9 and they are amazing.  The oils, Ecylptus and Sweet Orange, which I've used in both my bath and my diffuser.  I am super excited to try the Ahava Hydration Cream Mask, especially now that it's winter.  I was waiting to use all my sheet masks up before testing it out.  The BLAQ eye mask is fun to try but I didn't really notice much of a difference to be honest, but again, fun to try and test out.


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this palette.  I don't have tons of make-up so this is really fun to get and try out various looks with.  I use it daily for the office and also when I am going out, there are so many fun shades to work with.  Matte and shimmer,  classy and glam.  You name it, you can create it.  Also the Thrive Eye Brightener stick is awesome.  I keep it in my little cosmetic bag at work so that I can touch up my tired looking eyes half was through the day!



These coasters have become a favorite and have been moved up to the cabin.  They were probably what I was most excited about and maybe the through blanket.

Again, never, ever, would I have purchased this traveling jewelry holder but it's been used several times already.  Brilliant was to organize all my jewelry that I need and nothing gets tangled up!



This fringed, cozy, colorblock throw was the perfect addition to our master bedroom decor.  Not only do I like to cozy up with it and a cup of tea, but it looks great on the edge of our bed.



Finally, I think the above was my favorite piece in my box, the BearPaw headhand and glove duo.  I have misplace my headband and am absolutely devastated it by it.  I love the look of it and it was soooooo warm and soft with the fleece layer on the inside.  I would buy this again if it was an option. 


There you have it.  My winter FabFunFit box right here.  If you are interested in giving it a try, just one seasonal box, or maybe an editor box, or a Pintrest box, do it for yourself or another lucky lady in your life.  They have lots of options and also have them on sale often so you can try it for less.  Each box is 49.99 US (even with the Canadian $ conversion I think it's worth it) and you get way more than it's worth.  You also get to customize a few things in your box, while others will be a surprise to you.  If you want $10 off your first box, you the link below!

Friday, 11 January 2019

What to Wear in a Winter Wonderland

So far we've been having a fairly mild winter, I am sure as soon as I publish this post the frigid air will blow over our province to keep us on our toes.  We've had a few really cold days but we've also enjoyed some really nice mild days such as the day I wore this.  I shot these picture when I was at the lake and generally wouldn't walk around in this outfit but I was imagining I was at a ski resort like Mount Tremblant, Banff, Revelstoke, etc.  I love snowboarding and we are finally at a stage as a family that we have been tossing around the idea of doing a family skiing/snowboarding trip vs. a hot winter holiday.  So here is what I would wear to roam around the little ski village after a long day hitting the slopes.  Leggings may not be pants but they make my legs look way longer, especially when I wearing a over-sized poncho and big Sorels to keep my toes toasty warm.  Side note, if you have long and cold winters these Sorels are the way too go.  My toes always get cold, ALWAYS, and I've tried many types of boots and finally I paid the $$ and bought these ones.  There are two pairs that look exactly the same but you need the Caribou ones because they are good to -40C. 

Okay, back to the outfit.   How adorable is my FabFunFit mitts and headband set?  Seriously, can't get enough of this set and have been wearing it non-stop (to get $10 off your FabFunFit box click here).  I 100% love how this outfit came together, it cozy, chic, trendy and I would wear a version of this outfit to work, but I would probably switch the Sorels out for some OTKB :)  

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Thursday, 3 January 2019

2019 Word of the Year & My Intentions

Welcome.  First and foremost, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my blog.  I want to wish you and your families a happy New Year and all the warmest wishes for a bright, joyous and healthy 2019.  

I am a type A, I am also what Gretchen Ruben refers to as an 'upholder' in her book the Four Tendencies (see below), which means I like goals, plans, clear paths.  It helps me focus and refocus when I am overwhelmed or lost.  I also like putting them out there because it helps me stay accountable.  So here is what I am intending to focus my energy on for 2019!

My Word of the Year & Family Time.  The whole concept of a word for the year has never really felt like my thing,  until the other day.  I was driving alone with my thoughts and  the radio in the background and suddenly, PAUSE came to mind.   Pause and enjoy the moment.  Pause and use my mind (not just my camera) to capture the memories.  Pause and think before I react. Pause and put away all technology during supper or family time.  PAUSE to take in the awesome life I am living.  So I am choosing to remember to PAUSE and really be with my family this year.  Not worry about work, chores, 'to do' lists, technology, etc.  

I will say that Mr. and I are also committing to getting out for walks in the evenings 2-3 times a week either with the kids, or just the two of us.

Fitness.  I am one of those people who doesn't make fitness goals at the beginning of the year anymore.  Exercise is just a part of my life,, and has been for a long time.  I do make new goals when it strikes me but at this time my only goal is to maintain what I am already doing (swimming, spinning, running).

