Saturday 11 June 2016

Krienke Family Top 6 of April/May

I can't believe it's June 10th and I am just recapping our lives for April & May. Sigh. I have finally   downloaded all of the pictures from our cell phones and camera,  and organized into their appropriate folders on the computer.  


Here are some of our family highlights from April to May.


#1 Halie had her adenoids surgery at the beginning of April.  She has always had a difficult time breathing through her nose, like mother, like daughter. She was a trooper  and was back at school in a few short days.  We had her checkup recently and all is healing the way it's supposed to.


#2  FAIRY GARDENS!  This was so much fun.  The girls and I had a mother-daughter day and went out to a green house to create these beautiful fairy gardens.



#3 Another baby in our lives.  Rhett Weisgerber was born to my best friend Amber and her husband Lee.  He is a wonderful addition to their family, making them a family of five.  I have had the previlage of having baby snuggles several times and I am soaking it all up.


#4  Mother's Day.  My husband always makes an effort to do/make something special for me with the girls.  We don't buy elaborate gifts but a couple of years ago we decided to start a book in which we collect all of the items the girls draw or write for us.  It's such a neat experience to go through and see what they wrote or how they saw us when they were three as opposed to what/how they see us now.  I am really glad we have this one book, with all the treasures.   Of course they also made me a pancake breakfast, coffee and chocolate covered pretzels.  I also got to stay in bed and read for most of the morning.  My mom and I ended up going to buy some flowers for our pots outside and we had a beautiful supper with my parents and grandmother.   What else could a girl want?!?  I felt loved and cared for.


#5  Halie had her dance recital and a gymnastic recital/fake competition.  Halie  is always cartwheeling or dancing around the house.  Even though I am not a very good dance mom, I feel like it's been such a positive experience for her and has  been instrumental in boosting her confidence level.  Watching her on the stage was a pleasure.


#6  May long weekend was full of family fun.  We started off seeing Mary Poppins live and all I can say is WOW.  We were mesmerized and enthralled by the performance.  Our local theater hosted not only a fabulous show but created a wonderful atmosphere.  They had an old time candy store set up and characters dressed in costume ready to take pictures with the kids.  Absolutely perfect. The next day we took a trip to Calgary which was a great deal of fun but COLD.  Like it was snowing cold.  We braved the weather, and were somewhat frozen, but we took the kids to Callaway Park, a small amusement park, and they had a blast.  We also spent a good five hours at the Telus (science) center.  We were able to visit with a friend of mine from University and she was an absolutely awesome host.  The only downfall of the trip is that I got sick and continued to stay sick for through my half-marathon the following weekend. 


  1. Love the fairy garden! We're just getting into that here. Which greenhouse did you go to?

    1. Deena we went to Holland Garden & Greenhouse, you can search them on FB. They are out by Hanley. I would suggest taking your own pots as they got to be pricey, about $60-70 for each. The other thing I would do differently next time, is actually creating them out of succulents because then they can live inside all winter long. They are blooming now and look stunning though.

  2. You had a pretty fab recap! Love the fairy gardens; hoping we get to make a couple! My daughter did gymnastics briefly she still enjoys playing around with stunting and stuff! Our girls are a lot alike! What a sweet Mothers Day! Here is to a wonderful June!!!