Friday 27 September 2019

Casual Fall Outfit & Sharing Clothing With My Daughter

It finally happened!  I BORROWED something from my daughters closet!  In fact I not only borrowed it but I am featuring it right here on the blog.  See this super cozy, bold, cheery, fun stripped sweater?  It's hers!  Yep, it belongs to my 12.5 year old and we are now officially going into each others closets.  By that, I mean she's gone into mine a few times and this is a first for me, but I feel like I am entering a new world.  Hahahaha.  

We ventured out to our annual corn maze family day.  This is my favorite fall tradition, well this and trick or treating as a family.  We've been going to the Rosthern Youth Corn Maze as long as I can remember, see picture below of my little ones, and we always have a blast.  It's also become a perfect backdrop for a cozy fall outfit, see here and here.  This year I wanted to showcase my favorite pair of jeans, high waisted, Rockstar jeans from ON.  I love the fit of these jeans.  I almost always buy the Rockstars from ON because they are consistent in size, structure, fit, durability and the price can't be beat.  I instantly knew I wanted to feature a cozy, comfortable and oversized sweater with them.  I don't have one but if you read my picks for fall 2019 trends last week, see here, you know that's something I want to add to my closet.  Now that I am not wearing office attire 80% of the time, I feel like I can add a few casual sweaters back into my wardrobe and I can wear them to work and around town.  This particular top came from Urban Planet but I am linking up a few other options for you below.  I am also into hair accessories since spring, so this little cute leopard print side clip was the icing on the cake.

A few of the family enjoying the day :)  

My babies and I at the maze 7 years ago.  Gosh I miss them being so little.

Anya taping her first youtube video.  

Collecting all the stamps.  4th year in a row!!!

We earned our treats.  Yummy pumpkin donuts.  

Happy weekend everyone.

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ON Jeans

Stripped Oversized Sweater:  Belong Lifestyle; Amazon; ZafulSimons

Saturday 21 September 2019

Fall 2019 Picks on a Budget

Hard to believe fall is just around the corner, on Monday, Sept. 23rd to be exact,  and I am getting paid soon-ish 😆, so I've rounded up some affordable pieces that are trending this season.  The piece I am really wanting to splurge on are some snakeskin booties, an oversized sweater that I have my eye on and a plaid blazer, all three are linked up below.  In fact I think I'll be adding a few blazers to by wardrobe this year to wear and swap out with cardigans.  Everything here is affordable, less than $100,and many pieces are even less than $50, so I hope you are able to find something that speaks to you.


Plaid is everywhere and it's looking more professional than just your good old plaid button up (nothing wrong with that either, I love mine).  I did purchase a pair of plaid pants last year that I wear and style all the time, see here and here. They are super versatile, but this year I have my eye on the long plaid blazer.

Long Plaid Blazer

Boyfriend Plaid Blazer (30% off)

Plaid Pants (perfect for work)

Dark Florals

Give me all the flowers and I'll never tire of them.  The last dress just gives me all the good boho vibes.

Blazer (on sale)

Wrap Dress 

H & M Wide-cut Chiffon Dress

Oversized Sweaters & Cardigans

Cozy, warm and easy to pull off with leather leggings (also trending), jeans,
or even over top of a maxi dress.  I am super excited to get the leopard oversized pull over sweater.  I can just see myself wanting to wear it all the time, plus it's LEOPARD and I love leopard!!!!

H & M Sweatshirt Dress (This color, Rust, is the color of the season)

Snakeskin Everything

Snakeskin is THE print this year.  Everyone loves leopard, and it's sticking around and going strong, but snakeskin is having it's moment.  I'll be honest, I am not sure how I feel about it since I have a total phobia of snakes so I am really careful which items I would be comfortable wearing without having a snake panic.  I am leaning towards the booties, which are just a little over that $100 mark, but I feel they would get a ton of use here in Saskatchewan and they are pretty neutral.  What do you think of this trend? 

Snakeskin Cami (only $39.95)

Booties  (crushing on these)  

Snakeskin Mid- Heel (great price; $45)

Well that's a wrap for this post.  I hope you found something that feels like you and is in your price range.  Tell me what's something you are hoping to add to your closet for this season?

Friday 13 September 2019

Leopard Dress Three Ways

No one can argue that leopard is here to stay, AGAIN.  I feel like it's become a staple, and a neutral, in my closet.  From dresses, cami's, flats, booties, clips, and belts, leopard can be worn and incorporated into so many outfits without much fuss.  This dress was passed down to me  and it's been on REPEAT again and again.  Over the summer, I wore it as a beach cover-up, see here.

Today I am sharing with you three new ways I've been wearing it.

#1 Leopard & Leggings.
This is my teacher, on the go outfit.  My life right now is 80% teacher practical, easy to move in and at a quick pace.  I chose to wear a black cami under the dress so that I can bend without a worry.  I do plan to add a black bralette, I already have a white one, from Belong Lifestyle to my   wardrobe.  They have a cute one that is a super comfortable bra, with lace, so it doubles up as a perfect cami for lower necklines.  I also went with leggings so that I can crawl around with my littles at work, and this dress is on the short side, see below the SEXY look.  For added warmth I love a good cardigan like this crochet one.  It's an oldie but a goody, but I'll link another favorite below.

