Sunday 27 March 2016

Easter 2016 Shenanigans

Easter was a whirlwind of family shenanigans.  My sister and her family were here from Victoria, BC for 2.5 days and we packed a lot into that time frame.  My nephew Alen, 12 years old, and Halie are pretty much inseparable, Anya mostly tries to keep up and tag along.  We started off by making our yearly, or almost yearly, Easter egg pancakes which the kids decorate with icing.  We then moved on to coloring Easter eggs and having egg cracking wars. For the last two years Alen has lost the egg war but finally this year he had a victoriously strong egg.  He was so happy!!!!!!






We had a large family dinner, my grandma, aunt, uncle, cousin, my parents, sister’s family, Maja’s family and us, at my parents’ home.  Halie and Alen are obsessed with magic tricks so we all enjoyed a free magic show performance as well, kind of like a dinner theater. 


Easter Egg HUNT!!!  This has become a tradition.  We are usually with Alen at this time of the year and the kids are always looking forward to it.  Every year I am searching for new ways or new clues to pull it off.  This year I found these printable clues.  I pasted them on larger foam eggs and hid them all over the house.  The kids love running around in excitement and searching for their Easter baskets.  Anya, though the youngest of the three, is definitely the one that takes time to think carefully through the clues and doesn’t give up too quickly.  The last clue had the kids stumped for approximately ten minutes but Anya figured it out and pointed the other two in the right direction.  A little conversation I overheard:   

Alen, “this is impossible” (referring to the last clue).   Anya, “Impossible means that we won’t find it but that’s not true, we will find it.”  

Finally, I wore my new pinkalicious top to our casual family dinner.  If you want to see more ways to style this top check out my previous post here.  Unfortunately  I couldn't locate this top at the online R.W. & Co store but you can pick it up at your local store for approximately $50 on sale.  

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend with your families. 

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