Friday 2 March 2018

Cozy Winter Outfit Formula: Leggings, Tee, Cardigan & Blanket Scarf

I am back!  I decided to take a much needed week off from all social media and enjoy time with the family.  We embraced the outdoors and focused on appreciating the winter season.  The kids had a week off from school and I have a blog post coming up on Wednesday, March 7th depicting what we were up to.  Onto the weekly style post.  Guess what?!?  I was in outdoor, mommy gear, cozy comfort, easy to pull on your ski-pants style over, all week long.  You bet!  No fancy shoes, make-up, hair styles.  No office wear, skirts, dresses, or stylish jewelry.  It was all about feeling good and being able to add or take off layers on depending on t he weather and activity we were engaging in.

Now generally I don't wear leggings as pants unless they are my running leggings which I wear for running.   I do however love how this outfit came together and was perfect for getting outdoors, running a couple of errands around the city, but also throwing on my winter gear quickly without any changes needed.  My cardigan is longer in the back so it covers my butt and pairing it up with a blanket scarf that hangs down also created a look of layers in the front.  I feel like blanket scarves just add just the right amount of  fun to an otherwise pretty basic/standard outfit, see examples here and here, plus the mixing of plaid and polka dots is super cute.  Such an easy style to pull together.   Leggings, basic tee, cardigan and a blanket scarf.  Who doesn't have these pieces in their closet?  When I hit the outdoors, I just loose the scarf, pull on my ski-pants and winter coat, and I am ready to play in the snow.    

What's your easy winter style outfit?

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  1. Yes it's so nice to back off social media, isn't it?! I am doing the same and actually reevaluating my posting schedule. I love your simple yet chic winter formula here. I love leggings whether it is for exercise or just running errands such an easy fix to an every day grueling quest for what to wear! Lol 😂 I have similar snow boots so nice and toasty on my feet! Love! Wishing you a happy Friday!

    Maureen |

    1. Thanks for stopping by Maureen and also for your encouragement regarding stepping back. Every once in a while I need to take a moment and re-evaluate if this is what I still want. Does it still give me pleasure? I love these boots, not because they are fashionable but because my feet need to stay warm :)

  2. Such a cute winter look! I love the scarf!

  3. Thanks a ton my friend for sharing the Cozy Winter Outfit ideas here. It was a fun post and the ideas are worth following in the upcoming winter season. I also would start working out so need some inspirations for cozy fitness gear too. Had a look at the ultracor apparels and they seem quite good to me.

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