Wednesday 19 October 2022

Ageless Style: Corn Maze Outfit

Welcome to the Ageless Style link-up!  We are always here the third Thursday of the month to show you how ladies across the country, various ages and styles put together outfits for anyone to copy.  Todays prompt is What You Would Wear to a Fall Event by Cathy from My Side of 50.  

When I think of "fall" I think our annual trip to the corn maze.  it's been our tradition for many years, I think close to 12, and this year unseasonably warm.  We decided to take the trip out as a family on a sunny, Sunday afternoon to close out the weekend.  We split into two teams, mom and dad vs. the teeens and you know what, the teens beat us in both the kids and the adult maze.  LOL!  We walked around and interacted with a few animals and that was a wrap.  If I am being honest, it didn't have the same vibe for us this year.  The girls were less interested, even though they said they wanted to go, and it was just okay.  We likely will be taking a break from it for the next few seasons because the girls just didn't get the same joy out of it and frankly the cost is too high to just like it okay.  Another indication that our lives and our family time is changing.  We are looking for new things to enjoy as a family but also letting some of it go for the time being.  Maybe the Mr. and I are just going to have to look for some things that we can enjoy as a pair.  What do you think?


Outfit formula, jeans, tee, top layer and sneakers.  I do love a casual fall outfit that can be worn when going to a corn maze, apple picking, pumpkin patch, etc.  I pulled out my trusted buffalo plaid schaket and threw it over a striped tee, a little pattern mixing, and white sneakers.  Friends if you are looking for some nice tees in neutral colors, as well as striped, that fit nice, are super soft and aren't see threw, I've finally found some at RW & Co!  Who thought basic tees would be so difficult to come by.  As for the shacket this one is lightweight, so more shirt than jacket, and was Costco steal last fall.  I wear it at the lake and for hiking all the time!  

Now make sure to link up and visit all the ladies of Ageless Style!  If you want to join us and style along with us our prompts for November is fall layers, and December is all about styling those skinny jeans that may still be in your closet.  

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Thanks for stopping by.  I will not be posting next Monday, Oct. 24th because this is the post for next week.  See you back here for Halloween Monday!

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Sunday 16 October 2022

Halloween 2022 and a Look Back!

Yikes!  Halloween is just around the corner and I am not sure what I am going to dress up as this year.  We really wanted to do a group costume at work but it proved to be pretty expensive and not everyone really wanted to invest, which is totally fine and makes sense.  Yesterday I was helping a friend find a formal outfit for an event out of my closet and I ran across a black dress with pearls and thought I just might try to pull together a Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's Costume idea.  Stay tuned and watch my IG for whatever I come up with.  Below is my inspiration by The Literary Lifestyle.

I love dressing up and although we don't ever end up going to any Halloween parties or anything, I am thankful that each year that I am expected to dress up for school.  The bad news is I don't often take pictures but below are some of Haloweens past.  My very favorite costume of all time is 2017 when Anya and I went as a duo of Maleficent and Mal from the Descendants movies.  In hindsight I really wish we had done more family themed costumes when the girls were young but at the same time, we always let them choose what they wanted to be.  Another favorite costume that I've had is dressing up as Bell last year, all the PreK kids absolutely loved it and it was fun to add to the magic of the day.  I lent it out to my sister for this Halloween.  Anyway, you will find me having a full on Halloween day at my school with my littles, and then handing out candy and maybe hosting some of the kids friends as they come and go from trick or treating.  

2008:  Halie as a tiger and I went as a pumpkin at 7 months pregnant with Anya.

Crazy Cat Lady!

Girls don't need saving!  They are superhero's all by themselves1

Do you dress up?   If so, what are you planning to dress up as this year? What does Halloween look like for you?  

Monday 10 October 2022

Giving Thanks 2022

Happy Thanksgiving Canadian friends!  A day to reflect and give thanks to everything good in our lives, and even the challenges in our lives are put there to teach us something.  There are so many things in my life that I am extremely grateful and thrilled to be able to experience but ultimately it all comes down to the people and the relationships with those people.  Here are my top 5 things I am grateful in life.

