Friday 21 May 2021

Polka Dots and Kitty Kats

COVID really made me fall in love with lounge wear, 🤣.  I think we can all agree that the past year or so has made most of us trade in our fancy wear for comfort wear.  Sleepwear that make me feel pretty and comfortable  are a wonderful addition to my wardrobe.  In the past year or so  I've slowly added a few pieces of lounge wear that make me feel pretty such as my floral bathrobe, see here, and then some cozy winter pajamas here, and most recently I picked up this Joe Fresh set on a whim while getting a few groceries.  This little set was a steal of a deal for like $15 and my teen and I both loved it instantly.  It's super lightweight as the weather improves and the nights get warmer.  I love the little button down p.j. look that has made a comeback and kind of reminds me of something Blair Waldorf would wear in Gossip Girl, except hers would be silk and be coming from a designer not your grocery store find, LOL.   Anyway the style, color, polka dots, and the light weight fabric was just a win all around, and upon a closer look the cute kitty cats sealed the deal.  

I absolutely covet my weekend mornings.  During the week I am trying to find a balance of early morning run/workouts and time to blog and drink coffee before the busyness of the day starts at 7a.m. On the weekend Logan and I like to enjoy at least one morning of waking up, reading our books and drinking coffee.  This often lasts a couple of hours and we both love it sooooo much, especially now when we can enjoy our coffees on the deck with the warm morning sun.  The other day, usually Sunday, I get up and do a long run, then have coffee with Logan, followed by a couple of hours of meal prep before noon.  

What does your weekend morning routine look like?  

Do you have special sleepwear or do you wear whatever you can find?

Thursday 13 May 2021

Year Goal Update: Where I Am At

I wanted to check in with everyone to see where they are at in terms of their goals that  they set for themselves at the onset of  2021.  I like to have check-ins with myself every four or so months.  Its nice to see if I am making progress and reevaluate where I am in terms of those goals and also if the goals are still relevant to me.   If we've learned anything in the last year and a half is that we can and must pivot our paths when life  throws us curve balls.  So let's get right to it!

My word  for the year was CONNECTION.  I really needed that word to get me through the depths of this past winter that also coincided with that third pandemic wave.  There were a few times in February and even March where life just felt so hard and I felt very much alone.   My word of the year helped me by reminding me to focus on Connecting with Friends and finding ways to stay grounded.  So goal my first goal was...l.

#1 Relationships.  I've been able to connect with friends by getting outdoors either for walks, cross country skiing, running and now patio visits.  One of my closest friends and I run 2x a week so that always fills my cup, plus helps me reach goal #2.   I've also been making a conscious effort once a month  to set up a walking date with a friend that  I don't get to connect with on a regular basis.  Another relationship that I feel has grown  is my time with my teenager.  We've been spending a lot more time together in the car as I am trying to drive her a couple of times a month to her riding lesson which is 30 min. out of the city.  The roundtrip there, back and actually watching her ride is approximately  3 hours and since it's her passion, the focus of our time is strictly on her.  I try to mostly let her talk so I can get all the gossip that she is immersed in and it's a great way to check how things are going in her world.                        

#2 Run 1000km in a year.  I am on target for the most part.  At the end of April I had ran 344 km which averages around 80km/month.  I have also continued to include 1 or 2 beach body workouts/week to keep working on strength and switch things up.

#3 Read 12 books.  I am doing really well and have read 6 and listened to 2 audio books.  I am going to write a book review and update next month, for June 4th.

#4 Blogging.  I have not made headway in terms of getting a concrete working schedule that's predictable and untouchable.  Sigh.  This is something I know I have to figure out.  I am working at taking photos for several posts at one time so that I have a bigger bank to work from and don't have to do the photos weekly.  I have connected with a few people but would love to collaborate more!!!!  

#5 Finances.  We are still doing pretty well and actually reached the  goal I had in mind,  but then we bought a hot tub.  Hahaha.  We got a crazy great deal on a second hand hot tub from people my parents knew, and we just couldn't pass it up!!!!!    I don't know about where you live, but the price of wood here has gone up 300% so building a deck for the hot tub was costly.  We also want to build a gazebo type structure but  that's on pause.  All in all I haven't been buying much but at the same time I feel like I am spending more.  I think I need a finical one month check-in to see what I am actually doing with money.  I think I will do that in June, to check -in on my habits.  

#6 Photography.  I did my first lifestyle newborn shoot for a couple of friends and that was fun!!!!  It was  laid back and in their home.  I also took dance photos of my daughter and her friend  in our home and I think they turned out nicely. I am hoping to get back to shooting families in the summer when we can do work outdoors.  Please check out my page at A & H Snapshots.




That's a wrap for me!  Although my word seems less needed at this very minute, as things are started to change and hopefully will begin to open up over the next month, I still feel like its there in the background , for when I need to remember what I am striving for.  So although it's not at the forefront as much as it was in the first few months, I think that's what I needed in that moment.

Did you set goals?  Where are you now?  Do you check-in and reevaluate?  

Saturday 1 May 2021

Acid Wash Jeans Three Ways (Mom Edition)


If you follow me on IG (and do if you don't 😀), you might have seen my IG stories and my shopping adventure for jeans with my teenage daughter.  I don't own a lot of jeans, a pair or two, because they aren't something that I can wear to work other than Fridays so for the most part I tend to buy things that can double up as both work and home appropriate.  I have been saying I need to update my jean game for a while now but honestly didn't know where to start.  I also knew that I wanted to go with a "mom jean" look this time around, although I am still keeping my one pair of skinny jeans.  I wanted  high waisted, relaxed fit and a lighter denim for spring and summer.  I also needed to avoid holes because I can't wear them to work.  My daughter LOVES shopping at Garage Clothing so she took me there.  MOMS, I found not only one but two pairs of jeans I was really contemplating and they fit perfectly.  I was instantly drawn to these slightly acid washed, marble jeans but the other ones I tried on were more that classic look and light blue denim color.  The girl at the store said these might be a little more difficult to match and pair up with various tops, so I decided to bring them home and see what I had in my closet to go with them.  I have LOTS of options and ended up keeping them and loving them!!!  Here are three ways that moms who don't want to wear a crop top can style these jeans!

#1  Edgy Style:  Graphic Tee, Mom Jeans, Leather Jacket + Sneaks
I love this look, probably because it's a little bit like playing dress up for me.  If you are a regular reader you've probably noticed I am more of the classic and feminine, flirty, style.  But I absolutely love this look and feel completely comfortable in it.  A good oversized graphic tee, my leather jacket and sneaks.   I also through some shades on because a) it's spring and sunny and b) they add a little more drama. Weekend ready!

#2 Off to the Office:  Mom Jeans, Oversized Blazer + Pumps
They totally work for the office and  you are ready to meet up for a drink on a patio right after work!  I love how this look came together and it's one that I have already worn to work and had a ton of complements on.  I added some H & B sparkle to the outfit with the earrings and a simple initial necklace, and even though I have to wear a mask in the school, when I am gong to be having zoom meetings, I also through on some bold read lipstick.  

#3 Pop of Color:  Jean, Shoes & top same color family, Pop of color (purse/jewelry)
I love my Kate Spade bag and it's bold color!  It's a favorite in my closet in the spring/summer and always puts a smile on my face.  One day when we are allowed to travel again, a visit to a Kate Spade store is going to be right up there on my list.    This look is fairly monochromatic with the greys and blues, and the unexpected pop of coral from the purse just gives this outfit enough interest without being flashy or trying too hard.

Thanks for stopping by friends!  Have a lovely weekend.  


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