Tuesday 19 April 2016

Week 2 of the Capsule Wardrobe- Spring is Here!!!

Oh boy, it's been so busy around our house.  I seriously need more hours in a day to get everything I need/want accomplished.  It didn't help that we all went down with the flu last weekend, one by one, from Thursday to Tuesday it was puke palooza in this household.  We are all on the mend now, thank goodness. 


Anyway, I am linking up with the Blended Blog to attempt to style their prompt this week, a graphic tee.  My closet is primarily filled with work clothes and old shirts for around the house, so I only have ONE graphic tee, I know I need to invest in some, and it's not  a cool saying or anything but I wear it all the time as part of my mommy uniform.  This weekend was no different, I pulled on my graphic Guess tee, white jeans, comfy Roxy shoes and off we went to Costco! (FYI, I hate going to Costco but it's got to be done).  Be sure to check out how others styled this prompt. 

Costco trips are completely overwhelming and entirely too much work!

My spring wardrobe capsule is working so well.  I love getting up in the morning knowing my outfit is ready to go, no thinking necessary.  Check out week 1 worth of outfits here

Week 2 Work wear

This week my two favorite outfits were:


1.  Jumpsuit.  I love everything about this jumpsuit!!!!!  In fact I have discovered that I  love just about any jumpsuit/romper I have tried on.  They are comfy and easy to dress-up or dress down. Throw on a blazer, heels and some jewelry and it's perfect for work or date night! I snagged this one on sale at the Bay in December just before we heading to Cuba for vacation and have been dying to wear it since. I wore it out a few weeks ago, when we still had snow and then recreated it last week, without the snow! 

2.  Old stripped dress.  I was debating whether to place this in the donate pile when I was planning my capsule but choose to stick with it at least for this season.  I find this dress is super comfy but because it hugs all your curves you have to be feeling good about your body the day you choose to wear it.   Little miss wanted to be part of the fun and get in on some pictures. 

Silly faces

Shop this post:

1.  White Jeans (similar) Gap

2.  Graphic T-shirt Simons  (Yes, please)

3.  Romper (similar)  Bay

4.   Stripped dress (similar)  JC Penny

 5.  Roxy shoes Roxy


  1. Oh my, I love your Costco expression and that jumpsuit is fantastic on you!!!!! Thanks for participating in all our crazy!

    1. I have a love/hate relationship with Costco. Love the deals and browsing. Hate the bill at the end of the browsing and unpacking everything. LOL. I feel like it's a half day, field trip.

  2. I love the jumpsuit, it looks great on you! My little girl likes to get in my blog photos whenever possible too :)

    Emma xxx

    1. Thanks for stopping by Emma. Kids are so funny, they are so eager to do all the things adults get to do. If only they knew half of the NOT fun, adult things we have to do. :) I am loving all jumpsuit/rompers this year so I think I'll be having a few variations for this spring/summer season.

  3. Bo. I go to Costco once a week! Lol. That's what happens when its on your way home from work.

    And don't get rid of that dress. I love it on you!

    1. Jordan, you are like my dad. He stops at Costco all the time, it's on his way home from work. He also consistently tells us that there is no reason to shop anywhere else because Costco has us covered from groceries, household items, flowers, underwear, clothing, books, well you name it, Costco has it, and it's cheap! LOL! Seriously my dad could be a spokes person for them.

      Thanks on the dress compliment. I was having an, "I can wear a figure hugging dress" kind of day. :)

  4. Bojana, I am Ada. Found you via The Blended Blog. Glad to find another stylish mommy blogger. How old is your girl? Mine is 3 years old and full of sass! LOL

    I have attempted the capsule wardrobe before so I am excited to see how yours goes. Do not get rid of that gorgeous striped dress. Great styling of it, too. But my favorite outfit is the one with the jumpsuit - gorgeous for the office, a shower, a dinner date and more. I actually bought a similar jumpsuit from Old Navy recently. =)

    I am glad I was able to join in on the fun prompt too, with my new graphic tee which I love. Check it out. =)

    I welcome you to stop by my blog. I recently started a linkup so join me this Thursday and every Thursday. The new linkup is currently live. This outfit is too good not to be shared. Thanks, Ada. =)


    Have a great Monday! =)

    1. Oh, daughter sass, I know all about it. My oldest is 9, going on 14 with the eye rolls and whatnot, and my younger one is 6 and she is a spitfire. Life as a mommy always keeps us grounded and humble, doesn't it. Gone are the days of thinking I knew what I would do in each situation.

      Thanks for popping by and for the lovely complement. I will be sure to come by your blog, and have a few times. I try to get at least one entry a week but life is life and often gets in my way, but I will check out your link up this week for sure. :)

  5. Love that you're doing a capsule wardrobe. I've thought about it, but never tried it. You look fantastic in this jumpsuit - so pretty! And I hear you on Costco - yuch!

    1. Lana, I am enjoying it more than I thought I would. I like having less choices in my closet, it makes it easier to get dressed. I don't know if I can last a full three months with the same clothes but entering week four, I know I have at least another month in me. It's amazing how many different outfit combinations you can create!