Wednesday 3 August 2022

Summer Uniform: The Bikini

Summer is flying by and I am trying to soak up as much sun and family fun at the lake as possible.  Honestly my summer outfits are mostly a bathing suit or joggers and a crew neck.  I recently turned 40 and still choose a bikini because it's what I am most comfortable in.  This is not to be confused with CONFIDENCE, because I don't always feel confident in them but as I've gotten older that has also gotten better; see the links below for posts on my journey with body image.  Not all bikinis work for me and I will tell you that the best bathing suits for me in the last decade have come from La Vie En Rose.  They have so many styles to choose from, colors, patterns , mix and match options that I truly have been able to find something for each season of my life that I feel pretty good in.  My favorite thing about their bathing suits are the bottoms are made from soft fabric, so they don't dig into my sides and squeeze everything out.  I also like that I can find full coverage for both bottoms and tops, which makes me feel comfortable and lets me move around freely.  I think there is something for just about everyone, from my mom, to me, and even my teen purchased a bathing suit from them this year.  This year I purchased two to update my selection, the bold pink one and the one shoulder yellow and white one.  I love them equally and have been wearing them non-stop! See my previous bathing suit purchases from this company, as well as my journey with body image, here and here.

I'll be here for the next two weeks trying to fill my bucket with all the things I love, family, friends, wakeboarding, boating, kayaking, reading, and sitting by the fire.  

Tell me about your summer so far?

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