Friday 24 April 2020

Tulips and Dresses: Ahhh Feeling Spring-y

I am happy to announce that spring has sprung (fingers crossed I don't end up jinxing it and we get another showing of snow, hahaha).  No, I really think it's here to finally stay and I couldn't be happier.  A couple of weeks ago, right after we did get a bunch of snow, I bough some tulips to cheer me up.  A simple bunch of tulips just brightens the day and I needed it.  Shortly after, the sun was out and the temps were showing sings of spring so I decided to shoot this outfit that I am dying to wear for a daytime trip to a wine tasting or a brunch, you know when we things reopen, but until then I've decided that I feel better when I get all dressed up even if it's just to stay home.  It makes me feel happier, more productive and also I find I eat less when I am not wearing stretchy pants.  

What are you wearing these days?   

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Friday 17 April 2020

Weekend Wellness: The Act of Gratitude

I hadn't shared my word for 2020 here or any social media platform, for no particular reason, I just never felt I needed to, or maybe I knew a time would eventually come when it felt like right.  My chosen word for 2020 was GRATITUDE, although most recently I feel like the word chose me rather than me choosing it.   I purchased a gratitude journal for myself and the girls for Christmas and had high hopes of instilling the practice of daily reflection not only for myself but also for the children.  This was a fail.   We talk about gratitude and we often highlight good things in our day at the dinner table, but the journaling  I just didn't push in the end.  While I failed with my girls in the journaling department,  I am happy to report I've been doing it myself.  Not daily but every few days, I steal moments of early mornings to reflect and jot down my thoughts.  It helps to have a beautiful little journal that's on my nightstand and also a special pretty pen just for this purpose.  It sounds silly but haven't a special extra something just adds to the ritual. 

Why did I choose GRATITUDE?

If I am being honest, it has  been an overwhelming  school year.  With a new job, that I enjoy and am grateful for, comes long hours and a steep learning curve.  I was having a difficult time managing all the responsibilities, the long hours, the tasks I was bringing home after being at the school until 6 p.m. and then still working yet another hour or two in the evenings.  I was finding my energy depleted to keep up with my own family, the activities, the cooking, cleaning, shopping, blogging, seeing friends, reading, etc.  It all felt like a lot and although I knew I loved all of those things, I found myself also resenting them at times or feeling "I have to...." rather than "I get to..." I tried to reflect and decide what I needed to let go of,  but that only made me more resentful because I didn't want to cut anything out.  Thus, came the exploration and research into the practice of gratitude.  I felt like I needed to change my internal dialogue and my outlook on my current lifestyle.


I am a huge fan of podcasts and listen to them while I get ready in the morning.   So here are a few different episodes that really had me thinking about gratitude and practices surrounding it. 

The Mom Hour:  The Thank You Project with Nancy Davis
This really made me think about all the people I had in my life that I was so thankful for and that I wanted to have strong bonds with.  Although I loved the idea of writing letters to each individual, I knew I just wasn't up to that task.  Instead in my head I choose some people that I wanted to do something nice and special for throughout the year to let them know I was thinking of them.  I made time to go for lunch with my grandmother, and I remember feeling torn between going into the school to do work and sticking to my plan of spending time with my grandmother.   You know what?!?  I had the best time ever with my grandma, chatting, enjoying a lovely meal and my heart felt so full afterwards, that it kept me going through another busy work week.  Also, I've picked up little bunches of flowers to drop off at a friends doorstep, just because.  Take the time to think about the people in my life that inspire, empower and support me, is just the greatest way to put life into perspectives.


Live on Purpose:  The 3 Keys to Morning & Evening Routines
This had be really just reassess the importance around a ritual for taking time to reflect and write.  My journal is simple so it only takes a few minutes.  Although I enjoyed writing in the evening, I found that it was hard to find true stillness and I was often too tired.  So now, on the days that I don't wake up to go and exercise, I sit to reflect and write in the quietness of my home, with the coffee brewing and before I do my blogging.   This girl is having a session today on her IG stories, so go check her out.

