Monday 26 June 2023

Pinkalicious: Lunch Date to Beach Vibes

This is the last Monday before holidays and I can't wait!  It's been such a busy May/June, and I am dropping all the balls everywhere it seems like so I am looking forward to exhaling, catching up on sleep and slowing down.  Until then, I am full speed ahead until the end of the week.  Four days left with the sweetest class ever, five days left in a school and community I have come to love, and in between life at home, I am packing up my classroom, my office, and busy doing photoshoots every evening this week, LOL.  See life is full of beautiful goodness and although busy I want it all and love it all.  So friends see you next Monday, when I am on holidays.  XOXO Bo

P.S. Before I ditch, lets just talk about this little dress of mine.  It was purchased in the train station in Rome last year when I didn't have any luggage and was desperate for clothes, LOL.  Best story ever.  Anyway, I love the length, the bright color and the cute little keyhole cut out.  It's the easiest throw on outfit ever and so easy to switch from lunch date to beach ready with a swap of a few accessories.  I love a versatile piece friends.  

Have a fantastic week ahead.  

Wednesday 14 June 2023

Ageless Style: Fashion Character Icons

Who are your fashion character icons?  Today on Ageless Style we are finding inspiration in our favorite TV characters.  Over the years, I've had many, but it's no surprise that these three different characters, Cher from Clueless, Elle from Legally Blond, and Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, all inspired me as I was growing up and still have impact now.  I admire each of them for their confidence, attitude,  their sense of self and style.    When I saw this little tweed pink jacket I instantly had a feeling of Blair Waldorf's feminine prep style.  As I played around different outfit combination, each character came to life and into my memory in their own way.  Lets take a peek how I style it for todays post.

#1 Girly in Pink (Blair) 

I feel like I could stroll the streets of Manhattan in the spring in this little outfit.  It's cute, flirty and the jacket adds the touch of polish to finish it off.  I might just need to add a headband.

#2 Slay the Day (Elle Office Style)

Don't let heels slow you down.  We can look feminine and still slay the day in the office.   I adore how simple this outfit formula is but the jacket just adds some sophistication, especially the gold  buttons.

#3 Preppy at School (Cher)

Although I have no desire to ever, ever go back to high school, I do love feeling young and preppy.  Bringing back so many styles from the late 90s and early 2000, has been like going  back in time, but thankfully with way more confidence and style.  

What's your favorite look?  Who are some of your character fashion icons?

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Sunday 4 June 2023

My Top 5 Reads in 2023: Spring Edition

I love to read and really try to make it a priority when setting my goals for the year.  I don't read a ton like many people but I try to build 20 minutes a day to read and relax.  I love coming home and reading right after work to unwind and on the weekends I like to sit on the couch for longer periods of time with a cup of coffee and my book.  Way back in the day I used to read before going to bed but honestly it's not something that works for me anymore.  I am just way too tired and it feels forced, and that's not a feeling I want to prioritize.  My goal is always to read one book a month, for a total of 12 a year.  Last year I began finding audiobooks that I could focus on and enjoy while getting ready for work or cooking on the weekends.  So my goal for this year is a total of 20 books, 12 which I want to actually read.  So far I have 11 completed and I am going to give you my top five for summer 2023 in no particular order.  You can find more reviews of the books I read  on Gooodreads.

(Goodread Choice Award 2022)
This is a book I just finished for book club.  Molly Gray is an interesting leading character.  She sees the world literally and sometimes that's difficult for others to understand and connect to. She reminds us that just because someone is different doesn't mean they aren't worthy of our time and friendship.  As the story of a young woman who gets implicated in a murder unfolds, we learn to appreciate Molly and her wit, her perspective and her trustworthiness.  It's an easy read and reminded me a lot of the Rosie Project and Anxious People.

#2 Verity by Colleen Hover  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 
(Goodreads Choice Award 2019)
This was suggested to me by my 13 year old daughter and I could NOT put it down!  I am usually not into Colleen Hoover books or young adult novels, but I couldn't put this one down.  When I wasn't reading, I wanted to be.  It was a page turner, twisted, hard to stomach at times, but you can't put it down.  The story is about a young woman, an aspiring writer, who gets hired to finish off a famous writers novels after the writer is in a terrible accident which leaves her unable to communicate or move.  As the young woman begins her research she discovers a bone-chilling autobiography of the author that no one was meant to read.  The admissions are horrifying and dangerous to the husband and the one child that they share.  The young woman must figure out what is true, what is fiction, and who to trust. 

This is the perfect book  to take along on your next trip to the beach.  I listened to The Summer Place   and I loved the narrator of this audiobook!  So much that I am going to look into other books she does.   The story plot is, their 20 something year old daughter is about to get married, and her whole family is rediscovering their own pasts, their regrets, their missed love opportunities, the skeletons in their closets, and questioning the lives they choose to build.  It was an easy listen with lots of great characters whose lives intertwine and lead them to their own conclusions about what matters in  love, life and family.

(Goodreads Choice Award 2020)
A very interesting story of a woman who is debating whether her life is worth living.  As she contemplates suicide she embarks on a road of discovery in the midnight library.  Through the process she chooses to live many different lives, pursing different careers, relationships, friendships, hobbies, etc.    As she lives these lives, she quickly begins to learn that life is complicated,  and discovers a great deal about what she actually values in life.  I listened to the book and found it an interesting concept, although it's not a new idea, I really liked discovering Nora in her many lives.  

(Goodreads Choice Award 2021)

It was full of twist and turns and quick read.  It focuses of the disappearance of two young adults, a new parent couple.  At first the young couple appears to be doing okay and figuring their way out but as we learn more about their characters we realize there was a lot going on behind closed doors.  As the young girls grieving mother continues to be unsatisfied with the explanation that her daughter, and her partner, just bailed on parenting, she and a new to town mystery writer begin to uncover a disturbing story surrounding the disappearance of the young couple.  Easy to read, I kept reaching for it over and over and found it hard to put it down at times.

Your turn!  What should I pick up to read this summer?