Monday 27 February 2023

Life Lately: Family February Edition

Hi friends!  I took a week off from social media and spent the week enjoying my family.  One of my goals was to prioritize spending tine with the girls, my husband and friends.  Last week was a school holiday, so we all had the week off.  It was very cold again, like -30C, so unfortunately we didn't play outdoors as much as we would have liked but we did make the most of it and we just allowed ourselves to slow down and relax around the house.  Here is our week and what our family has been up to.

Saturday, Feb. 18th 

Happy Birthday to my sweet husband Logan!  We celebrated by going up to the cabin.

Sunday, Feb 19th

Halie's boyfriend joined us at the cabin for the weekend.  We skated, got outdoors on the side-by-side and sled, and enjoyed some walks.  We played games, Halie and BF cooked us a delicious pasta dish for supper, and we even got a visit in with three of our friends from the lake.  Oh and we saw a Lynx just strolling by.

Monday, Feb. 20th

Back home and we got together with some of our oldest friends.  We were supposed to go out but due to it being  Family Day, a holiday, the place we were going to go to was closed so they just came over.  We had the BEST time.  We laughed so much and had a blast catching up, reminiscing and just full-on laughing out loud. 

Tuesday, Feb. 21st 

We recovered from the night before and stayed at home.  A lazy morning.  Mail day!!!!  Look at what I got in the mail from a local jewelry, Isla! Rae Jewelry?!?  I am so in love with these huge hoops!   Make sure you check her out, she ships and these are a great price at only $22.

Wednesday, Feb. 22nd

Coffee date with my friend Kandice to start off the day.  Driving the girls to and from the barn, job, friends.  Basically a full-time Uber!

Thursday, Feb. 23rd 

We went to watch AVATAR and Halie decided to come along.  Anya had already seen it and opted to hang with friends instead.  It was a really good movie and even though I never did see the first one, I really enjoyed it.

Friday, Feb. 24th

Cooper day!!!!  For our nephew Coopers 7th birthday we decided to give him an experience gift.  When he arrived we had a waffle and sausage breakfast, then played numerous games of Loop n' Louise, Guess Who and Go Fish. We went to Ruckers and played arcade type games, followed by going to a hockey game.  Luck would have it that the game was our city, Blades,  vs. the city he lives in, Raiders.  A really intense game, including a power outage, and an overtime  win for Coopers team!!!  

Saturday, Feb. 25th 

After a morning hot tub with Cooper, Logan drove him home and Anya wanted me to teach her how to clean the bathroom.  I've given both girls opportunities to learn to clean the bathroom properly and I am willing to pay them for that chore.  It's a win-win!  After Halie was done at the barn, the two of us went to the mall as I needed to pick up a few items for a new collaboration I am working on.  Stay tuned on those details.  

Sunday, Feb. 26th 

Last day of vacation means a slow morning coffee before working out and starting the day.   The weather lifted and we spent some time outdoors with Oreo.  We also hosted my family over for an afternoon visit, coffee and cake for Logan's birthday.  Check out the new winter coat Logan bought with his birthday money.

Overall, I spent a lot of time just hanging out with the people I love the most.  Also, I dug into planning our Disney World trip in 6 weeks and we feel set and ready to go for the most part!  The countdown on our adventure is on.  If you have any tips or tricks, let me know!

Have a great week and thanks for taking the time to stop by.  

Thursday 16 February 2023

Kindness with Ageless Style

Welcome to this months Ageless Style link-up.  This month our theme is Kindness which was picked by the lovely Joanne from Slices of Life.  This theme is absolutely perfect timing as in schools we always acknowledge, celebrate and encourage kindness, empathy and understanding in our fight against bullying in the month of February.  In our school division we had out "pink shirt day" yesterday, Feb 15th.   In honor of this day, I decided to get my craft on and I made this shirt that I truly represents how I see small acts of kindness and their effects on community.  I bought the sweatshirt at Walmart for $17 and its not only a beautiful pink, but it's the softest sweatshirt I own.  I got out my Circuit and finally opened my Easy Press that I got for my birthday in July!!!!!  As a teacher I use the month of February to  really think about what love stands for.  What does kindness and love, look, sound and feel like? It's our actions big and small that  demonstrate who we are as humans, not just during a special day, but in our daily lives.  I would argue that the tiniest, smallest acts of kindness can have the greatest impact.  