# 2 Leopard dress, jeans & white blazer.
What is there not to love here?!? Tuck in the dress into your favorite high waist jeans and it's like a totally new piece of clothing.   I love how the white blazer is in stark contrast to the darker blue jeans and leopard.  It's totally fresh, polished and chic, at least I think so.  I polished off the look with my favorite pumps and computer laptop.  This is a my casual Friday and drinks after work outfit.  Let's just say TGIF!!!

#3 Leopard dress.
I would be lying if I said that I didn't feel sexy in this little number.  I wore it to our anniversary dinner a couple of weeks ago and felt like a million bucks.  As the evening got a little chillier, I threw on that crochet duster cardigan again, and I love how it elongates me (I am pretty short so that's no easy task).  I finished the look of with my favorite chunky H & B necklace, heels, and a clutch.  We ran into some friends who were sweet and took some photos of the both of us. 

We have a pretty chill weekend planned, some painting, visiting friends and curving out a little family time.  I'll be honest, I am having a hard time finding balance between my new job and home, but I am also extremely happy when my head hits the pillow at the end of each long day.  

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Thursday 5 September 2019

The Top 5 of August!

August is like a long Sunday for teachers.  You know it's coming, you don't want to admit it, but every time you turn around there are reminders that summer will be over before you know it.  Usually, this is true for me as well but this year our August was so jam packed that it was hard to find the time to really dwell while being so excited for life that was happening in that moment.  So lets take a look at the Krienke Top Five of August 2019. 

# 1  Gem Lakes at Narrows Hills Provincial Park

The Gem Lakes are one of those naturally breathtaking places.  There are 7 lakes in total, that were all carved out by glaciers in the last ice age.  The hike around these lakes is  a mere 5.5 km but don't let that fool you, because it's a fairly  difficult trek as the path weaves through the forest and around the  lakes, leaving you short of breath at times.  Along the hike there is much to do and see, from picking berries, meeting other hikers, watching people fish from their canoes, and stopping to enjoy the many look out points along the way.  At the end we looped back to the first lake where we had a BBQ and went for a dip in the clearest water I've ever seen in Saskatchewan.  Next year we are even thinking of going camping in a tent for a night at this location and enjoying it in new and different ways.  If you live in Saskatchewan, this is a MUST do and see.

#2  The 3rd Annual Roffey/Krienke Family Summer Extravaganza

We love all of our friends but the Roffey/Krienke summer get-together has become a tradition.  Our two families settle in for a couple of days of shenanigans, visits, and all things that are fun.  This year included yard sized Jenga, wings night at the golf course, the girls annual fancy lunch, beaching, boating, a lemonade stand and drinks by the fire.  It's definitely become one of our top favorite summer traditions.

# 3 Alen the Teen

We now, not officially, but have a kid that is learning to drive!  Yup, I took Alen for a little drive around Candle Lake.  I trusted him so much that I even let the girls buckle up in the back.  If you are new around here, Alen is my nephew, and I often refer to him as the child who first showed me what  unconditional love for a child meant.  His annual visits are now going on year 13 and it's scary to think that they might eventually stop.  Until then, we love when he comes and  we try  to squeeze as much  fun as possible with him over the short time we  have with him.  This year that included boating until it was way past sunset so he could do all of his favorites (the kid is a natural).  We also went berry picking, played new games, watched a movie and shed some tears, went to the movie theater to the Lion King and did a little bit of shopping. Oh,  and we got some nice photos of the kids with my mom and dad.  Score!

#4  Kid Free Week! 

For the second year, my girls went to British Columbia to visit my sister and family.  All three kids flew back together and the girls came home by themselves.  Here is a media post summing up how I feel about it,

Today my children came home after a week in Victoria with my sister and her family. You guys, my heart is so full knowing that regardless of the distance that separates us, that my girls have a deep connection with them . These trips encourage them to build lifelong bonds with extended family and to feel like they have a support system much larger than just Logan and I. I also am grateful that when they go there they make connections with extended family,Smilja Fazlagic, thank you for always loving them and showing them a great time. Family and friends are our best assets. 🥰

#5  Wedding Anniversary

16 years  ago  we said "I do".  Since the girls were gone we took the opportunity to celebrate by spending lots of time together.  As I've mentioned before we don't do gifts, but rather focus on quality time and making new memories.  This was also our third year since we decided that we would  take turns planning our anniversary date.  The rule is we just have to do something, but it doesn't need to be fancy.  If you followed along on IG stories, you know it was a 2 day event, starting with a river run, followed by 9 holes at a local golf course.  PAUSE.  Bragging break.  I got my first par and I finished all 9 holes by myself and without playing best ball.  Disclaimer.  By  the end of the round I was so over it!  LOL.  We explored the riverbank with our pups, went to Black Fox Distillery to pick some lovely gladiolus and have a drink, grabbed some gelato from Beppi's, and ended the evening off with dinner at Una Pizza & Wine, followed by another river walk.  All I really need and want is to continue to grow and evolve our relationship, and we can't do that if we aren't spending quality time together.  

And since it's Friday and I usually do Fashion Fridays, here are three of my favorite August outfits.  If you are interested in more cute summer outfits check out this jumpsuit, chambray maxi dress, and some pattern mixing here!

What was your favorite August 2019 memory?