Sunday 29 May 2022

Summer 2022 FabFitFun Box

To get it or not to get it?  That was the question this past winter.  I've had this box in the past and have loved it, liked it, and been 'meh' about it.  I took a break and then was really missing it.  This is what I discovered while taking a break.  I missed having something just for me to look forward to having.  I also missed trying out new products.  I am not someone that goes out of my way to drop $$$ on make up, skin care or hair products, but I do enjoy having nice things kicking around.  So this is my second box since I've repurchased the membership, the spring box was really nice, but this one I LOVE everything in it, well except for the body scrubber thing (scroll down).

As a annual member I get to choose almost all of my products and I really like that.   Yes it's nice to get a surprise but honestly they've upped their game on the choices you have and I always have something I need/want more than something else.  I really like the choosing part, plus it makes me excited before even the box ships, then I am excitedly awaiting its arrival, and then I get to enjoy it, so it goes a long way.  

So here is what was in my box!

#1 Foxybae Blowout Dryer Brush Pro -  I am so EXCITED for this product.  I absolutely love my Revlon Dryer Brush  but my kids have been using it and its the bristles on it were starting to bend.  I needed to replace it so this came at a perfect time and the reviews are VERY good.  Honestly it saves me sooooo much time in the mornings when I wash my hair, see my honest review for the Revlon one  here.

#2 Lilly Pulitzer Beach Towel - Not only is this towel bright and oh so fun, it's so soft to the touch.  It's also oversized, which I love.  Since I spend a lot of time at the beach during the summer, I am very excited with this product.  

#3 Ahava Essential Day Moisturizer & Elemis Pro-Collagen Night Cream - I wanted both of these items and with the selection process you can add on another product for only $15 instead of the $100 that I would have paid in store for the night cream!  They both got excellent ratings online and this is the perfect way to try pricey products without much to lose.

#4  Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Mascara - Tried it today and LOVE it!  It instantly have my lashes dramatic volume and fullness.  Good mascara is always pricey and it's something I never buy at full price.  I like my Voluminous by L'Oreal  but whenever I have a chance to try out a new mascara that's higher end, I snag it.  I've always been happy with what Fabfitfun has had and have never had an allergic reaction from higher end mascara's, so that's a bonus.  

#5 Sea Salt & Citrus Candle - It smells so refreshing and will be the perfect smell to have beside my bed as summer dwindles in August.  I know it's going to be a favorite for me as I've gotten used to lighting a candle both before bed and first thing int he morning as I blog, read or work on my gratitude journal.  

#6 Monroe Rose Gold Watch - I had a watch and it died.  I actually really miss it for YES, telling time and also its just such a cute accessory.

#7 Kayo Body Scrubber - Honestly this felt like they just threw it in to fill the box.  Not excited about it at all.  I'll offer it to my girls but I don't really think they'll even want it.  

Well that's it!  That's what was in my summer 2022 box and I can honestly say that almost all the products that I choose have me excited!  For $65 I got all of these amazing products and that's a score for me!  

Do you have a subscription box?  Which ones?  What do you like or don't like about it?

Wednesday 18 May 2022

Ageless Style: April Showers, Bring May Flowers & Link-Up

I love flowers!  I love them as center pieces on my kitchen table, looking at them in my yard and also wearing them.  I was struggling to figure out what floral pieces I wanted to share with you this week and just couldn't decide so instead I decided to share a few of my favorites.  Last month Leslie had us work with the theme April Showers see here, and this month Marsha had us dreaming up pretty floral outfits.  Let's get right to it!

Outfit #1 Floral Skirt 

This floral skirt is so pretty.  I just love the defining shape of it and how it's asymmetrical length, making my 5'4 frame look just a tad taller.  I've done a little pattern mixing with the polka dots, or added a fun little dramatic sleeves top to it, but honestly this skirt doesn't need anything extra, it's a statement on its own.

Outfit #2: Pattern Mixing

I just love how leopard and florals go together in this really bold, statement outfit.  It's a favorite of mine for date nights and since life has returned pretty much back to normal around here, I actually can see a future of wearing it again this spring/summer.  Also, this little dress is on the shorter side, so sometimes I tuck it into jeans and wear this combo with jeans for work.

Outfit #3:  Comfort and Style

This midi dress is honestly a workhorse in my closet as a teacher.  It's so comfortable, the length is perfect for having to go up and down with 3 &4 year old's and it has pockets!!!!  

