Sunday 29 October 2017

Just In Time and Momster


Some days, weeks, or months are just busy.  It's not a bad busy but it's the kind that you keep chugging along feeling good and all of a sudden BAM you feel like you need to come up for air because you are drowning.  For me, October, and maybe September, have felt that way.  Most of the time I love running in the fast lane, with deadlines, commitments, events, but by the middle of last week the high was no longer there and I felt like quick sand was trying to take  me down.  Alas, we had a free weekend just in time and I declared that we needed to get away to the lake. 


Friday finally arrived and after a bad  Thursday night, with Anya waking up off and on in the night,  and an 6 am run, I was completely exhausted by the time evening rolled around .  The kids went to bed and so did I.  Halie wasn't feeling well and started hacking but I gave her some Tylenol and reassured her, and myself, that it would be fine.   Just as Logan and I laid down to watch a show, Anya started crying again and saying her tummy was hurting.  Off she wen to the bathroom and.....PINWORMS.  That was the breaking point.  I am not proud of it but I didn't handle it like a loving mother, it was more like a MOMSTER.  (not happy or proud of it but sometimes we have to admit we make mistakes and we are not perfect).  I said things like, "I keep telling you to wash your hands... keep your fingers out of your've had this happen before, when will you learn."  Yes, I said all the wrong things and it really isn't a big deal but when you are running on empty these little bumps can appear like boulders.  Anyway we dealt with it, got the pills, had a shower, washed the sheets, clothes and towels, etc.


We pondered whether to go to the lake with one sick and one wormy kid, but I was adamant that we needed to get away.  It was raining all day on Saturday and it was the perfect.  There was no TO DO list, no playdates, no cleaning, no laundry, no phone calls, no 'just one more thing' to get done.  We had  nothing but time and boredom to help us be creative. We played Clue, Monopoly and Trouble.  We cooked supper together.  We watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and two Gilmore Girls.  We read.  The girls played.  We hiked.  I ran.  Logan and I talked.  We drank wine. 




We connected.  We felt like a family.  24 hours away from the fast lane was exactly what we needed.  We drove away and I felt like the mom I wanted to be, was meant to be, but I also felt human.  I felt ready for another week ahead and so did my little family.  As we drove away my 10 year old said, "I love the cabin.  I am glad we bought it."  And what I interpret that to mean is, "I love the cabin because I love the family time we get there."


What do you do to getaway from life's daily demands?


Thursday 26 October 2017

Duster Cardigan & a Little Sparkle


I had been dreaming of a duster cardigan since last spring but I just never seemed to come across one that caught my eye and then at the end of the summer there was a sale at a local  boutique and this Billabong duster cardigan caught my eye; I couldn't find the exact same one but linked some great fall and winter options below. I knew it was going to be mine and at 50% off it seemed like it was just meant to be.  Usually I like big, bulky, woolly sweaters when the temperatures begin to nosedive but I had still some warmer days ahead so it seemed like a good investment.  I love the crochet design and the waterfall front.  It went worked well to showcase a perfectly casual look here with some frayed hemmed jeans that I have worn over and over and over again, here and here.  I am also loving my new grey tee from H & M and the ruffle detailing that gives a little twist to a pretty basic classic tee. 


Now let's talk about this stunning new necklace.  I had a GC for Hillberg and Berk and I ended up adding a little bit to the total and ended up walking away with  two brand new pieces to add to my collection.  This Swarovski crystal  pendant at the end of the rose gold chain caught my eye instantly and is the first piece I choose.  The crystal can be tuned two ways, a lighter, crystal version that sparkles as the light hits it or a darker, iridescent side that shimmers and alters its color as the light hits it.  Both give just a subtle sparkle to any outfit.  I know this will get a ton attention from me.



Shop This Post:

Ruffled Top (H & M; $19.99)

Hillberg and Berk Ellis Pendant Long Necklace

Cardigan: Option 1;  Option 2; Option 3

Thursday 19 October 2017

How to Style a White Dress for Fall


This past week we had a second chance at fall around here, usually around this time of the year we receive our first dump of the sparkly, white stuff.  I seized the warmer temperatures to give this stung white dress I bought at the end of the summer season another wear, see it styled here.  Everything about this dress screams summer date night to me but I do love to make my wardrobe stretch throughout the seasons as much as possible.  I decided to try pairing it up with a fall floral scarf, OTK boots and a  fall handbag and  I love how this outfit ended up coming together.  As I looked at in the mirror, I knew I wanted my husband to snap a few pictures before heading out to work.  This is always tricky as our mornings are pretty hectic and we leave the found around 7:40 a.m. 


How do you style summer favorites into the fall?


Here are a few fall/winter dresses that are currently on my wish list.


1.  Vero Moda Dress (on sale at the Bay)

2.  Jersey-Knit Swing Dress (Old Navy, $15)

3.  Floral Dress (Zaful)

4.  Long Sleeve Striped Dress (Zaful)

5.  Plaid Jumper Dress (Simon's)


Thursday 12 October 2017

A Belted Blanket Scarf (and a Corn Maze)



Last weekend, also Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, our family hit the road to for our annual trip to the corn maze.  This has become a fall tradition for our little, not so little anymore, family.  It's a time to unwind and enjoy the fresh air, the open farm land, the outdoors, and the child within all of us.  It's so much more then just a corn maze, they have a petting zoo, a wall climb, a bouncy trampoline type of thing, a hay ride, you name it, they've thought of it.