1.  My family.  Both my husband and my girls, but also our extended families.  They are there to support, celebrate and cheer us on.  My husband continues to be a strong and collaborative partner, and I am so grateful for that as we enter a season of parenting that we find difficult.  There I said it! Parenting teens, although the girls are wonderful in so many ways, has been hard for us as we find the balance of letting go, but also still wanting to connecting with them and continue to invest in our family.  It's a season of learning for us and I hope that other parents of teens know that they are not alone in these times change, growth and learning.  Regardless of the challenges I am so thankful to have two healthy, happy, children that made me a mom.

2.  Our friends.  Like family, our closest friends do the same for us as family.  I always think of my friends as the family I got to choose.

3. Our cabin.  A piece of haven, right here on earth.

4.  My career and the team at work.  People at work, the students, families, and most importantly my collegues, make going to work sustainable and usually a place of joy.  

5.  My heath and my body.  It keeps me going and doing all the things that I love to do.  
It's a simple list and I could get really specific but it really does boil down to these daily interactions that make me happy and healthy.  

It was a small Thanksgiving for us, as Logan got COVID and his last day of COVID jail was yesterday. Since our plans with family fell through it was just the four of us but I still decided to make a big meal to enjoy as a family.  I also, got dressed up because it made the day more special and cooking in the kitchen all day seem separate from the actual meal.  I put on this lightweight, flowy (so I could eat all the turkey, buns and pie), accordian pleated dress from Aritzia, and accented it with gold jewlery.  I love how olive and gold work together and I finally dug out my favorite boots from last year to pair with them.  I think I am actually going to wear this exact same outfit this week for our admin meeting.   

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Sunday 2 October 2022

Fall Wedding Season

Love!  I love being witness to two people committing to each other for life.  Mid-Septembers we were lucky to be invited to a family friends beautiful wedding. It was a charming ceremony in which they gave each other the promise to love, respect and fight for one another for the reminder of their lives.   I don't cry or anything at weddings, but watching two individuals choose each other is beyond beautiful to me.  Maybe it's because I still feel like I would stand up there and look at Logan like that and do the promise all over again after 19 years.  Anyway, I didn't take a lot of pictures to be honest, because I was just  in the moment, but I did snap a few here and there.   Anyway, we enjoyed reconnecting not with the groom,  his bride, and his family, but also with good friends.  Once again, this was a first for many of us to gather since before COVID and many of us are busy with our own families, work, lives, but when we gather together it's like no time has passed at all.  I love lifelong friends more than I can say.

Since it was an absolutely gorgeous day, I wore my dress that I purchased in Italy for my 40th birthday and I have to tell you, I feel like the most beautiful woman when I wear it.  It gives me confidence in myself, where I am in life and  in recently turning 40.  What more can a woman want out of a dress? Obviously, it's not the dress, it's the growth I've done over the past 25+ years, but I do love it oh so much.  And, not only did I score on the dress, but I also splurged and got these studded, high heeled sandals that I adore.  I used to wear high heels all the time and you know what, I am so glad I didn't get another pair of "sensible" shoes or pumps, although I'll tell you these babies were relatively comfortable.  I was in them from 1 p.m., through the ceremony, mingling, dinner and then I danced until the early hours of the morning.  Not a problem.   I did have a light shawl to throw over during dinner, and if I was to go in the later part of fall, I would pair it up either with a leather jacket for an edgy look or a sleek trench coat.  My jewelry was  Hillberg and Berk in their merlot color that I get a ton of wear out of, so it's totally worth the splurge for me. 

I am so happy we had a chance to attend this wedding, as we are past the time of weddings these days, but it was wonderful to get a night out to celebrate a couple we truly believe in.

Do you have many weddings in this season of life? 

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