Friday 21 December 2018

Anya is 9: Reflecting on the Past Year

Dear Anya,  

How did you get to be 9 so quickly?  Each and every year this exact thought runs through my mind and I get sad that you are growing up so quickly, yet I am immensely proud of who you are becoming with each passing day, month, year.  Here are some of the tidbits, highlights and accomplishments from this past year. 

Kind.  Energetic.  Lively.  Silly.  Witty.  GentleLoving. Brave.  Dramatic.  Creative.  Goofy. 

Dance.  Sing. Acting. Art.  Oreo.  Lego.

Birthday Party Theme: 
Movie Theater party was a HUGE success with 14 children!


Skating is still your number one.   

You tried soccer last spring and we you were really good at it.  We’ve love to see you pursue this a little more. 

You started dance, ballet & jazz, but you’ve quickly realized that its not for you. 

You successfully got up on the wakeboard when you were 8.5 years old and blew us away. 

You’ve ventured into the chapter book world but you still haven’t found any one series that you just love to read.  You try whatever is in front of you.  I think your favorites are still picture books or when we read to you.  

There are lots of shows you are watching these days such as Free Rein, Fuller Huse , reruns of Jessie, and I really like when you introduced me to Nailed It (cooking show). 

Lego, dolls, crafts, board games (Harry Potter Clue). 

Traveling & Firsts: 
You went on two trips this year without mama and tata. 

 You took your first plane ride alone, just you and your sister to Victoria, BC.  You spent five days with your aunt Tiki, uncle Sasa, and cousin Alen .  Mama and tata drove out and then we traveled back through BC, Alberta and home to Saskatchewan.  You got to hold an kangaroo, visit the Enchanted Forest, went on a 20km  bike ride on the old Kettle Valley railway in Myra Canyon Park, visited the Calgary zoo and more. 

You also traveled with your grandparents to Washington, DC for a family wedding!!!  You didn’t enjoy all of the sight-seeing activities but you did enjoy swimming in the hotel pool, going out to dinner and being with family.  Unfortunately you got sick the night of the wedding.  

What else is New? 
A new school for you this year.    At first you were missed  your old school, teachers and most of all friends.  But you've adjusted and made some great  friends that live right in our neigborhood.  
Also new this year, was Oreo!  It really was you that pushed us to welcome a new puppy into our home.  You two are a perfect match. 

Something Scary: 
You had your tonsils and adenoids removed.  You were extremely anxious prior to the surgery but you put on a brave face.  You were a trooper throughout the recovery phase though it bothered you, it gave you excruciating pain at times, and you had to miss a couple of weeks of school.  You also had a complication that landed you back in the ER.  Let’s just say that the trip to the ER was VERY dramatic and has lent itself to many stories to be told and retold for years to come.  The ENT even thought you have a bright future in acting.   

I wonder what this year has in store for you.  I know it's going to be an adventure, as you always keep up us on our toes.  I love you to the moon and back.  

xoxo, Mama

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