Friday 1 May 2020

April Sentence a Day

1st Why mother nature?!? Why?!?  It started snowing again.  Like big, fluffy, white flakes.  How does that saying go?  April snow, bring May flowers?  Hahaha.  Nope!

2nd started officially online teaching 🤷‍♀️.  Wish me and my kiddos luck.  Also it's my first ever, virtual book club.

3rd   5 a.m wake up.  I think I have a LOT on my mind.  The upside?  I got my blog written and published.  I worked through some online trouble shooting with a colleague, and got ready for a big presentation all before 7:30 a.m..  I guess that's a win! 

4th Lazy mornings and afternoons at the lake are just what we needed.  Having a change of scenery and walking new paths, especially ones in nature,  felt so good.

5th Today I work up at the lake and then went by myself for 5 km run and saw nothing but open space.  It felt so peaceful.  In times of uncertainty and amidst a national crisis, I feel grateful to find that peace and serenity.

6th School officially started for the kids and they did pretty well getting on their various platforms and getting assignments done.  I also got my SeeSaw account running for my own students and have been working tirelessly to help families get on their as well.  

7th. I'll be honest today was hard with the kids.  There were many disagreements, attitude and ultimately I felt I was just not the best parent.  I had a glass of wine with dinner and reminded myself that tomorrow is a new day.

8th Hump day!  We bought flooring for the basement that my husband and dad are installing while we spend our days inside.

9th  Last day of work before Easter!  Woot, woot!

10th Today I got a creative spark and decided to make a little Easter sign for our home.  Notice one blue bunny (my husband) and three pink bunnies (us girls).  It felt great to open up my Cricut machine again.

11th The girls decorated the Easter 🐰 cake and had a great time doing it.  I think it turned out pretty good.

12th Easter Day!!!

13th.  Feeling disappointed this morning when our alarms dinged indicating our flight to AZ that we obviously didn't take.  This is what I would have looked like flying out of here.  

14th Our basement renovation is just about complete!!!  I am in love with our family room and I know have a beautiful workout space!!!! I shared some of it on my IG stories this week and  I can't wait to show you all in an upcoming renovation post!

15th -19th I forgot to keep track 🤷‍♀️.  I know I worked many hours on my online classroom, attended many meetings and tried to figure out my new schedule of working f/t while also supporting my children with their own school work.  It's going okay to be honest.

20th Back to work.  Full day of zoom meetings.  Also my friend and I committed to each other that we would run 3X week (M, W & F).  If one doesn't do it, they owe the other one a Starbucks coffee delivery to their door.  (Which I earned on April 29th when she missed 

a run 😃)

21st The kids and I had a little dance photography fun.  Since they won't be getting dance photos done this year we decided to do some on our own.

22nd Date night with my husband.  Did my hair & makeup.  Got dressed and even put on some jewelry.  We went for a walk by the river and enjoyed a glass of wine to end the day off.


23rd Spent the day hauling food boxes and handing them out to our school families, all while social distancing rules were in place.  Also, our province continues to have low numbers and our Premier announced the first two phases to reopen.  May 4th for dentists, chiropractors, etc.  & phase 2 on May 19th for hair salons, stores, etc.   All this is to be taken slowly and with lots of rules in place!

24th Fri-yay!!!  Connected with some families today that haven't been able to do online learning.  Talked to one mom that just filled my bucket.  I love my job.

25th Waking up at the lake it my favorite.

26th First hot dog roast of the year!

28th. Anya received a sushi kit for Christmas and we finally attempted to make California rolls.  this kid did it mainly on her own and they were delicious.  We all enjoyed the sushi, while sitting down as a family to watch Big Brother Canada.  We began watching the Canadian version for the first time this year, but it ended suddenly due to COVID-19, so now we are watching season 6 instead.  Great family time.


29th I was off all day.  Just couldn't figure and my groove.  Everything felt hard and uninspiring.