Last year was the first time we successfully completed both corn mazes and we found all four of the hidden stamps.  This year we had a heck of a time but the girls were relentless and we spent a good hour and forty-five minutes in the two mazes searching for the stamps.  I was vetoed by my lovely husband and kids numerous times when I tried to persuade them to quit.  They were having none of it!!!!  

Success!  We found all four punches. 


Onto the outfit!



I layered up for the day as it's been quite chilly, and windy, around these parts.  Plaid shirt, gray cardigan, and then my blanket scarf!  I decided to switch  it up and use it as a poncho/cape rather than the traditional blanket scarf around the neck.  I belted it, belts are so in this fall,  and I love how it turned out, not to mention how warm it kept me.  Bonus!!!  


I'd love to hear what other ways you've styled your blanket scarves down in the comments. 

Shop This Look (top left to bottom right)


Have a great weekend!

Wednesday 11 October 2017

14 Years of Marriage

This past weekend was our Canadian Thanksgiving and instead of doing the traditional post of all that I am thankful for, which you can read about HERE, I am sharing with you a glimpse of what Logan and I did to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary.  Neither of us are 'gift' people, in fact in terms of our love languages I think for both of us that was near the bottom of the list, so this year we started a new tradition thanks to an idea I got from a friend on FB.  Her and her husband take turns planning their wedding anniversaries and keep it a surprise for the other person.  I love this idea mainly because it lets me off the hook every second year, I just get to show up and enjoy! 



I took a turn first  and planned an early fall picnic by the river.  I arranged for the kids to go to my parents for a sleepover and when we got home from work our date began.   We both enjoy being outdoors and active, so our first stop was the local tennis courts for some friendly competition.



Afterwards I got the idea to make a charcuterie board from my amazing friend Kendra, check out her blog and all the delicious foods she makes.  As soon as I saw this "how to" on her blog I knew I wanted to do it for our anniversary.  It was the perfect evening.   The company was wonderful.  The food was delicious.  The wine was flowing. The river was calm. The sun was setting for the day.  And we even had a few little friend visitors. 

We ended the evening by walking downtown and catching the last bit of Train's outdoor concert. 


I am so thankful that we still enjoy spending time together and though we are far from perfect, we are perfectly imperfect. 


What are some great ideas for anniversary dates?

Friday 6 October 2017

Fashion Friday: Three Outfits from the Fall Style Challenge


Hello everyone, it's finally the end of the work week and we are heading into the Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend.  I am super pumped to get away to the lake  and also to get together with family friends for a turkey dinner.


Today I am sharing three outfits that I have complied and made my own over the first couple of weeks of the Get Your Pretty On Fall 2017 Style Challenge.  I've shared my recaps before, here, here, and here.  If your are interested in joining one of the current style challenges, check out the links at the end of this post.  

Onto to three simple outfits you can re-create for your own lifestyle and with what's in your closet.  Enjoy!



Prompt #1:  Moto Jacket, White Tee, Olive Jeans, Printed Scarf & Slip on Sneakers


My Take:  Work Wear Culottes


I know, I know.  You are thinking, "you go this out of that prompt?!?"  Here is the deal, I don't have olive jeans, well I didn't at the time but do now.  I absolutely adore these culottes that I picked up in London last year and subbed them in for the olive pants.   I stuck to the white tee portion and printed scarf, but added a denim jacket with some heels for work. 


Let's talk culottes! To be honest I had been crushing on culottes forever but I never thought they would work on my short body, I am only 5'4".  Anyway, these do and what I feel is the trick for them is that they are high-waisted, making my lower body appear longer and also my waist smaller, which it's not as a result of over-indulging in pretzels dipped in Nutella.  


Here are a couple of culotte options from Modcloth to check out, here and here.




Prompt #2:  Gray Sweatshirt, Gray Jeans, Statement Necklace & Velvet Shoes


My take: Weekend Style


I was actually able to wear a casual look because it was finally the weekend.  I always wear jeans on the weekend because it's the only time I am really allowed to.  I just love this look.  It's casual, comfortable and stylish.  I especially love my new purse from H & M and  the deep, wine color of it (it's sold out in this color but they do have It in black here).  Oh, and did I mention these cute, lace up flats were only $11 at Walmart?!?



Prompt #3:  Gray Sweatshirt, Grayed Hem Jeans, Printed Scarf and Slip on Sneakers


My take:  From Office to Casual Mom


My favorite part of this outfit is that I got to do both a work look and casual look in one day.  I basically flipped the prompt for the office and had a TON of compliments on it; and to think that chambray shirt was on my "maybe"  pile.  Instead of the printed scarf I added some leopard print to my feet and classy pearls for the office.


For running the kids to gymnastics that evening I paired up this cute, ruffled tee from H & M  and I styled it with casual jeans, sneakers and a printed scarf. 




If you are interested in trying out a style challenge for yourself check the following challenges out:



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Have a great weekend and Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends.