Tuesday 27 September 2016

Girls Weekend: To Be 20 Again



That pretty much sums up our girls weekend getaway.  There was five of us girls that drove up to Waskesiu Lake for the Outter Limits Fun Run.  The ladies I went with are all incredible women and some I've known for a long time, since University, and other friendships  have been formed thoughout my years of teaching.  We are all intelligent, confident, strong women that  are at various points in our lives.  The beauty of having such a diverse group is that we can all learn from each other and grow with each other.


I don't get to do girls weekends often, or EVER, but I am finally at a point where I can leave the girls and feel good about it and finicially we can offered that kind of get away.  Our time together was short but sweet.  We drove up for the run on Saturday morning before the run, so we were up early, and were home by mid-afternoon on Sunday.   Running through the bush trail, surrounded by the fall color palette is breathtaking.  Honestly it moves me like nothing else.  With every step, hill, turn, it seemed to get more and more beautiful.  Being a fun run, there was no timer and no pressure for a personal best.  I ran and ran and ran.  Every step filled my soul more than the previous.  I ran because I loved it.  I ran because I wanted to.  I ran because I felt passionate about it.  My love for running has returned.  (Sidenote: Since my half marathon race, I have had a hard time running just for the pure enjoyment and so this was an amazing  feeling). 

This was my trail.  Breathtaking. 

We ended up staying in a two bedroom cabin and boy did we laugh.  The kind of laughs that make you keel over, hold your pee and laugh with your whole body.  We sang all the best songs (Red, Red Wine, Bye, Bye, Bye, etc.) and we drank some red, red, wine.  There was a dance and we stayed out on the dance floor until the very last melody had it's turn; Lindsay and I were out there as if we were still 20 and had not a single worry in the world.  It was an absolute blast! 


Lindsay and I have been friends since the first day of University, when I tried to cheat off of her in our English class.  :) 

Shot, shot, shot.


We also took in the nature and marvelled at the fall colors that surrounded us.  We hiked 9km the following morning through the trails and held on to the peacefulness that only being in nature can provide you with.  I love being out in nature.  I also love watching the waves beat against the shoreline and the sun rays reach  the water making it sparkle and shine.  As we drove away from our weekend, we all took in the beauty surrounding us and we were all thankful to have created new friendships and strengthen old ones.  We vowed to return next year and make this an annual event. 

For me, I was ready to come home.  To see my girls.  To take on the business that is my life, but with a  fresh and renewed sense of self.  I wish these girls weekends happened more frequently but I am also thankful that I have a chance to have them at all.


Happy hump day all!


  1. I may actually be motivated to run if it was in that setting! Gorgeous!!!

    1. It truly is something else Deena. You can always walk, walk/run, or run. No pressure, just a good time to get outdoors and enjoy being active.