Sunday 28 January 2024

Weekend Style: Sweatshirt Dress

Today is going to be short and sweet.  I am in a busy season at work and keeping dressing, cooking, social life all super simple.  The good news is that the weather has drastically improved and this new sweatshirt dress has been a favorite for both weekends and cozy comfort at work.  It's perfect for winter days as it's lined with cozy fleece, keeping me warm and cozy inside and when heading outdoors.  I recently have purchased a few key items from Shein and have been so happy with all of them.  The reviews really help me decide on size and getting it right.  For this dress I decided to stick with small and I am glad I did, because it does run big. I've also been wearing my zodiac sing necklace a ton, it is great on it's own or layered with another, shorter, dainty necklace.  

Have a great week ahead everyone and thanks for stopping by.

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Wednesday 17 January 2024

Ageless Style: Rocking Our Jeans

Welcome to the first addition of 2024 Ageless Style!  I am glad to be back with these ladies for another year, showcasing out styles, interpretations across North America and age groups. Today we are styling out jeans for winter thanks to Rosemary from .....

It's full on winter here over the past few weeks.  Not only do we have lots of snow but it's been frigid cold and it's been keeping us indoors.  That being said our nicer weather is schedule to return this weekend and I couldn't be more excited!  I love cozy sweaters in winter and pairing them up with jeans is pretty much my uniform on the weekends.  I love how fluffy this zebra print, eyelash sweater is and how warm and cozy I feel in it.  As for my jeans, I still love rocking my high waisted, mom jeans.  Since I don't wear jeans during the week, I don't buy or switch them out much.  I've had these now going on three years and I feel like they are still very much in style, see them here and here.  What do you think?  What jeans are you currently rocking or eyeing to add to your collection?

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Sunday 14 January 2024

Cozy and Warm at Home

Friends I live in a deep freeze. This is no joke.  All of last week it was dangerously cold, and we are beginning this week in much the same way.  The good news is that after this week we are returning to more seasonable cold weather which will feel like a dream.  Needless to say we have been staying indoors unless we absolutely have to leave the house and of course go to work, drive kids to activities and appointments.  When at home, I love to cozy up on my couch with Oreo to keep my company, a cup of coffee and a good book. Sidenote: Bridgeton book  #1, The Duke and I was soooooooooo good, I couldn't put it down. The first book I read in 2024.  

This snow white, oversized, cable knit sweater was a gift at Christmas.  I saw it as an add in November, added the link to my Christmas wish list and my sweet husband got it for me.  It's sooooooooo soft, cozy and loose.  After all the holiday treats, and sitting in the house, I am leaning towards spending a lot of time in my leggings and oversized sweaters and sweater dresses.  😉This outfit is perfectly cozy for lounging around at home, but I have also worn it to work and to run errands.  Honestly it's just kind of an all around great casual look. I just added some gold tone accessories to dress it up and off I go to work.  

                                     What's your comfort wear at home or at work?

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Sunday 7 January 2024

Aspirations for 2024


If you've been following me for a while, you know I do goals each year.  Sometimes in tthe past I've chosen a word guide me, but not this year.  Putting my goals, hopes, aspirations, dreams, down lets me process what I really want to focus on in my life.  It's not about judging myself, it's more about thinking about what matters to me the most and reassessing if I am putting time into the right things.  2023 was a wonderful year and as I reflected on what I invested in, I was really happy about it.   I've lived through hard in the past, as a child, as a teen and a young married couple, so I count our blessings.  So many of my goals are centered around focusing my attention on things that make me feel good and happy.  That help me stay the best version of myself and less about getting distracted by others opinions or even my own perceptions of what might be important, that gets in the way of what truly I value.  Let's jump in!


  • I feel like we have a good rhythm with our girls these days, as well as my grandma, parents and time with friends.   I want to continue to make them a priority in my life and I don't want any of the other goals to compromise those relationships. Let's jump into specifics! 
  • Host a murder mystery party with friends.
  • Enjoy a family trip to Mexico.
  • Trip to BC to watch T.Swift with Anya in Dec. 2024.
  • Logan and I want to try to do a date each month.
  • Continue my reading streak.  I read or listened to 22 books in 2023, and I love my new reading before work routine.  I've been really trying to sit and read either before work or after work/early evening for 20 minutes.


2023 brought me back to half-marathons, including my BP at 2:00:14.  So in 2024 I want to: 
  • Clock 1000 km of running.
  • Improve my bike time in the Frank Dunn Triathlon with my team. 
  • I would like to jump back into the pool in the first quarter of the year to be able to do a mini-triathlon in May.
  • Continue to get regular dry needling once a month for maintenance, maybe also add a massage to the routine.
  • Floss after supper on regular basis (5days/week).
  • Stretch 5 days a week for a minimum of 5 minutes in the evenings.

  • My photography business saw an influx in family photography in 2023 and included indoor holiday sessions which were a hit!   I'd like to see it continue to grow in 2024 at a steady pace, as well as to post regularly on my IG page and FB page, and advertise my mini-sessions more strategically this year.    I also joined some free learning lessons and would like to continue to find opportunities to learn and challenge myself.  My hope is to expand my portfolio to couples and graduation sessions, as well as I'd love to do some more newborn lifestyle photography sessions. 
  • I plan to stay in my current school and position for at least another school year.  I am learning so much and loving it!

  • This is a goal that I keep putting on my list and yet fail at each year.  Mr. and I really need to sit down and take an inventory of our income and expenditures over a few months.  We also need to decide how to put some extra money aside for the long term now that we have a little lump sum for emergencies.  This is an area we struggle, as we do have retirement savings through work but we also need to be putting extras away as well.  If you have a blog or podcast for dummies, send it my way.
That's me!  What are your aspirations for 2024?  What do you want to keep or let go of?   What do you want to focus your time and energy into?