The Science Behind Gratitude (and How It Can Change Your Life) by Derrick Carpenter

Final Thoughts

During this uncertain time in our lives, this practice is evolving and truly making me deeply reflect on our busy lives, mentioned above.  What I couldn't do before, deeply exploring and reflecting on our lifestyle and choices, I am starting to see more clearly during this time of solitude, slower pace of life, and I feel like I may be having a turning point coming to the surface.  I hope to share what this journey has led me to in another post in the near future.  It's not yet complete and I have not yet reached the surface quite yet. 

I would really love to get a necklace with the word Gratitude on it.  

Anyone have a recommendation where I might be able to find something like that? 

Remember to follow along on IG and have a lovely weekend.

Friday 10 April 2020

Spring has Sprung! Floral Days Ahead

Well spring has spring at least in my outfit if nowhere else. Yes, we still have snow.  Yes, we still have to wear toques and mitts on occasion. Yes, we are still hovering around the 0 C (32 F) mark.  But, look at this cute dress from Belong Lifestyle.  It's perfect for EASTER, don't you think?   I love the mid-length and had been eyeing it up for months before I bought it.   They also have a maxi version of this dress but being only 5'4" I knew that wasn't going to really work for me.  I love the bold color combo in this dress, the floral print really pops against the navy blue color. I rarely buy anything navy but I love this combo so much that it wasn't difficult to choose, although this dress comes in many, many colors.  

Best part of this dress are the pockets!!!!  I love me some pockets, especially as a mom and teacher.  I am always needing to stash something in them and they are the perfect place to put your tube of lipstick if you don't plan to lug your purse around.  

I haven't been shopping really throughout this quarantine life, but when I do I try my best to support local business at this time of need.  Our small local businesses are the heart of our communities so one of my goals in 2020 was to balance out my spending between local businesses and my big store brands which I still love and am not ready to give up. 

Hope everyone survived another week at home, hunkering down.  We are still going to make Easter come to life this weekend, with an Easter hunt, a gift from our favorite bunny, egg coloring and a special dinner for our little family.  Happy Easter to your family from ours.  

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Friday 3 April 2020

Did You Say $5 Jeans?!?

It actually feels good to be blogging right now.  Normal.  Something I used to do before COVID-19.  Taking pictures is of course a little interesting these days as we don't want to be going too far from home and certainly we want to avoid crowds.  We were able to get a few outfits shot last weekend before, are you ready for this.....WINTER came back. Yep, April 1st, we got a dump of snow, along with cold temperatures.  I guess mother nature also continues to be unexpected which is "normal" for us here in Saskatchewan.

I love this outfit and basically it's become my uniform.  Jeans, tee + cardigan.  I am still putting on some make-up and jewelry to feel human.   After a few full  P.J. days I knew I needed to start getting dressed and getting stuff done.  Anyone else feel sluggish all day long if they don't get dressed?

These jeans were a steal of a deal you guys.  Get this?!?  $4.97!!!!!  You read that right.  I was at ON because the only two pairs of jeans I own both busted in a week span, one the zipper went on and the other ones suddenly got a whole in the butt.  I was desperate for a pair and generally I always find something at ON.  I headed there, before all the stores closed, and found these.  I have been wanting a pair of high-waisted, button fly jeans forever.  I saw my blogger friend Jill of Doused in Pink wearing them months ago and I loved them on her.  She has great casual style so make sure to check her out.  And there they were!  Anyway, I love the fit, feel, the high -waist, and the cute raw hem detail, which is perfect for spring.  I also love that I can wear them to work eventually on casual Fridays, there are no holes or any major distress on them. Win!  I also decided to take this basic tee, which is long and loose, and tie it at the front.  I love how the look came together!

Another steal of a deal was this cute little Pixie Mood backpack.  I needed a new one but wasn't interested in dropping a bunch of money.  I went on a local buy and sell and found it for half-price brand new!  Do you buy things on buy & sells? 

Happy weekend everyone!

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