Friday 23 April 2021

Spring Dress: Flirty and Smooth

Finding normal in the third wave of the pandemic has been somewhat challenging.  I think part of me kept wishing and hoping that life would surely return to normal one year post shut down but it hasn't worked out like that.  That being said we've gotten into new habits and they aren't all bad, such as walking outdoors daily, seeing friends but only outdoors including in the winter months, my youngest daughter and friends have been gathering outdoors for old school games and using the playground.  Last Friday evening we unexpectedly had kid free time upon us, Anya was going to the park with friends and Halie was at horseback riding for a few hours and my dad had taken her.  Mr. and I got a little dressed up and headed out on a beautiful spring evening.  Since we are back to only having immediate family in our homes, although we can sit outdoors with up to 10 people, and we can be at a restaurant in groups of four, we gave friends a call to see if they wanted to meet up for patio drinks.  My BFF/ running mate  and her husband joined us and we had the BEST time.  We laughed, like belly laughed, while being watched and attacked by pigeons.  We talked about serious stuff but also laughed about parenting tweens and shared stories of the past.  It was an evening that filled my bucket and my JOY meter was once again full.  

I also took the opportunity to snap some photos of my outfit for the blog.  You guys, I get sooooooo embarrassed when people see me taking photos!  Anyone else?  Any tips?  I just hate it.  Anyway, I love this dress and it's absolutely perfect, I think it's the perfect combination of being flirty but smooth.  One of the Pantone colors for spring is green ash, and they describe it as " a mentholated green that cools and soothes." I love it's simplicity, but also the flirty cute ruffle sleeves e.  Another great feature of the dress is the fuller skirt that begs a person to do a twirl, which of course I just couldn't resist.  I paired the dress with some striped wedges, stacked delicate bracelets for a little bling, clutch and my trench coat but I also think this would be super cute with a denim jacket.  This is my first spring purchase this year and I got it from a friend that was running on online boutique but has since expanded her family and was selling out the last of her 2020 stock.  I've linked the dress by the same company below.  

What are you adding to your spring wardrobe this year?


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Mikarose Dress 

Hillberg and Berk (sparkle bracelets)

Thursday 15 April 2021

What Jacket Do I Need? Schaket, You Say.

Spring has sprung in Saskatchewan, well in shorts bursts anyway.  This past week has been gloomy, with some snow and nasty wind that's making it stay pretty close to 0C.  So although I tucked our winter jackets away, they have been out once or twice this week.  Oh well, let's talk about how spring has sprung extra early here this year and I am so happy about it.  For reference check out how much snow we had last year at this time of year, now we have none!!!

From our COVID front porch picture project last April.  

To my spring porch April 2021!  No snow!

Anyway the nice weather has had a good effect on my mood and our Easter break from school was a happy, calm, and restful time.  I went back to work in a completely different mindset and with different energy then I did coming back from February week, which was extremely hard for me and I was going through a rough patch.  But not since the sun has been out and the weather has been warmer.  So  a couple of weeks ago we went for a stroll downtown. Oreo joined us on our stroll and I must say she switches from country and city pretty easily.   I was so pumped that the weather was sunny and warm so I got to take my new schacket out for a spin and I LOVE IT!!!!!  It's been my go-to since I purchased it four weeks ago.  It looks cute with everything, jeans, leggings, joggers, and a form fitting dress.  While I was worried that the oversized style would just engulf me, especially since I am not overly tall, but it's so cute, and it I keep the underneath layers fairly form fitting, I don't feel I am lost in it at all.  I actually ordered a few different ones, a beige and a light green and neither was a keeper for me, both of the colors kind of washed me out but I'll link all the jackets below.  As soon as I tried this one on it was PERFECT.  Even my teenage daughter approves.  I did try it on in both XS and Small and I decided to stay with XS.  This shacket is a bit heavier, which I love and feel will work now and even through the summer evenings, and I love the textured fabric.  The sleeves balloon out just a tad and then come together at the cuff giving them just that extra little bit of detail.  I absolutely love everything about this coat and it was super easy to ship anything I didn't want back to H & M, which is always a bonus.  Unfortunately this one is all sold out, 😢 but I am linking up a few other options from them below.  

