Monday, 7 November 2016

What WE Wore: Boho Lace Top & Pretty Little Dresses


This past weekend the weather was record breaking, warm here in Saskatchewan and we all took advantage of dressing like spring had arrived (here in Sk. we've already had a dump of snow and a cold snap, so this is crazy unusual and we must take advantage).  We strolled around downtown, caught up on some much needed vitamin D and hit the mall for a little bit to do some Xmas window shopping. 


I snagged this top last spring at H & M, which is not online so I've linked some other options below, and every time I wear it I get complements on it.  It's got all the essentials rolled into one top, lace, embroidery, feminine/vintage feel, and a little skin can be shown (not for work). 







Now check out my little ones that decided to dress in their matching dresses, GUSH .   I am not sure about other 'tween' moms but I find shopping for Halie's age group (soon to be 10) extremely difficult.  She is particular about how the clothes feel, she has sensory issues, and she wants them to be "trendy".  We both love the Jessica Simpson and Material Girl line for kids at the Bay and both lines are  reasonably priced;  I watch for 30- 40% off sales which happen regularly.  If you have other places that are a must please share!!!

The little fashionistas hit Triple Flip and the Bay to add a few items to their Christmas/birthday wish lists. 



Shop this post:

H & M top not available (Option 1; Option 2; Option 3; Option 4 )

Material Girl Dress


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  1. Oh my, love all of this, especially the matching dresses. Also...I keep forgetting that you can order H&M now in changer, I tell ya.

    1. No way! I totally went and checked and finally you can order from H & M, though I had trouble viewing their return policy so I need to do it from my computer. This makes me super happy!

  2. Such a cute white top, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. That white lace top is gorgeous and your little ladies look so pretty in their matching outfits, Bojana!

    Please make sure you stop by tonight (after 6.00 PM Eastern time) to linkup with me, pretty lady. Thanks and have a great Wednesday! <3 Ada.

    1. Thanks Ada! I will be sure to stop by this evening or early tomorrow morning.

  4. Your sunglasses are amazing! They look great on you, and I love that top! So pretty :)

  5. I love your top, you look really nice in it. Great outfit. You little ones are so cute omg. I like the matching dresses, so cute :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  6. That's so crazy that you've already had snow but the temperature has just bounced back! Glad you took advantage of it with this pretty boho top! You look so cute with your daughters!

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  7. Your daughters are so cute! I absolutely love this gorgeous top on you! The details are beautiful!