Monday 31 July 2023

Five Barbie Looks

Hello, hello!  Who went to the see the Barbie movie over the past few weeks?  I am going to be honest, I was skeptical to say the least.  I just couldn't see how this could be done in a good and intelligent way.  From the previews I just saw a lot of cheese and I had a difficult time believing it could not only be funny let alone thought provoking.  Well, I am happy to say that I was 1000% wrong.  It was soooooooo good.  It was sassy, smart, empowering, and shone a light on not only the issues of gender inequality but also left me pondering a lot of other issues.  I loved playing with Barbie's as a little girl, , and as someone who has struggled with body issues and an eating disorder, I can honestly say that I never felt that Barbie was a root cause or even really a major influence on me in that department.  (STOP!!!!  This is just my experience and mine alone; it does not reflect anyone else's experience with Barbie or the influence it had on them. I value other experiences and am only sharing my feelings here.)  That being said I know the "real" world had me desiring and striving for  a body that was unattainable and unhealthy for me.  Those influences and ideologies came from a number or places, also potentially from Barbie and how she was perfect, but we as humans made her be idolized, the doll is just a piece of plastic.  Maybe?  I don't know.  What I do know is that this movie left me feeling good in my own skin.  It made me feel confident in the message it sent to my teenage daughters and the conversations that followed our viewing were thoughtful and critical.   What were your thoughts?

Now, lets check out some PINK and Barbie inspired outfits that are my favorites.

Comfort Barbie

I wore my new Smash and Tess Barbie inspired jumpsuit to the movie!  This is going to be on repeat for me this summer and into the fall.  I love all S & T jumpsuits that I've purchased, see here and here. I love that this one is plain black with just subtle touches of pink, like stipe down the sides and the small Barbie symbol.  Also, it has a hood and pockets!

Beach Barbie

Disney Barbie

Office Barbie

Posh Barbie

Barbie Nails

Happy Monday friends!

Wednesday 19 July 2023

Ageless Style: One and Done

Today's Ageless Style prompt, One and Done, is brought to you by Joanna from Slices of Life.  Agless Style link-up is every third Thursday of the month, so remember to join us for inspiration and to link up your own posts, in Aug. we will be styling summer denim!  

 As full-time working mom of two, with a side hustle, and someone who loves to pack my life with as much goodness, people and adventure as possible, I like dressing quickly and simply.  One and done outfits are my favorites and why I have so many dresses, jumpsuits and rompers in my closet for every season.  Today, I am sharing this beautifully simple and neutral dress that I picked up at Winners, I'll link a few similar options below.  This summer I am especially drawn to neutrals and simple ensembles.  I finally get to slow down as an educator, and I spend most of my time at our cabin by a lake.  Although I can't say it's quite or relaxing, it is equally busy and loud due to the revolving door of company we host, but it's the kind that  of busy that fills your heart and makes memories with people you treasure the most.  That being said, throwing on a simple dress for the beach or the odd dinner out, is the way to go.  Add a few cute  accessories such a the classic straw bag, my got to layered necklaces, these light weight rattan statement earrings, maybe a coat of mascara and lip-gloss, and you are ready in 5 minutes!  

 Shop This Post:

Dress (Winners; similar styles at Shein; Amazon & RW&Co)

Straw Bag (old; similar)

Rattan Earrings (old; similar - steal of a deal on Amazon!)

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Thursday 13 July 2023

This is 41: Random Thoughts


This is 41. A week after I turning 41, these are some of things that I am thinking and accepting about myself right now.

*Dressed down or dressed up, both suite me perfectly
*Other than my children, I am most proud of the relationships that I have invested in over time, my marriage, my family and my closest friends (many I have had for 10-25 years)
*I love my career but its not the only thing that defines me, nor is being a mother
*I don't feel like I have to do/experience everything right now, I know that I have years left to do all things I want to (๐Ÿคžfor good health)
*I am more patient with others and myself
*I am more confident in my skills, my mind and what my body is capable of
*I accept that I seem to know less things with 100% certainty, rather I am more open to rethinking or hearing; other sides of the debate
*I am okay going without makeup, although I still prefer to wear some coverage most days, also I love to get dressed up ๐Ÿ˜‰
*I love with my dog
*I value experiences over things
*I love to laugh big, dance wild, run free
*Coffee is my preferred bevvie, I don't care for water but I drink it because I am supposed to
*I have discovered I am creative in my own ways, check out A&H Snapshots 

I kept my celebrations low key this year, surrounding myself with family a few days beforehand.  My sweet 92 year old grandma made my birthday cake once again, my parents, aunt and uncle came for over for cake and bevvies.  On my actual birthday, we were at the lake. Logan joined me for a before work run, and then I enjoyed coffee and a book on the beach by myself.  In the evening, the three of us, Halie was in the city, went out for wing night at the local golf course and I was surprised with a glass of red wine purchased by my sweet neighbors at the lake.  It was a perfectly low key affair and exactly what my heart and mind needed.  

What are some random thoughts you are having lately?