Outfit #4: Flower Cluster

As you can tell from the previous outfits, I usually gravitate toward large, bold floral patterns, but this dress is so cute with it's tiny blue little flowers all over.  It's the perfect dress to wear all year long.  I love the skirt ruffle, which always makes me want to spin around like a ballerina, and also the light weight sleeves are perfect for keeping you warm on summer evenings on the patio or in winter indoors.

Outfit #5:  Sunny Days

I LOVE this top.  The color honestly just makes me happy.  Wearing it is like having sunshine in my heart all day long.  

That's a wrap!  Which is your favorite?  
This post is instead of my regular Monday post, so see you on May 30th!  

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Sunday 15 May 2022

My Skin Care Routine


Today I am going to share my skin care routine with you all.  I am no expert on skin care but in my early thirties and until a few years ago, I struggled significantly with acne.  I tried many things and saw a dermatologist but had little relief from it.  My face has been left battered and scarred but I finally have a skin care routine that's working for my current age, soon to be 40, and is doable on a moderate budget.  Lets dive in!


1.  Wash with water.

2.  Earth Harbor Biome Brightening Oil $47.99 CAN

I am on my third bottle of this stuff and I LOVE it!  I've tried many "brightening" products and this is my favorite so far.  It actually has decreased some of the dark spots and scars from over the years.  I could not rave about this product enough and reviews would agree with me.  

3.  Moisturizer:  Vichy LiftActiv Supreme Day $52.99 CAN

Anti-aging moisturizer.  Perfect all year round, even through our very dry winters.

4.  Sunscreen:  Vichy 60+ SPF $29.99 CAN

This is what I use all summer long when I am out on the boat or at the beach for long periods of time.  It's thick but it's anti-shine and it doesn't ever make me break out! 


1. Vichy Milk 3 in 1 Cleaners  $20.95 CAN

I love this stuff!  It's gentle and moisturizes my face, but the BEST part is that I can actually get my eye make up off without hurting my very sensitive eyes or having a reaction.  I've been using this cleanser, and tried to switch to a different one, for a few years and this just works perfectly when paired with my magic make-up eraser.

2.  Oils:  Ordinary Retinol 1% in Squalane $8 or Overnight Resurfacing Peel $94

I alternate each evening between the two products on my face and neck.  Both are amazing and I love them equally.  Ordinary retionol, excellent to fight signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines, and although its a pure retinol but I've never had a reaction to it and it soaks in very quickly.  The Beauty Counter overnight resurfacing peel feels AMAZING on my skin and when I wake up the next morning.  So although it's $$$ it's 100% worth it to me and my skin.  It makes my skin glow all winter long!  

3.  Moisturizer:  Vichy ActivLift Supreme Night $52 CAN

I end the day with this wonderful moisturizer that not only give my skin a dose of hydration at the end of the day but also seems to help keep my skin firm and more youthful.


1. Kate Somerville ExfoliKate  $36 CAN

This is a life changing product.  I got it two years ago in a FabFunFit box and have purchased it over and over since then.  I use it twice a week and after two minutes my skin literally feels like it has had a facial that costs $100.  Love this product.  It's $$$ but lasts forever and usually I just buy the mini because it lasts so long. 

2.  Beauty Counter Charcoal Mask $70 CAD

This is a once a week product that I use or I spot treat pimples with it as they pop up.  It's a clay mask that purifies and balances, absorbing excess oil and drawing out impurities.  It leaves my skin feeling completely cleansed and ready for the week ahead.  My teen also uses this to help with teen acne.  

That's my daily skin care routine.  Tell me what I am missing or need to think about?  Tell me about your favorite products!  I am always looking for a good deal.  

Sunday 8 May 2022

White Jeans and Flirty Tops for Spring

Spring has finally arrived and I am soooooo happy.  Now if you have been around here for a while, you know I try to make the most of our long winters but this year felt extra hard by March.  Anyway, spring is finally here and I am looking forward to seeing everything turning green and blooming.  Until then, I have this new adorable, puffy sleeved, multi-colored top, to bring a little color to life!  I found this top at Marshalls on the same day I found my multi-colored maxi dress, see here. I absolutely love it.  It's super cute, a little bit flirty, and also  feminine.  I paired it up with white jeans, my straw purse and I pulled out my woven statement earrings when  we went for a  stroll through a local park, looking for some new places to do photos.  I really enjoyed feeling the sun on my face.   Hope you all had a beautiful Mother's Day.  As always, thank you so much for stopping by and see you all next Monday!

