Wednesday 1 February 2017

Valentine's Day: "You Make My Heart Bounce" Treat Bags

It's that time of year again when the kiddos get all wrapped up in the excitement of Valentine's Day.  They think about what cards they are going to give their friends and what they will receive in return.  Each year the girls and I search Pinterest for an idea that inspires us create a gift for each of their school friends.  I am a firm believer that the ideas we choose must be child friendly, age appropriate and cost effective.  Generally, I  do not believe in making the gifts perfect or doing all the work for my girls.  I would rather have them put the effort and creativity into the gift so that they can truly say they made it (obviously I help if needed).  Last year we had an abundance of full sized chocolate bars in our pantry so  utilized them to create our own Valentine's Day chocolate bars, check it out here.  

 This year we manufactured our own "You Make My Heart Bounce" treat bags. 



  • Bouncy balls (Dollarama) 

  • Ziplock Valentine's Day themed bags (Dollarama)

  • Chocolate Hearts (Walmart)

  • You Make My Heart Bounce labels (download below)

  • Stapler




Anya wrote out her friends names and her own on the little treat bags, and then assembled them by placing four chocolates and a bouncy ball in each bag.  She randomly put the balls in, while Halie right away noticed that some would be more appropriate for "boys" or for "girls" depending on their color (insert eye roll from me).   She hasn't made hers bags yet, hence no pictures of her.  


This year for Valentine's Day I plan to give each girl a little something special along with some chocolates.   Anya is getting a Jojo bow from Claire's and Halie loves Justin Bieber so she is getting a JB signature charm bracelet from  

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Anya is getting a new Jojo bow from Claire's.

Halie loves Justin Bieber and so we are ordering this charm bracelet for her from



  1. Right...Valentines for school. I completely forgot about this and always have good intentions then continue to forget....maybe this year will be my year. I love your idea!

    1. Bahaha. I totally get it, I feel this way about birthday treat bags. Don't place silly expectations on yourself, if it's not your thing no big deal.