Here is a perfect example.  Recently my teenage daughter began a job at a local supermarket.  It's mostly good and mostly people are kind, with an odd grumpy one here and there.  The main thing you can get as words of encouragement is a smile and a simple "have a nice day" or "thank you".  Well here is a story from last week that just went a little further and made her, and her collogues, feel a little extra special.  A lady purchased a handful of chocolate bars.  Upon paying for her groceries, she went and handed each till person a chocolate bar and thanked them for being part of the "essential workers".  Isn't that so kind?  It's not a HUGE donation.  It didn't come with camera crews and it wasn't filmed and posted on IG.  It was simply about connecting and thanking without expecting anything in return.  

So here is a list of little and big ways to show kindness:

  • Smile at a stranger and say hello
  • Hold the door for someone at the gym, mall, hallway, etc.
  • Leave a little note with a treat for a collegue
  • Leave a review for a buisness 
  • Buy flowers and stop by a friends house to surprise them just because
  • Send a card to someone special for no reason at all
  • Shovel or snowblow a neighbours dirveway (especially if you live in Saskatchewan)
  • Make and deliever packages for the homeless in your area (we've done this and it's wonderful way to take away some of the fear and stigma related to interacting with homeless people, yes even for kids)
  • Donate blood (this is something I am scared to do but really want to)
  • Surprise a total stranger by buying them coffee 
  • Buy a bouquet of flowers and give them to a stranger
  • Volunteer or offer to car pool for friends to help out

What other ideas do you have?  Add them to my quick brainstorm!  

Below are two ways I've styled my cute little top.  Work version and a casual weekend version.  Have a great week and join me back on Monday, Feb. 27th for a new post, until then see you over on IG!

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Sunday 12 February 2023

Wintery White Outfit

Are you team monochromatic or team mix and match?  Well, guess what?!?  You can love it all!  Usually I am not a matchy- match girl, but I love everything about this look to be honest.  I knew when I bought the tensely fuzzy skirt and crop top outfit, see it together here, that I would be using the skirt a lot on it's own for work, date nights and winter events.  I stumbled upon this sweater on sale right after Christmas and I love how it pairs well with trousers, jeans, skirts, or over dresses in winter.  It's super versatile.  Once I put the two pieces together I instantly knew that my white boots and wool coat would complete this look with the gold accessories to add a pop of classy color.  And how about this caramel quilted purses that was gifted to me?  Isn't it gorgeous!  Best part is that the quality of this Italian made purse is amazing. I absolutely love the gold accents in the clasp and also on the strap which you can wear long, short on your forearm, or tuck in and use as a clutch instead.  It's quickly become a favorite of mine.  

Have a great week friends and remember to pop back in on Thursday for the Ageless Style link-up and check out how we are styling the theme of kindness.  

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Monday 6 February 2023

Lounging in Pink Comfort and Style

I know, I am late!  Sorry friends.  The weekend kind of got away from me and even though I had these photos I just didn't get around to it.  Truth be told, going into the weekend I was feeling kind of down and having to deal with some disappointment and self doubt.  I don't want to get into it but it had me down in the dumps and I was really working on surrounding myself with people that lift me up and doing things that I love, and I succeeded in that.  I am feeling much better and have reset,  so here I am.  

We were supposed to head to the cabin for the weekend but things with the kids and schedules got complicated so we decided to stay at home.  I love the cabin.  It's a slower pace.  There are are few expectations other than reading, having coffee, playing games, enjoying nature and eating good food.  If I could spend Valentine's Day there with Logan, that would be perfect.  We love the quite and the simple, just as much as we love to host and gathering with large groups of friends.  This year Valentines Day is midweek and we will likely just enjoy a glass of good wine together, kick back, watch a show and be thankful to be together.   I'll be chilling in this ever so comfortable matching lounge set that I received for Christmas.  I literally live in it on the weekends when at home, and it's also super cute to run around town to do some basic mom/adult errands.  Through on your favorite pair of white sneaks, a belt bag and grab your to go coffee mug and you are SET!  

Do you do Valentines Day gifts?  We don't do gifts  or cards, or really anything, BUT this year I did see a local small business making these little Date Night tokens, see page here if you are from Saskatoon, that I am going to purchase for Logan and I to enjoy.  Most of them seem simple enough but I think having to pull something out and then commit to making it special will be kind of fun.  

Whatever your jam is, I hope you have a great week ahead.  If you need some cute Valentines Day inspiration check out these posts; office style, casualdate night, and comfort!

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