Wednesday 20 March 2024

Ageless Style: Spring 2024 Colors Styled

Welcome to our special segment called Ageless Style, where we celebrate women of all ages and their styles every third Thursday of the month.  Today we are talking all about spring 2024 color palette and we are using the Pantone USA fashion colors for inspiration.  I am choosing to showcase a street style outfit featuring the pastel lilac color of the season.  I actually added this lilac cardigan  last spring and I have reached for it over and over again. I've worn it over a dress, with white trousers for work and jeans countless times.  Its so easy to throw on and style.  Honestly it adds a great pop of color to any simple outfit combination, and because of it's boxy cropped cut, I usually keep everything else pretty slim to even out the proportions.  I love the oversize button details when I wear it buttoned up but it's actually super cute over a dress unbuttoned as well.  Some other ways I've added lilac to my wardrobe is a simple pair of slides for the summer, getting my nails done with a light purple or simply adding a new clutch or purse in the color for spring.  

The other pantone color I am excited to play around this year would be the red-orange of Orangeade (bold) and I am happy to bring back the Chambray blue into my closet (see my nails, I am already incorporating it into my spring style 😉).

What color do you want to try or play with this spring/summer season?

Due to this bonus post, I will not be posting on Monday, March 24th but be sure to check out the this Mondays post here.

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Sunday 17 March 2024

Wrap It With Bow

Friends although spring is springing around many parts of the world, we are still in winter over her. We are getting some slivers of hope here and there 0C temperatures. That being said it's much to early to pack away all of my winter clothes so I usually like to play a little game with myself at this time of year.  I begin re-wearing my favorite wintery pieces and then placing them into my winter bucket in hopes that I don't need to pull them out again until next fall/winter season.  I love cozy knits in winter and this year I added two new sweaters to my closet, this oversized chunky sweater styled here and this one that I am featuring today.  This pretty sweater caught my eye because of it's darling bow on the back detail.  Bows were huge this season and I was immediately drawn to it.  I like that is short in length but not cropped, so it's perfect paired with high waisted bottoms and wearable to work.  I also love the neutral color of it, making it easy to style with any other accessories and colors.  For this outfit I pulled out my trusted wool pants, combat boots, and accessoried with my brown leather purse and gold jewelry.  I love the color palette, keeping it very minimalist and neutral.  The pants are for sure going into my bucket as temperatures turn slightly warmer, but I'll probably hold on to the sweater for a little bit longer.

How and when do you transition your winter to spring wardrobe?

Come back on Thursday for a special post with Ageless Style where we are talking and styling the "it" spring colors!

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Sunday 10 March 2024

Satin PJs You Need

These are the cutest, softest and the prefect spring/summer PJs you need to add to your collection.  Between my girls and I, we have purchased 5 sets of these over the past year.  They are reasonably priced, coming in a huge variety of colors, and are so silky and pretty.  We all love them and they were the perfect addition to my hot holiday vacation wardrobe, for the record all three of us wear a size M comfortably. Over the past few years, I've tried to be more mindful of choosing nice sleep ware rather than old oversized T-shirt (nothing wrong with that, btw).  Mornings have become one of my favorite times of the day over the last few years, especially in the summer.  I used to get up and GO, but now I prefer a slow start with a coffee and some reading time before getting on with the rest of my day, although this does change in the summers as I like to get my run in before it gets too hot.  During the work week, I am getting up, enjoying a black coffee and 20-30 minutes of reading and doing my gratitude journal, before getting ready to head out the door.  

While on holiday, I finished Bridegton: The Viscount Who Love Me ⭐⭐⭐ and The Five Star Weekend by Elen  Hilderbrant ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.  I like beach reads when I head on vacation and more in-depth and thought provoking reads during the rest of the year.  You can follow me on Goodreads here.

What is your morning routine?  Is there a difference between work week and weekend, or different seasons?

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Monday 4 March 2024

From This to That: Life Update

Well I am back from vacation and struggling to catch my breath.  Coming home from vacay and diving back into full-time work without any time to unpack, do laundry, get groceries, etc. is always a bit tricky, don't you agree?  Add on several delays, an unexpected overnight stay due to a misconnection, and getting hit with not only the cold but a MASSIVE snow storm that stopped our city.  Let's just say it's been a long 5 days.  So let's take a look at the life transformation that has happened in less than a week. 

From palm tree and beaches....

To brutal winter!  

Not only was it really cold when we arrived but then we endured a massive snow storm this past weekend.  We are used to snow but not like this and not all at once.  In my 18 years of teaching, we've ever called 2 snow days and yesterday was one.  We couldn't go anywhere and the city asked everyone to shut down and stay off the roads so that they could enact cleaning crews as quickly as possible.  

From cute bathing suits....

To snowsuits, Sorel boots, toque and mitts (and not to just look cute but to stay warm).

From relaxation....

To learning to snow blow and shoveling for hours.  

You guys, Logan left to spend the weekend with a buddy before the storm (my idea), but the result was that for the first time in my life I had to snow blow our three car driveway and shovel endless amounts of snow.  Now I've shoveled in the past but this was SOOOO much snow.  My dad was going to come but he couldn't drive to me because vehicles couldn't get through and he was stuck immediately.  But I did it and I am proud of myself and so grateful for all that my husband does for our family.  Also, I have no need to ever do it again, thank you very much.

In all honesty, life has been very good and I am happy to say that we are all happy and safe.  Back to regular routine tomorrow!  Also next Monday I'll be sharing the spring/summer PJ set everyone needs in their life.