Sunday 18 March 2018

Let's Talk About Hair


I am linking up with the ladies from The Blended Blog to talk about hair. When it comes to hair, I am a pretty basic girl.  I have exactly 4 hair styles. 


Curled with my hair straightener which is my go-to look. 



Messy bun which means that I worked out before work and didn't have time to do my hair.



Messy bun after it dries, leaving me with my natural curl which is probably my favorite. 






And, straightened with my Nano Titanium BaByliss Pro.  This is worth the investment, especially if you use it on a daily basis like me. 



I actually have been told many times that I have fairly healthy hair and I'll tell you my secret.  I only wash my hair with shampoo twice a week, Wednesdays and Sundays.  Yup.  Even when I work out and am a sweaty messy, which is 4-5/week, I just let water run through my hair and that's that. 




The other thing I do religiously is use a thermal protector before I put heat to my hair.  I rarely blow dry my hair, but I do use my straightener almost daily which is terrible for my hair.  I love my new CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Spray.  Many of the ones I've tried in the past have been hit and miss.  This one leaves my hair feeling fluffy  and product-less; again this is a product that I feel is  worth spending a little extra on.  I end my hairstyle with a spray of hairspray,  which I also like to leave my hair feeling weightless.  My two favorite hairsprays are CHI Magnified Volume  and  Rusk Weightless, but I think the drugstore brands are just as good so I don't really think this is necessarily worth the price tag at the salon.  Sometime I finish it off with a sprits of Paul Mitchell Shine Polish Spray  which gives it a nice shine but its effects are temporary so don't bother wasting your money.





As for a shampoo/conditioner combo I have good stuff from the salon, like Redken Color Extend, that I use once a week and then a drugstore brand, my favorite being Pantene.  I alternate between the two.  A hair dresser told me a long time ago that your hair needs to switch things up to keep it healthy, plus it really helps keep the cost of the salon products down. I recently purchased this L'oreal hair repair mask and see no benefits to it.  It works just like a conditioner and nothing more. 



Recently I had my hair trimmed, colored and some streaks put in.  My inspiration was the Pin I found and am thrilled with how my hairdresser recreated it for me.  I love the rich red color, it totally suits me. 




What are your favorite hair products?  I am particularly curious about masks people use in the summer for keeping their hair healthy and from drying out. 


Anyone out there use hot rollers?  Tell me what you think. I am really debating getting a set but want to be certain before investing the $$$.


  1. Hey I asked for a mask too today! :) Love your messy bun curls, perfection, what every woman tries to get, hehe. and I am LOL'ing as I wash my hair on the same days :)

  2. I only wash my hair every third day, and I definitely think it makes a difference. Love your new color - so pretty!

  3. Oh I love hair posts! I'm really loving shine spray, too. My favorite right now is by Bed Head in the pink bottle - it smells like candy. And dry shampoo is necessary, obviously, because I prefer to only wash my hair 1-2 times a week! Hot rollers aren't for me, but I know some ladies love them!