Learn Something New.  One might say  I am a "life long learner".  I love learning from people I meet.  I like learning  from peoples stories, in school, taking online courses, learning at work, etc.  There are so many things I want to know about and explore, but just haven't had an opportunity to yet.  Last  year I decided that I needed to create these opportunities for myself, so  last year I decided to start the year off by signing up for swimming lessons and it was a huge success!!!! This year I've decided to sign up for a 52 week photography course through Shoot Along.  I received a new lens for Christmas and am excited to finally learn how to use my Sony Mirrorless camera and get off just using the 'auto' setting.
Picture courtesy of

Reading.   I loved my goal of one book a month last year and I am happy to announce I reached 16 books in total (4 which were audiobooks, but I am still counting them).  I know for most people that's not  a huge goal but I read a lot for work and working on the blog in the evenings, just doesn't leave a whole lot of time for reading.  My book club definitely keeps me accountable and I love to throw in some great easy reads along the way.  Read my book reviews for some of these books form 2018 here and here.

Hosting.  This year rather than focusing on cooking new meals, I am focusing on hosting my friends more.  We used to host all the time but this past year  we didn't do as many friend get together as I'd like.  Since I fuss, cook, clean, make extra grocery shop visits, think of things to do with the kids, I am challenging myself to this idea of How to Host a Crappy Dinner (And See Friends More) that my friend Amber introduced me to.  I just want to reconnect with friends and let go of the little things.  So I am hoping to host family/friends at least once a month in some form or another, drinks, appetizers, dinner, brunch, games night, etc.

Hosting December Celebrations 

Blog & Work.  At the end of the year I burned out and realized that I needed a step back from all the blogging/work I was doing.  My family.  My work.  My friends.  My blog.  In that order.  So my intentions for 2019 is to write when I am inspired.  To post once a week, Fridays, because that's manageable and enjoyable for me.  I'll also write and post any other time that strikes me because it's my creative outlet, my journal, my reflection.  I also hope to continue to meet people in this online world that inspire me.

As for work, I am anxiously awaiting my term as consultant to conclude at the end of the school year and then......  I don't know but I am happy to return to a school and see what new adventures and learning await me.  Stay tuned.

Do you do resolutions?  Set goals?  Intentions?  Word to live by?  Is it for you?  

What does a New Year mean to you?

Thursday, 27 December 2018

This Mama Feels Pretty: NYE Outfit & Link-Up

I am back!!!!  Well, I am slowly going to come back, but we can talk about that in another post.  I am joining Ada form Elegance and Mommyhood once again on her holiday series and we are talking NYE looks.  

I know that Christmas festivities might be wrapping up for some families but for us we are just gearing up for round two.   My sister and her family  arrive in a couple of days and we are all anxiously awaiting their arrival.  They don’t make it home over the holidays often so we are going to pack as much fun as we can in four days, sledding, skating outdoors, sugar cookie decorating, visiting, and throwing a  family friendly NYE bash.  Yep.  This year we are hosting and I am so excited! Make sure to tell me your favorite games, decorations or food ideas in the comments below (I have nothing planned as of yet).  When I was growing up NYE was our big holiday and when Santa arrived.  Since immigrating to Canada we’ve embraced Christmas but still like to do something special to say goodbye to the past year and welcome the New Year with hope, joy and love.  So with that said, even though it’s not going to be fancy-shmancy, I decided to take the opportunity to buy a new skirt and ring in the new year in style. 

 I knew exactly what I wanted when I stumbled upon this skirt on the RW & Co website (it's on sale).  I love the shimmery metallic, pink color of the skirt of this skirt.  I love that it has shimmer without being too much, giving me lots of opportunity to wear out on date nights and even to work events.   Initially I was going to style it with a blush pink top, with fluttery short sleeves,  but last minute I though I’d play with colors and textures and grabbed my vibrant, crimson red, velvet, long sleeved top.   I love how the contrast came together for a festive, elegant and chic outfit.  Since we are going to be indoors, I think I’ll keep my strappy black heels on, at least until we start dancing and singing around and my feet start to ache.

Tomorrow night we are having we are having an early NYE  with friends.  It’ll be casual with appetizers, ice skating, hot tubbing, and LOTS of kiddos.  I think I’ll wear the same top but pair it up with some black pants for a more casual and comfortable look. 


Regardless of what you are doing, or wearing, I want to wish you the very best in 2019!  Stay tuned for my 2018 goal recap and my goals for 2019.