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Straw Bag (old; similar)

Rattan Earrings (old; similar four pack)

Sunday 1 May 2022

First Quarter of 2022 Check-In & Reflection

With the arrival of spring I am feeling my lighter and happier. As the days get longer and the sun shines more often, my spirts are lighter and happier and I hope yours are too.  Thanks for stopping in.

Welcome to the first Monday of May. First Monday of the month I always try to do a post that's related to my current life so you can get a glimpse into my family and day to day happenings.  The other Mondays are usually fashion focused posts.  

I am trying to sit with my goals quarterly to check in.  One of the reasons I am choosing to do it this way is not only to keep myself accountable to them but rather to reassess if the goals that I had set out are actually what I still want to invest time and energy into, asking myself, "Do these goals still serve me?"  Let's dive in!  



I needed this word when 2022 began and yet another trip was cancelled.  This word has come in handy so far and I have looked at various opportunities that life is providing.  Some opportunities that I have valued have been:

  • First trip to the mountains was incredible!  Read all about it here and here.  I love a good hot holiday but I could see us doing thing more often.
  • With the virus changing and all of us being boosted we took a chance and have a trip book to Italy for the end of June!
At the moment, I am not using the word as much in my day to day life because I feel like I am in a good place.  We will see if it shows up in other places as the year progresses.

1.  Relationship with my girls.  8/10 

Our trip to the mountains was great for reconnecting and doing something as a family that we all love.  I also enjoyed spending some time with Anya during her dance completions this year!  Being able to watch her with her peers and onstage was much missed, more so than I thought.  It was a really nice way to encourage her and tell her how proud I was of her.  In the same way, Halie is riding more often and I am usually the one that picks her up afterwards, and she is always in  a good mood and chats about school, friends, upcoming events, anything and everything.  I am really trying to tune into the small moments with the girls.  

Also, we have revisited NO CELL phones at the dinner table and that's going well.

2.  Read and write more.  7/10 

I've discovered that I DO NOT like non-fiction books as audio books.  I need to be able to sticky note or highlight.  However I've discovered I do enjoy listening to light reads while getting ready in the morning, meal prepping or driving.  I've also been reading a steady amount, but still have several non-fiction books to dive into on my nightstand.  I plan to do a book review post the first Monday of June, so June 6th.  As for journaling, I haven't done any at all, but I have gotten into a really steady blog groove so that's a win.

Just finished Four Winds by Kristin Hannah and it's a MUST read.  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

3.  Photography.  8/10

This is going pretty well.  As a side business and learning opportunity I am really exited to say that I've moved forward in a number of small ways.  I've had the opportunity to do two newborn baby shoots, get a in home studio set up (see Anya's dance photos above), had Easter mini-sessions and a couple of teen dance sessions.  Now that the weather is improving I am looking forward to getting outdoors for family and a couple of grad photoshoots.  Also, I have a new IG page for must my photography so please follow along!

4.  Fitness!  8/10 

I wasn't sure what I should rate myself as on this.  I am actually doing really well on the self-care and wellness front.  I have continued to use dry needling and stretching consistently and it seems to be helping my back, glutes and hip problems that were causing chronic discomfort and pain.  I am running and spinning 4x/week, along with some strength training once a week, and enjoying walks with my husbands and pup.  So I actually feel really good and balanced.  What I am not moving towards is doing a mini-triathlon.  I haven't returned to lane swimming and honestly it just doesn't seem to fit my current schedule, so I think I might be legging it go.  Sometimes we just need to reassess if something that's still important and I don't think it is for me.

5. Finances.   0/10

Not that I am not doing well, but I actually haven't done, reflected or changed anything in this area at all.  So I am giving myself a 0 because it's absolutely in the same place as I was at the beginning of the year.  I do think my husband and I need to sit down and see what our monthly spending looks like to get a good picture of how inflation all around is impacting our budgets, but we haven't.  So maybe next quarter.  LOL.

YOUR TURN!  How are you getting on with your word of the year or the goals you set out for yourself at the beginning of 2022?