Sunday 31 January 2016

Date Night: Staying Connected

Ramantic Date Night

Logan and I have been married for twelve and a half years and have been together since high school.  Like most couples we have had our share of ups and downs, times of doubt and absolute happiness.  We have changed in so many ways since the beginning but throughout these changes we have also been able to support one another.  When people first meet us, they often see us as opposites.  I am chatty, outgoing and always on the go.  Logan is quieter  (until you get to know him),  go with the flow and very content to just live in the moment.  How does it work???  Honestly,  I am not sure that I know the answer to that but I think at the core we have always had similar values, wants and needs.  We both wanted a family, we love to be around people we love, and we value spending time together and open communication.  We both enjoying being outdoors, doing physical stuff and have complimentary parenting styles.  When we decided to get married we had already overcome some obstacles and we were aware and prepared to work on our relationship when things were hard. 

All of that being said one thing that has been extremely helpful in continuing to have a relationship and identity as husband and wife has been regular date nights.  We attempt to get out at least once a month.  Our dates vary from dinner, going to the theater (plays, not so much movies anymore), walks, golfing (which I am terrible at but do it for Logan), snowboarding, biking, etc.  My parents live in the city and are always willing to have the girls overnight J.  They are the BEST!!!  In fact, when we first become parents at 25 and were just starting out, my parents and sister, really encouraged us to continue to take time together as a couple.  This was great advice and I am glad they did.  We are fairly involved parents and enjoy spending time with the girls, but we have made a cognisant effort to not build our whole identity around being mom or dad.  As our girls get older, they will want to spend more time with friends and eventually will leave the nest (insert sad/sobbing face) and when this happens Logan and I want to still have a relationship that makes us happy and fulfilled.  Now, I know there are no guarantees in life but date nights are just one way of making sure that we continue to connect and grow as a couple.  I’d love to hear what other people do to stay connected and other date night ideas.

Saturday night we went to the Playing with Fire: The Theo Fleury  Story at our local theater.  It was PHONOMENAL!  Honestly, I was not sure about going to watch this because it deals with some pretty sad and tragic events but I was completely engaged for the full two hours.  If you don’t know the Theo Fleury story, the short version is that he was a great but troubled hockey player.  He was sexually molested by this WHL coach, Graham James, as a teen and also had a tough home life.  He was extremely determined and worked his way up to the NHL and was really talented but drugs, alcohol, gambling and the trauma his suffered eventually caught up to him.  He ended up spiralling out of control and losing his fortune and pushing his family away.  When he was finally ready to turn his life around he had to face all of his demons and pick himself up from there.  I knew the bits and pieces of his life but Logan and I were both so captivated by the play that we plan on reading his book, Playing with Fire (check out the review from 

Here are a few pictures from our night out. 

Thursday 28 January 2016

Wine at the Office

Wine at the Office

No, no, no!  I would never drink wine at work, but I am having some right now :) . 

So what brought this post on?  Well here is Saskatchewan winters can be long and I always find mid-January and February I go into a somewhat of a hibernation mode.  Work is usually busy at this time of year, the weather is off and on, and when I leave the house in the morning it's dark and when I get home it's dark. 

Anyway, during this time of year I also start to wear a lot of black, gray, brown, navy, etc.  The other day I saw this post on What I Wore and I was immediately inspired. I love fun tights and I used to wear them  but hadn't this fall/winter season at all.  I work in a fairly conservative environment and I feel that dressing professionally is important.   I decided to take out my wine colored tights, I have pumps and a dress in the same color because I love it so much, and pair it up with my gray pencil skirt and my go-to navy, polka dot sweater.  It turned out okay.  If  I could substitute the gray pencil skirt for a fun, flair, black mini, I totally would but I couldn't for work.    This is what I looked like, sorry for the poor lighting. 


Monday 25 January 2016

Happy 9th Birthday Halie!

     Nine years ago I gave birth to an amazing little girl. I still remember the doctor saying, "Mom was right, it's a little girl." She handed you over to me and several hours of labor somehow drifted away into the distance.
     Since, that day Halie has grown into a very mature young lady. She loves horses, pizza, chili, dancing, singing, gymnastics, sewing with her grandma, drawing, painting, creating art projects, playing outside, socializing with friends and hanging out with us, her family. Halie is one of those kids that is quite but craves a lot of attention, specifically verbal encouragement and recognition. I am currently reading/listening to, The Five Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman, link, and I've come to discover that her primary love language is words of affirmation. Words of affirmation basically means that she really depends on positive feedback from us in order to feel loved and secure in the decisions she is making. That being said, when we, or I, criticize her, that's the thing that also hurts her the most. She responds to the other love languages as well, but words of affirmation I believe is her primary love language. Through reading/listening to the book I also feel that my youngest daughter's primary lover language is physical touch, like cuddling, hugs, etc. and after reading the first book, The Five Love Languages, I discovered physical touch was also my primary love language, so it's no wonder that it's sometimes easier for me to connect with Anya. That all being said, Halie and I share our love of animals, and we enjoy crafting together, doing our nails, playing Barbie's/dolls as of lately, going for walks, and have even ventured out shopping a few times without much complaining. If you have children, I highly recommend reading the book, just to make you reflect on your child's personality and to make their needs, emotional ones, come to the front of how you interact with them.

      The BEST thing about Halie is her COMPASSION. She cares so deeply about people and their feelings. It doesn't even have to be someone she knows, but she is always asking questions about social issues which makes me IMMENSELY PROUD of her. Halie is open to all cultural groups and their traditions. She recognizes the hardships that people face in our own community and often offers to help others out by donating her toys, clothing, giving money to the homeless on the streets, holding lemonade stands to raise money for various groups, etc.

     I am proud to be her mom and to have an opportunity to watch her to grow.

P.S. Halie's favorite color is RED.

Saturday 23 January 2016

Self-Confidence: Fake It, Until You Make It

Self-Confidence:  Being confident in oneself, one's choices or the path one has chosen to follow (my own interpretation)

I often think people see me as being confident but truth be told I often feel like " I am faking it, until I make it".  I think this is true for many people.  I am generally a chatty person, extraverted to the naked eye, but when it comes to speaking in front of large crowds, other then little children, I get really nervous.  I can't sleep the night before, I run over the things I need to say and how to say them over and over in my head, my hands get sweaty (I try not to shake peoples hands), etc.  In order to calm myself, I plan my outfits in order to at least look the part of a self-confident, know what I am doing, professional.  This week I was presenting to a room of fifty individuals that I respect immensely, a room of Kindergarten teachers.  Kindergarten teachers, and all teachers,  have a critical role in setting our youngest learners, and their families, for success and in the academic world.  I could go on forever but I will leave that for another time.  Needless to say I wanted to provide them with a worthwhile day of networking, learning and planning.   I was nervous to stand in front of this group and so this is what I wore to help me a least look self-confident.  :)