Monday 26 June 2023

Pinkalicious: Lunch Date to Beach Vibes

This is the last Monday before holidays and I can't wait!  It's been such a busy May/June, and I am dropping all the balls everywhere it seems like so I am looking forward to exhaling, catching up on sleep and slowing down.  Until then, I am full speed ahead until the end of the week.  Four days left with the sweetest class ever, five days left in a school and community I have come to love, and in between life at home, I am packing up my classroom, my office, and busy doing photoshoots every evening this week, LOL.  See life is full of beautiful goodness and although busy I want it all and love it all.  So friends see you next Monday, when I am on holidays.  XOXO Bo

P.S. Before I ditch, lets just talk about this little dress of mine.  It was purchased in the train station in Rome last year when I didn't have any luggage and was desperate for clothes, LOL.  Best story ever.  Anyway, I love the length, the bright color and the cute little keyhole cut out.  It's the easiest throw on outfit ever and so easy to switch from lunch date to beach ready with a swap of a few accessories.  I love a versatile piece friends.  

Have a fantastic week ahead.  


  1. That dress is darling on you! Love the color and cutout detail!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  2. I've been loving summer time (despite the heat that just started) and getting up later and just taking it easy and one day at a time. Next month, boys will have some camps so we will have more of a schedule. Love the bright fun pink dress!

  3. That is a really cute dress on you and you're right it's very versatile! :) I like the lunch date version, that little white bag is so nice with it.

  4. It’s a beautiful and perfect purchase. I love the keyhole detail and the color is stunning. Perfect for any summer soirée! Sounds like life has been busy but full. Definitely enjoy it while it last but I also hope you get sometime to slow down before the new school year starts. We don’t have much going on this summer but I am holding on to each moment I have with my family because it seems so fleeting these days.

    Maureen |

  5. I remember this fabulous dress. And how well you handled not having your luggage. You are my hero. Your legs look so great. This is the perfect dress for showing them off. Just gorgeous.

    Are you moving to a new campus or assignment next year? Or do you pack up your classroom each year before summer break? I remember those days. Always hated packing things up but I was always ready for vacation days. Enjoy yours. Get some rest. Do some things that make you smile.