Friday 28 June 2019

That's a Wrap

A little play on words today, that's a "wrap" on my role as a consultant with our school division and I am featuring this bright and cheery wrap top.  This is my last "office" outfit post for the summer and really indefinitely.  Today marks the last day of my role as a consultant.  The four years have flown by and it's hard to believe that that much time has already passed.  I remember it so clearly, coming into the office, feeling extremely unsure of myself, not having a clue what the role entailed and being terrified that they were going to discover I was an impostor.  Over the four years I was blessed to work with encouraging mentors, supportive colleagues and team members, and inspiring teachers.  So though I am sad to be leaving the role behind, I am also grateful that I had this opportunity.  The role lent me down a path of learning with, from and alongside many different people, from different perspectives, and as a result I am confident that I have gained the skills and friendships, that I can lean on as I enter a new role next year.  I will be taking on the position of vice- principal and also heading up a new pilot program for junior kindergarten in that school.  It's a new adventure altogether and I am excited to trade in some of my fancier day-to-day outfits for some more casual looks.  NOT to worry though, my high heels and pretty dresses won't be exiting completely they just may be in rotation to more casual outfits :)  


This outfit is one that I would classify into multiple categories, office, classroom, brunch, errands around town, etc. I purchased this bright and cheery top at the Loft while in Edmonton with my sister a couple of months ago.  Funny thing is we both purchased the same top so I likely won't be getting that one as a hand-me-down pile next year.  I was immediately drawn to the bright color of the top, and though I was adamant that I wasn't going to buy any more "yellow", I clearly had little self-restraint when it came down to it.  I really enjoy the wrap look on tops and dresses, so I wanted to add that detail into my closet.  It structures my body shape so nicely, cinching in at the waist with a pretty bow and separating my top and bottom, giving me definition. Overall, this is an outfit that will be on repeat for me this summer as it's super easy to pull together and the top would look super cute  paired with some denim shorts.  

Speaking of shorts, it's officially "summer" for me so we are packing up and moving to the lake for the next six weeks.  I am hoping to get some clarity on where I want to take the blog in the next year and what are some reasonable expectations.  See you next Friday!  

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Friday 21 June 2019

Life Lately: Spring Edition

6 workdays left.  5 school days.  Being a teacher, my life revolves more or less around the school calendar.  I feel tired. I need the summer break.  The sun on my face.  Early morning runs, followed by drinking coffee and reading on my deck.  I want to spend days with my children in a slow and laid back sort of way.  No agenda.  No plans.  No on-going hustle and bustle. 

Now don't get me wrong, I love our life and it's a blessing to have a life thats so full of activity, friends, and family.  In fact today's post is actually all about reflecting on all the goodness that has happen in the last month.  Let's take a peak.

Three and a half years ago, I took Halie and Anya, to their first concert, Justin Bieber, read here.  That evening is  one of the memories I treasure the most; not because I cared for Bieber but because my girls were so excited.  Halie was quoted saying after the concert, "mama, I had tears.  They were tears of joy." 

Well on Monday night we had an opportunity to recreate that pure joy for both girls by going to  Shawn Mendes.  They screamed.  They sang.  They danced.  They loved.  They cried tears of joy once again.   My husband and I just sat in awe.   If you follow my IG stories, you know that we had a specail way to surprise them with concert tickets.  They went on an alphabet scavenger hunt, followed by an invitation to unscramble some of the letters, to spell Shawn Mendes.  It was SO MUCH FUN!!!

I also was lucky enough to go to see Carrie Underwood in concert just a few weeks ago.  Absolute blast and I sported a cute outfit with my cowboy boots, check it out here.


Father's Day
We spent a low-key weekend at the lake.  We were able to enjoy a quite morning by the fire with our favorite dad/husband with simple, homemade gifts. 

May brought  us the best gift EVER.  My aunt, Jasminka, made it out to SK. from Seattle for a few days.  Her time with us was much too short.  My aunt is who I want to grow up to be.  She has forever been fun, silly, loving, and she has taken life in stride.  She has raised two amazing men, my cousins, and my children absolutely adore her.

My uncle came for a visit as well and we were lucky to spend a few evenings over some good food and conversation with him as well. 

Friends are family that you choose.  We were able to finally catch up with some of our favorites.   Life is so busy as parents it's hard to make everyone's schedules work, but regardless how long it's been some friends are just easy to reconnect with and make it feel like old times.  Of course I wish it was more frequent but I'll take the times we carve out as a gift.  Love these peeps.

I've been reading more and writing less it seems.  I have fallen out of the habit of having a blogging schedule.  Honestly, I just don't know how to fix it at this time, maybe I'll do some reflecting on it this summer (also if you have advice please share).  That being said, I am reading more.  A month or so ago I read a personal goal a blogger set for herself (can't remember which one, sorry) was  to read one chapter a day.  That really struck with me and I've been making time to read one chapter a day too.  I try to sit on the deck right after work to help me unwind.  It's become a really nice way to end the workday and begin our family time in the evening.

I am almost done with my role as a consultant.  I am packing up my space.  I feel good.  I feel excited for this next chapter!  I feel ready.

Thanks to everyone for the kind words on my fashion posts lately.  You make me soooooo happy and I feel more confident after I read your words of encouragement.  Here is a few things I've been wearing lately but they haven't made it up on the blog.

Your turn!  What are some of the highlights from you spring.

Friday 7 June 2019

Hanging With My Bestie in Cowboy Boots

This city girl got to go a little country last Friday night!  You guys I don't think I can ever go back to regular concert seats.  We were on the floor, close enough to touch miss Carrie Underwood, no wonder I feel like she is a bestie now.  LOL.  She might not know my "last name" (if you are a Carrie Underwood fan you'll get that) but for 2 hours straight I felt like I was a part of her little show.  My friend Heather and I bought these tickets last July when they went on sale and we had a blast spending Friday night dancing and singing.  I've mentioned my friend Heather a few times over the years on the blog, she is intelligent, kind, and brings a calming and collected presence into my life.  I always feel inspired, reflective and happier when I spend time with her.  

The Carrie Cry Pretty tour and stage was unreal.  You guys, she just had a baby like 4.5 months ago and she killed it.  Working that stage for 2 hours is all the cardio that girl needs.  She did not STOP.  Plus every single costume change made this girls mouth drop open.  I wish I could be in her closet.

Speaking of outfits and closets, I picked out my outfit at least a month prior to the concert.  I love my cowboy boots, see here and here, but I don't really wear them on a regular basis, so anytime an opportunity remotely presents itself, I am all over that.  Knowing that the weather was going to be nice I went classic with a little denim skirt, printed tank top and my duster cardigan.  Added a little subtle bling with my rose gold hoops, fabfitfun "love" necklace and a thrifted cross-body bag.  I bought NOTHING, all from my closet and I love how it came together.  Truth be told, I've actually worn this exact outfit twice now, once for a cabaret and the concert.  

What would you style cowboy boots with?

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