Friday 31 May 2019

Hello Polka Dot Cuteness

Can we just agree that this Dex polka dot blouse is the cutest?  Seriously, so adorable with the little bow shoulder tie ups.  Just melts my heart.  I love the cute-sy detail but also that the piece is feminine and classy, making you still feel like an adult.  It truly does a great job of balancing trendy, cute, feminine and professional look all in one blouse.  The adjustable shoulder ties are a major plus for me, as I like to make sure everything is secure especially if I am bending over or working with little kids when I visit schools.  I am also a fan that the ribbons are thick so it's easy to hid the bra straps underneath and there is no need to throw on a cardigan or blazer over top for an office environment, unless you want to.  

Now the pants were an instant YES for me while in Edmonton for my "sisters" weekend (I still need to find the time to write about that).  Red is a classic color and though it's been a pantone color pick for a while, I just feel like it never goes out of style.  They are soooo comfy and the elastic waistband makes them a winner, 🤣.  They are a comfortable fit through the legs and around the waist.  I also love that they are high rise, so next year when I am back in the classroom, I'll have no issues crawling around in them and wont have to tug my shirts down.  Oh, I hope high-waisted pants never go out of style again.  

 Another item that I was thrilled to find on my trip Edmonton was a pair of neutral pumps. I 've been searching high and low without luck, I could only find a matte color but not one with a little shimmer and shine.  These Rockport pumps are not only the perfect color, but the mid-heel is comfortable to wear all day long in the office.  

I am off to a fun night out with my good gal pal, Carrie Underwood!!!!  I can't wait to see her live with my sweet friend Heather.  Follow along on IG and next week I'll be showing you how I styled my cowboy boots for a fun night out!  Happy weekend everyone!

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Friday 24 May 2019

Sigh, It's Almost Bathing Suit Time & Body Image

Hello, hello!  Last year I felt like I sort of just gave up.  Gave up trying to attain a body that I couldn't even define.  I gave up on dieting to attain a body that wasn't sustainable.  I gave up on being Hangry..  Bathing suit season really stresses me out.  It amplifies some serious insecurities I have about my own body.  I do try to be very positive, to have a healthy outlook and relationship with my body, but like many it's now been many years of back and forth struggle.  The good thing about last year was that "giving up" wasn't a negative, but I rather  view it as bringing me acceptance.  I am well into my 30's and closer to 40,  I'll be 37 in July.  My body has given birth to two ladies and has for the most part treated me better than I've treated it.  My body is far from perfect, but honestly I don't even know what that means to me and long ago I learned that it usually is unattainable and doesn't actually equate to happiness.  All that being said, last summer I went on a bathing suit hunt that made me feel good.   I still prefer a two piece to a one piece.  I also have this desire to show my girls that you can wear a two piece that looks age appropriate and modern on various body types.  I woudl like them to have a better relationship with their bodies than I had so I really strive to model that, but it's HARD. 

The last two years I've had great success at finding bathing suits at La Vein Rose.  They have lots of options, cuts, materials, styles and patterns.  You can mix and match styles and sizes, and you can't find a better price point!  I absolutely love their high-waisted bikini bottoms and also their regular ones that have extra soft fabric that doesn't dig into your sides to create the "muffin top" look.   Last year I foudn a really fun two piece that was reversible so you got 4 bathing suit option in one!!!

This year I found a super sexy one piece, that has some significant cut outs to make it extra sexy.  I've tried this style int he past but always felt like if I moved too quickly after the kids that I would end up falling out.  In theory you think you can lay on a lounger all day but that's not real life.  This bathing suit is the best and though they don't have any more on-line they still have some in store.  Also, check out some of my favorites, practical and fun, linked below.

Tell me how you feel about bathing suit season?  What's your bathing suit style?

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Thursday 16 May 2019

Sprig Stripes & Mother's Day

I am back to my regular Friday fashion post.  Last week I missed it because life was just too busy and this year I've really given myself permission to do what I need to in order to feel blogging as a creative, enjoyable and positive experience, not a job.  I have a job.  A busy job.  One that's wife/mother, etc. and one that actually pays the bills.  Speaking of being a mom, last weekend was Mother's Day weekend.  I hope all the moms out there enjoyed the day and were acknowledged in whatever way their family does that.  To all the women out there that have chosen to not be moms, or have had that choice take away from them, I want you to know that I think of you on these hallmark moments.  It's actually the reason I prefer to celebrate and acknowledge March 8th, Internationals Women's day, because it celebrates all women regardless of their status.   That being said, I spent a lovely weekend with my girls, my husband and my own parents.  We keep it super low key and fancy presents are not part of our celebrations.  I did get out the our local greenhouse to pick out some flowers and the girls planted little pots for their grandmother's as a gift.  

I recently ordered this Vero Moda dress from the Bay and instantly fell in love with the cut.  I absolutely adore when the straps are adjustable.  We all have different upper bodies and different levels of comfort of how we share them with the world.  I love that I can adjust it to suite my body, needs and event that I might be wearing the dress for.  I prefer to be able to bend over without worrying about showing off anything too much, especially at work or when I am out and about with my kiddos.  I am also huge fan of stripes and love these vertical navy and white ones.  Another bonus is the cute button detail, I am all ga-ga over buttons and the length.  Basically this dress checks all the boxes for me and it's a new favorite of mine.  Couldn't be happier with my purchase!

It's a long weekend for us here in Saskatchewan and it's also kind of lake kick off season.  We are going up to the lake with some friends and we have great fun planned!  Hope you all enjoy the sunshine and the weekend ahead.  

Saturday 4 May 2019

Pretty in Pink & Link-Up

Welcome to a special edition of my regular fashion post.  I am happy to be celebrating my friend Ada over from Elegance and Mommyhood.  Ada was one of my first supporters when I started my blog and continues to encourage and support me, so I am so grateful to be collaborating with her and many other ladies in honour of her birthday.  

Does this skirt look familiar?  It should, I featured it here, as a winter outfit and now it's back for spring/summer.  This  skirt is sold out but here is a couple of very similar option, fancy and fun.  I just love the color and the shimmer and shine that comes with it.  If I had a spring/summer wedding this would be my go to outfit for sure, simple, elegant, flowy and perfect for hitting up the dance floor.  While on vacation in Mexico, I wore this exact outfit for Valentines day and had sooooooo many complements from strangers.  One woman asked if she could touch my skirt while I was out dancing the night away.  Hahahahaha.  Looking at these pictures sure brings back all the wonderful memories our family made together.  Ahh, how I wish to be back there again.  

As always, thanks for stopping by and supporting my blog.  

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