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LINDA A Labour of Life "What I am not wearing this year for New Years Eve.
New Years is always glitz and glitter but also fur and warmth.  Adding my black fur helps make even the coldest of nights feel wonderful.  This year however I will be poolside in Orlando with my boys so I am sharing what I normally would be wearing not what I am actually wearing. (Only because it's hard to share a preview of what I will be wearing poolside, when there is so much snow around.) Happy New Year's Eve and wishing you all the best in 2019!"
MONICA Jersey Girl, Texan Heart "Ok, I'm going to be super blunt with y'all.  I will be staying in this year.  I posted a dress in yesterday's post, but let's be real, I will be relaxing and drinking my wine at home with my family and probably falling asleep before the ball drops, don't judge me haha!  I hope everyone has a happy new year!"
LAURA I Do deClaire "This fun top caught my eye on amazon a few weeks ago and I knew it would be perfect for NYE! My husband and I haven't gone out to celebrate NYE for years, but I still like to sparkle, even if it's at home! This top can be dressed up with a skirt or leather pants, but it's just as cute with black leggings or joggers if you are staying in. Hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year's!
ADA Elegance and Mommyhood " My plans for New Year's Eve this year are up in the air, but I might take my mom and my daughter out for dinner, to a nice restaurant. For sure I will be wearing some sparkle and some silver though. I love this ruffled-hem black+silver brocade dress I chose. With the right blush velvet shoes, a bow in my hair, a sequined clutch and crystal earrings, my dress is perfect for New Year's. Cheers to a Bright and Beautiful Two Thousand Nineteen!!"
ROXANNE Glass of Glam "I love any chance to wear sequins, so for this outfit I went all out with a long-sleeved sequin mini dress from Rent The Runway. I've had so many positive changes in my life this year that there is much cause to celebrate! To a successful 2018 and an even more successful 2019!"
BOJANA Bo's Bodacious Blog "It's Bojana from Bosbodaciousblog.  Even though we aren't going anywhere fancy for NYE, I am still planning on ringing in the New Year in style with this gorgeous, light pink, shimmery, pleated skirt and a crimson red velvet top.  Hop over to see the outfit details and read about our plans."
SHELBEE Shelbee on the Edge "I love the classic combination of black and white for special occasions and what is better than velvet, faux fur, and sequins for New Year’s Eve? I chose this black velvet burnout top from Foxcroft to pair with wide cuff cropped white denim for a comfortable but chic holiday outfit. My new black faux fur coat was a Christmas gift from my husband this year. I fell in love with this coat the moment it came into the consignment shop. And of course, sequined booties are perfect for ringing in the new year! Wishing you all a happy and blessed 2019!"

Friday, 21 December 2018

Anya is 9: Reflecting on the Past Year

Dear Anya,  

How did you get to be 9 so quickly?  Each and every year this exact thought runs through my mind and I get sad that you are growing up so quickly, yet I am immensely proud of who you are becoming with each passing day, month, year.  Here are some of the tidbits, highlights and accomplishments from this past year. 

Kind.  Energetic.  Lively.  Silly.  Witty.  GentleLoving. Brave.  Dramatic.  Creative.  Goofy. 

Dance.  Sing. Acting. Art.  Oreo.  Lego.

Birthday Party Theme: 
Movie Theater party was a HUGE success with 14 children!


Skating is still your number one.   

You tried soccer last spring and we you were really good at it.  We’ve love to see you pursue this a little more. 

You started dance, ballet & jazz, but you’ve quickly realized that its not for you. 

You successfully got up on the wakeboard when you were 8.5 years old and blew us away. 

You’ve ventured into the chapter book world but you still haven’t found any one series that you just love to read.  You try whatever is in front of you.  I think your favorites are still picture books or when we read to you.  

There are lots of shows you are watching these days such as Free Rein, Fuller Huse , reruns of Jessie, and I really like when you introduced me to Nailed It (cooking show). 

Lego, dolls, crafts, board games (Harry Potter Clue). 

Traveling & Firsts: 
You went on two trips this year without mama and tata. 

 You took your first plane ride alone, just you and your sister to Victoria, BC.  You spent five days with your aunt Tiki, uncle Sasa, and cousin Alen .  Mama and tata drove out and then we traveled back through BC, Alberta and home to Saskatchewan.  You got to hold an kangaroo, visit the Enchanted Forest, went on a 20km  bike ride on the old Kettle Valley railway in Myra Canyon Park, visited the Calgary zoo and more. 

You also traveled with your grandparents to Washington, DC for a family wedding!!!  You didn’t enjoy all of the sight-seeing activities but you did enjoy swimming in the hotel pool, going out to dinner and being with family.  Unfortunately you got sick the night of the wedding.  

What else is New? 
A new school for you this year.    At first you were missed  your old school, teachers and most of all friends.  But you've adjusted and made some great  friends that live right in our neigborhood.  
Also new this year, was Oreo!  It really was you that pushed us to welcome a new puppy into our home.  You two are a perfect match. 

Something Scary: 
You had your tonsils and adenoids removed.  You were extremely anxious prior to the surgery but you put on a brave face.  You were a trooper throughout the recovery phase though it bothered you, it gave you excruciating pain at times, and you had to miss a couple of weeks of school.  You also had a complication that landed you back in the ER.  Let’s just say that the trip to the ER was VERY dramatic and has lent itself to many stories to be told and retold for years to come.  The ENT even thought you have a bright future in acting.   

I wonder what this year has in store for you.  I know it's going to be an adventure, as you always keep up us on our toes.  I love you to the moon and back.  

xoxo, Mama