30th Absolutely the complete opposite of yesterday.  Began my day with a zoom meeting with some of my students who haven't engaged in online learning yet.  It honestly filled my heart to the max and I was flying high off of that feeling all day.  Seeing them, reminded me just how much joy they bring to my life.  I skipped with a pep in my step the whole day and it was a perfect +26C (a long way from the freezing cold and snow at the beginning of the month).  I ended April on an absolute high.  

See whole blog post on this outfit.

I hope May will bring everyone some hope and reprieve.  I hope we are all still working hard to flatten and keep that curve down, while also maybe seeing a glimmer of hope and light ahead.  


  1. I love these types of posts! The photos of your girls are beautiful! Love the bunny cake they made!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. Thanks Jill. Agreed, I actually really like looking back on all the "things" from a month and am always amazed at how much actually happens in a short time. Thanks for reading.

  2. Fabulous Easter cake! Well done for all the amazing work getting your kids and other families online. Very valuable work. Like your idea of a date night! I might try that.

    1. Thank you so much. Education and continuing to offer all families as much access to education is definitely a passion of mine, so thank you for saying that. Date nights in these times are just as important for husband and I, even through we are all together all the time, we also don't get a lot of time without little ears and opinions giving us their perspective. Hahahaha.

  3. Sometimes it feels as if we are all in some bizarre real life Big Brother series! What clever girls you have, and what a delicious looking bunny cake. It's so important to make the effort and get dressed up with some makeup on now and again, it really makes you feel better doesn't it? Love the fact that you got a 'date night' even in lockdown!

    1. Hahahaha. That's such a good way to think about it and describe our current situation. My husband and I have done 2 date nights now, which have both been awesome for reconnecting without the children listening and pipping into every conversation. We love the family time BUT a little alone time is pretty good too. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Their bunny cake turned out great and so did their dance photos.

  5. Bo, you have so many wonderful things in this post...except for snow on May 1! We have some snow coming this weekend, too. I love that you had a date night on the beach and I hope virtual classes are going smoothly. Thanks for linking up with me!


    1. NOOOOOOOOOO to the snow! I don't wish that on anyone. Sigh. Things are now getting their own rhythm and hopefully your family is as well.

  6. Great post!! Sounds like despite the virus, you guys carried on with enthusiasm. Glad for your days at the lake. The girls' Easter bunny cake was just adorable. Have never heard of a sushi kit by have a 9 year old grand who would love it!! And have never thought of using my (very old) Cricut to make something as fun as your bunny sign. Haven't used it on vinyl - is that what your bunnies are made of? That is super cuties!!

    1. Yes it's just sparkly vinyl. It's like a sticker and I just made the little sign. One boy and three girls, lucky man. :) I feel like you are also someone that carries on with enthusiasm even when things have their ups and downs. Take care while you take a break from social media. I'll miss you, but totally support this decision.

  7. I'm glad you had some good days despite all the tough moments in there! it's so hard juggling helping the kids with online learning and trying to do our own work too! it's nice your kids are a little older so they should hopefully be able to do a bit more independently :) My boys certainly had their moments during home isolation, ha! I think all the changes make tempers shorter than usual, I'm glad life is returning to normal here slowly.

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup!

    Away From Blue

    1. Yes. Having younger children would be much more of a challenge and I do really feel for parents in all different situations and positions during this difficult time. I know so many that are not working, but that brings on financial worries, and those that are working and trying to juggle everything else, which comes with it's own set of hardships. We are all doing our best and that's all we can ask of ourselves and each other. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice note.

  8. I'm so curious where in Canada you are from??? I live in Ontario but grew up in Saskatchewan and spent quite a few years in Alberta :)

    April was a tough month of getting used to being in this for the long haul, eh? And I don't know about your weather, but ours SUCKED -- snow, rain, with very few sunny days in between. Thankfully this week looks gorgeous, sunny, and warm where I am and I am so excited!