Thursday 6 September 2018

Sentence A Day: August Addition

And that's a wrap to summer.  It's back to reality for all of us next week, but this week the adults got to practice getting back into the routine, while the girls still had a week off.  I am linking up with some ladies that introduced me to this project, Jodie's Touch of Style and Once Upon A Time& Happily Ever After, along with other, to reflect on the month of August in a sentence a day.  Whether you are a blogger or someone who enjoys journaling, this is a wonderful way to reflect on something good from each day.  It's easy to get bogged down and just go through the motions of the day and forget to stop and be thankful for the simple and good in our lives.  Here is August for the Krienke's.

1st.  City bound after 3 weeks.  Blogged, did a rental walk through and got caught up on laundry.

2nd. Did someone say zip-lining?!?  The kids were great but it was my 60+ year old dad that rocked it!

3rd Golfing with kids.  A completely different experience.

4th Started up with a 10km run around the lake.  

5th. Tried something new thanks to the encouragement of my nephew, skimboarding, called wake skimming, behind the boat.  Totally addicted.  Sad part of the day came after supper when we had to say goodbye to our nephew for another summer season.

6th Friends galore at the lake.  We beached, boated, ran after kids, caught up between chasing kids and had some great times.

7th Had a sweet hour long paddle with a mommy, colleague and friend.  Baked with my baby girl and enjoyed an outdoor concert with people I adore.

8th waiting anxiously for our friends to arrive for our annual Roffey/Krienke family jam.

9th Boating success!  Halie got up on the wakeboard and we were so extremely proud of her.

10th Couples night golfing with my BFF, oh and the husbands too.  :)  

11th We did some family photos at the beach.  I can't wait to see them.  

12th Quite day to recover from all the fun we had with friends.  Cleaned the cabin and got ready for Nana and Papa to come for a  visit.

13th New and exiting challenge!  I will be working be working with a couple of awesome ECE to write a language arts course (teaching literacy in the early years) the for undergraduate education students. 

14th   My in-laws came to visit us at the lake.  Raspberry picking in nature.

15th Wakeboarding for brunch!

16th Carrie Underwood here we come! 

17th Epic day on the water.  The entire day was glass and we stayed out off/on for 6 hours.  Got new friends up wakeboarding, tubing and kneeboarding. A fantastic way to end our boating days for 2018!

18th So sore from all the wakeboarding and falling.  Hahahah.

19th Sadness all around.  Time to leave the cabin for the summer. 

20th Cleaning, unpacking, planning.

21at Halie got her new instrument for grade 6 band!

22nd Took Halie and her friend to the pool while I read from the sidelines. 

23rd Back to school shopping.  Not my favorite thing.

24th Anya had her drama performance after spending a week at drama camp.  What a wonderful experience.  

25th Met up with Lana from My New Happy and Deena from Shoes to Shiraz for brunch, some sightseeing and a photo shoot.  These ladies were so welcoming.  I had just met them and they never once made me feel like an outsider.  Definitely made my weekend.

26th  Eek! Tomorrow is the first day of work.  

27th  First day of work, here I come!

28th  My girls are the luckiest to have the best extended family around. My parents and sister have taken them on a trip to Washington DC for a family wedding. Thanks so much for giving them this opportunity to travel and be with family when we couldn't be there.

29th Logan and I are embracing our adult free week by taking the dog to the dog park and enjoying the natural beauty right here in our city.

30th Happy 15th anniversary to my husband.  He embodies everything that a one would hope for in a husband.  More about the anniversary plans to come.

31st Biked to work on my sweet new ride.

  Hope you all had a lovely summer!  

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