As we explored our little city, I always try to find dream houses.  Do you ever do that?  This is mine on this particular street.  It has been for years and although  it's not the cutest older home in the neighborhood, or the newest modern build, I love it for two reasons.  #1 that veranda has my whole heart and #2 it looks like no other home on that road.  Completely unique and proud.  It completely reminds me of Sweet Home Alabama and I love that movie.  So if for any reason I should come into a large sum of money, this is the home I'd like to live in.  Anyone out there want to make my dreams come true?  Hahahaha.  Have a beautiful weekend ahead and thank you so much for stopping by.

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H & M:  Oversized Shirt Jacket (very similar; available in blue, various plaid combinations, corduroy beige & mint green)  $49.99
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Monday 5 April 2021

Currently Life: April 2021

Currently life.... I am back friends!  It's been a while since I've done a life update so I thought this might be the perfect time.  Let's jump in!

Currently celebrated Easter and this year I was able to have my mom and dad with us, as well as my aunt and uncle.  Being with family is always a gift and although our province continues to struggle and race against the VOC (variant of COVID), I am happy to report that all of our parents have received their first shots!!!!  Also, one can never get too old for the Easter bunny to visit and the girls enjoy receiving his gifts and doing all the egg dying just as they did before, although they aren't into taking pictures like they did before.  

Currently feeling.  Well my friends I am coming out of a week of sadness to be honest.  Our beloved pup of 12 years, Tanner, took a turn for the worst the week leading up to Easter and we had to make the difficult decision to put him down.  Although we knew that this would happen due to his prognosis in August, its never easy to let our furry loved ones go.  Our home and hearts have an empty feeling,  but we do know how much joy, love and laughter he brought into our home over the years.  

I have also been reflecting a great deal on how this signals an end to a a chapter of our lives. Tanner was there through my second pregnancy, baby Anya coming home, toddlers, first days of school, my masters program, camping adventures, buying our cabin and spending the last 4 summers at our lake,  pandemic life, and so on.  The girls are now both tween/teens, 14 & 11, their lives changing and  becoming more independent, and Tanner was that last piece of my life as a mom of "little people".   He was always one of my little kids, tagging along on our puddle jumping adventures, splash park fun, trick or treating at Halloween, et.  He will be deeply missed but I am thankful for all the years he gave us and that we were all able to cuddle him and be with him right to the end.  He went peacefully and with love surrounding him.

Currently reading.  The Book of Lost Names by Kristin Harmel.   Get it.  Read it.  You will NOT regret it.  It's a beautiful story of a young French woman and man, who work tirelessly to save Jewish children during WWII, while also preserving their identities so that they will not be lost forever.  Incredible story that will fill your heart with hope in humanity.

Currently watching.  Logan and I don't watch a ton of TV but we usually sit down for 30 minutes before bed.  We LOVE Modern Family!  It makes us laugh each and every night.  If you have watched it we are definitely  Clair and Phil.  

Currently listening.  I listen to a variety of podcasts in the mornings when I am getting ready for work but recently I listened to Abby Wombach on Dare to Lead by Brene Brown  and was completely enthralled and her book Wolfpack is already purchased and on it's way to me!  

Currently dreaming of a trip to visit my sister and family in Victoria, BC at the end of June.  Fingers crossed it happens, as it'll be almost 2 years since we've seen them.  We hope to be vaccinated by then and safely enjoy some outings with our combined families.  We hope to enjoy hiking, surfing, biking, cooking, and just each others company.  We also have a plan to go and explore Tofino, BC which will be a first for our family and I am hoping to check an item off of my bucket list, SURFING.  Full disclosure I tried  it in Mexico when I was 22 but I only did it a few times, and this will be an opportunity to actually take lessons and give it a try.  To be honest, I am very worried that I wont be able to do it, but I am not going to let that feeling stop me from trying.  


Currently wearing.  Since spring decided to arrive early for Saskatchewan, I've been happily sporting bare legs when it's not freezing cold, my new schaket when I don't still need my parka, and overall enjoying wearing less layers!!!!  What a gift this early spring has been for all of our mental health.  A bright, warm, sunny, spring day is good for the soul.  

What have you been up to lately?