Saturday 24 December 2016

Casual Christmas Day Outfit

It's Christmas Eve already!  How did that happen so quickly?  Honestly, this year I just never really had the time to get into the Christmas spirit and I was literally still shopping/wrapping presents yesterday.  The last couple of days, since being on holidays, I have gotten into the holiday spirit more by spending time with the kids, being outdoors, touring the city Christmas light displays, playing Christmas music and enjoying friends and family.  


A couple of days ago I put this little outfit together for a casual day of running errands and ice skating, and I loved it so much that I've decided to repeat it tomorrow for my casual Christmas outfit.  I love the bright red color of this cable knit sweater and how the statement necklace dresses it up just the right amount.  I also styled my hair in a side messy bun which requires no hair brushing/straightening/curling, bonus for Christmas morning.  My brown fringe booties were a favorite of mine last year but haven't been utilized hardly at all this fall/winter :(  Since it was a super nice day around here, like 0C, I pulled out my puffer vest and skated around in that.  All in all, I just love how this look came together.


I will be hosting my family over for gift opening, everyone wants to see the kids, and a brunch.  My mom will do a small supper in the evening for us, and our big Christmas dinner will be hosted by my aunt on Boxing Day (I have a couple outfits in mind but will probably repeat this one).  Our group will be small this year, my parents, my two grandma's, a family friend, and our family.  I will be making Croissant Make Ahead Sandwiches, hash browns with mushrooms, red peppers and sausages, turkey breakfast sausages and a fruit platter.  

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday 18 December 2016

All Dressed Up: Holiday Outfit

Last night Logan and I finally had a date night.  It's been a while since we've gone out but more concerning than that is that we are finding it difficult to spend quality time together lately = not connecting in the way we like.  I don't mean to complain but I will for just a minute.  I find that we are so exhausted by the time we have gone to work, gotten the kids to their activities (and our kids aren't even super busy), helped them with their homework, made supper for the next day, and  cleaned up that by the time we finally sit down at 9:30 or 10:00 we just passively watch TV and go to bed.  I know that we aren't the only ones so I am looking for some advice,  how do you and your significant other take the time to connect during the week?  


Anyway, as I was saying we went out to watch a Christmas Carol at our local theater and though it's not my favorite Christmas story, the show was amazing and we went with friends which made it even more special.  My parents couldn't babysit, so my 84 year old grandma came over to watch the girls.  I am beyond blessed to have lots of family around who love spending time with our girls, but I feel most blessed about having not one but two grandmas that are still alive.  


 This sweater dress is a definite go-to in my closet.  First off, I love the color.  Second, it's perfect with tights and booties, and the main reason for loving it is that  it's super comfortable of course!  I am pretty sure that this will be my holiday outfit for our family dinner.  Shhh, the vest works miracles to hide your belly when you've had a bit too much.    I've had it for a couple of seasons and am looking for a replacement as it's gotten a tad bit too clingy too my body :(  and it's beginning to pill from washing it so much (as mentioned above I wear it a LOT).  I am also getting a ton of wear out of my new fur vest featured   HERE and on my INSTAGRAM.  I paired it up with my H & B rose gold jewelry which I also wear all the time so it was well worth the investment, especially since some of pieces were gifts :) 

Sweater Dress Replacement Options:

Chickwish Cable Knit, Bell Sleeve Sweater Dress

Dex Cold-Shoulder Sweater Dress

RW & Co Cold Shoulder Sweater Dress

Sunday 11 December 2016

Anya's Harry Potter Birthday Party

Last weekend we celebrated Anya's 7th birthday by having a Harry Potter Themed party!  Anya LOVES Harry Potter!!!  She was Hermione Granger this year for Halloween and is so excited about our trip to Florida in the Spring of 2017.  She wanted to have a Harry Potter movie theater birthday, that's what we did last year, but we explained to her that most of her peers had probably not been introduced to all of the movies and might find it too scary.  We settled on having a Harry Potter theme instead and she had a blast planning this party and getting all the materials together for it.  



Here is what we did (check out the video of all the fun at the end)!


Food:  We created the  Honeydukes candy store using all of our Halloween candy.  We also had butter beer and a Harry Potter ice cream cake from DQ.


Activities:  We had a report card, made by Halie and Anya, full of classes that one might find at Hogwarts. 

1.  Potions Class:  I used flasks, borrowed from a science lab at my school, and filled them with vinegar, food coloring and then each child mixed them with baking soda.  I also let them explore with mixing water color containers in their own beakers.  I think this was their favorite class!

2.  Transfiguration: Each team of children worked together to create structures using a variety of blocks.


3.   Charms:  They each picked a homemade wand from Ollivanders, and then used their wands to keep a balloon up while saying "Wingardium Leviosa"!

4.  Care of Magical Creatures: Each child picked a special stuffed animal as their magical creature.  We put them all on a large parachute (borrowed form school) and their job was to make sure their animal didn't get thrown off the parachute. 

5.  Quidditch:  This was interesting to say the least.  

Materials: 2 brooms, 2 laundry baskets, 2 balloons, 1 golden snitch (Ferro Rocher) & 2 stuffed animals.  

Two teams of three kids. Two kids were the seekers and they went off to find the golden snitch, which my husband hid in the house.  Two kids rode the brooms and tried to get the balloons into the opposite laundry basket for 10 points (we didn't keep score, they didn't care); the snitch was worth 150 points.  While the kids rode/ran on the brooms, two kids  had to throw a small stuffed animal at the opposing team member on the broom.  If the child on the broom was  hit, they had to restart running from their laundry basket towards the opponents basket.  Honestly this was a gong show but the kids loved running around, screaming/cheering each other on, and taking on the different roles int he game.  

6.  Owl Mail:  Each child could write Anya a letter, draw a picture, and mail it through OWL mail.  She loved reading all the messages the day after.

7.  Photo Booth:  We just printed a bunch of "wanted" posters from the various characters for the background and had a couple of robes for the children to wear.  We used these write thank you notes after the birthday party.  


Harry Potter Class Labels, Honeydukes Banner & Report Cards (PDF)

Harry Potter Pinterest Board (I love Pinterest and other peoples ideas so check it out!!!)

All in all a wonderful way to celebrate with her friends from school.  It's a birthday party she will remember for a LONG time!

Thursday 1 December 2016

My November Shopping List in Review

Hello friends!!!!  I took almost a month hiatus and though I wish I could say that I was away enjoying a fabulous vacation, I was not.  Honestly, life just got way too busy and I was feeling absolutely overwhelmed trying to keep all the balls in the air. First thing that went was blogging, next reading my favorite blogs, then my running, which led to me being pretty much unbearable to live with.  All is well, this is just what life is like sometimes, and I know most of you mommies out there totally get that. 


Now it's Dec. 1st and I am back and feeling great.  Today I had a big day, two presentations to approximately 150 people and though I was extremely anxious leading up to it, everything went so well and I am so happy to have it behind me.  I feel like I am back in control of my life and I am liking it. 


In October and November I had a list of the following three items, over the knee boots, a faux-fur vest and faux leather pants, that I wanted to purchase.  I have been practicing being on a strict budget, $100/month, and have been sticking to it. So in early November I scored these amazing, suede boots at the Bay for half price!!!!  Then in November, sometimes waiting really pays off, I got the faux-fur vest at Old Navy for $20 and the jeggings for $40 at the Bay.  For the two months I saved a total of $40!!!!!  Woohoo for me!

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of combining all of my new pieces into one outfit and I felt like a trendy mommy.  :) 


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