Monday, 6 September 2021

Dramatic Sleeves Three Ways

Well, I've been back at school for about two weeks.  I am not going to lie, I went to bed at 9 p.m. the other night and am struggling to keep up with all the things I love.  However, I do love being back at work and seeing all the children once again. We are masking once again but honestly all the kids seem used to it by now so the transition has been smooth.  It's busy on our end as we try to figure classroom sizes, support systems, and what families are coming back and who has moved  away from the neighborhood.  We also have a number of new programs we are trying to learn and get up and running.  So needless to say, blogging and IG have taken a back seat the last little while.  Sorry.  I am also thinking about switching my weekly posts from Friday to Monday's instead, that way I have the weekend to get my act together.

Today I am bringing all the DRAMA with these sleeves.  This top is a statement piece for sure.  I purchased them on a buy and sell on a whim and when I first put it on I wondered it it was just too much?!?  In the end I decided to start looking for outfits that were simple and allowed the top to be the center piece.  As I put outfits together, I grew to love it for its bold and unique look.  I made a decision not  to shy away from  this bold statement piece just because no one else in  my immediate group  of friends would wear it.  I decided to be the brave one.  The bold one.  The one that takes chances.  I test drove it first as a casual look for my birthday gathering in July and loved it with jeans, see first outfit.   

#1 Casual Jeans & Dramatic Sleeves
Because of the volume of the top in both the puffy sleeves and the cinched waist, I decided skinny jeans was the way to go.  I paired it up with my high waisted skinny's and little pumps to give the allusion that maybe my legs were slightly longer than they are.  This is such a casual Friday night look or as I wore it at a family gathering in July to celebrate my birthday.

#2 Leather & Cheetah Mix
I LOVE this look!!!!  This little leather skirt is so cute and I really love how this outfit came together.  I decided to add a pop of color to the mix with the red shoes because I always feel like red and cheetah print go well together.  In later fall/winder I would pair this outfit with some black tights and little booties.  I am thinking of wearing this out for a date night this weekend with some friends.

#3 Classic Look:  Black Pants and Dramatic Sleeves
This is a look that I would totally wear to work honestly either to teach in or on a day that I had meetings or professional learning all day.  These black pants are so easy to move around it, have a great deal of stretch and wash well time after time.  I did pay a lot for them but that was like 4 years ago!  I kept the outfit super simple with the addition of cute neutral sling back pumps, or swap out for flats.

That's a wrap.  We had a long weekend so today is actually my Sunday, I am so happy to have one more day.  See you next Monday sweet friends.  


  1. Aren't you as cute as can be? I love the top with the black leather skirt! So edgy! My daughter has a top JUST like this (the sleeves are puffy, but a little less so) and it is so cute. Leopard is so fun! I am glad school is going ok. My son's school isn't doing masks, but it is high school and most are vaccinated (plus it is a small private school) and my daughter's school IS doing masks. So far both have done ok. Both of my kids are vaccinated, so that gives me some peace of mind. I really hope this school year goes better than last!!


    1. Thanks so much! I am glad school is going alright for them. We've had so many cases they have reinstated masks in high school but at least they are enjoying it and honestly they are also used to it. We are almost all vaccinated, my younger one can get her 2nd vaccine tomorrow!!!! So excited for that!

  2. Descobri este site essa semana e já estou adorando os conteúdos, são ótimos!

    Parabéns! 👏

    Meu Blog: Isabella Reis

  3. I think the jeans look is my favorite. Great dramatic sleeves!

  4. Those sleeves are fabulous and I love all the ways you styled this top.

  5. Leopard prints are so versatile! Love how you styled that gorgeous blouse <3

  6. Good to hear being back at work is going well even if it's busy!

    This is such a fun statement top on you and you wear it well! I agree it looks great with other basics to let it really shine and be the focus of the outfit :)

    Thanks for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope you are having a nice weekend :) Another busy one for us, 3 parties to attend!

    Away From The Blue

    1. Thanks so much! It definitely makes a statement all on it's own!

  7. I'm always a fan of animal print and your top is darling! Love all of these styling ideas! Love the edgy vibes of the second look!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. I think it's my favorite too! I am thinking of wearing it for girls night out this week.

  8. That leopard print is amazing!

  9. Glad you're doing ok at work even if it is a little busy!

  10. Oh, my gravy!! You are the cutest thing and more than a little HOT in that dramatic top. Wow!! Glad to read you would wear it to work. I think teachers and especially librarians get a bad rap for dressing a certain way. You dispel any myth or stereotype with this top. At first, I liked it best with the jeans. But then I looked again at the skirt and the black pants and decided there's no way to pick a favorite!! You are a winner in all three looks and everything else you style.

    1. I agree, we do have a bad rep for dressing a little cheesy. Thanks for the encouragement!

  11. What a fun top! I love the sleeves and the print you already know I am obsessed with leopard. You styled it also so beautifully. Either way you wear it, it' will turn heads (in a good way!). But if you have to twist my arm, I have to say, look #2 is a winner!

    Maureen |

    1. I love it with the leather skirt too! In fact I am waiting to wear it out and if it gets too cold before I get a chance, then I am going to pair it up with some black tights and little booties. HOpe your week is going alright.


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