Thursday 27 April 2017

Fashion Friday: Three Simple Outfits For Every Woman

Hi friends!  Well the Get Your Pretty On Spring Style Challenge wrapped up last Sunday and I am going to share three outfits provided by Alison of GYPO that I loved from weeks 2 & 3, that  I feel any woman could re-create.  What you will discover is that the prompts provided are super simple and you are encourage to interpret, substitute and adjust the them to suite your daily lifestyle.  Here we go:


Simple Outfit #1

Prompt: Cardigan + Chambray Dress + Printed Scarf + Lace Up Flats

My style:  White jeans, basic tank, chambray shirt, my favorite necklace/locket, peep-toe booties and my trusted Nine West spring purse (which I hope to replace with a Kate Spade satchel next month when we go to Disneyworld on a family trip).


Simple Outfit #2

Prompt: Bomber Jacket + White Tee + Colored Denim + Metallic Sneakers


My Style: This was a perfect prompt for doubling up as both casual and work appropriate. I wore my fringed skirt (styled here) and bomber jacket (styled here) for the office and quickly threw on some jeans after work for Miss. H's fine arts gala performance.  I love playing with patterns and textures.  Polka dots and florals actually go really well together and  I also mixed it up by adding these forest green pumps for a pop of unexpected color!


Simple Outfit #3

Prompt: Striped Blazer + Floral Top + White Jeans + Sandals


My Style:  I would I stayed  closest to this prompt out of the three.  I've got the white jeans, which go with everything, palm tree/sunset tank and the stripes on my wedges.  I love how this outfit came together for a casual day with the kids. 



The spring challenge is now over but the Facebook group, which is my favorite part of the challenges, is going through the prompts again, also if you use link above the challenge is on sale now for only $29.  I have decided to NOT shop for anything else from today until we go to Florida and am challenging myself to wear every piece from my spring wardrobe at least once before we leave on vacation.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday 26 April 2017

The BEST Sports Bra


I am a runner, well like not a "good" runner but I run.  Running provides me with  "my happy place" that  provides me with energy to keep the rest of the balls in my life in the air.  It's a time that I have all to myself and have come to depend on for mental stability and happiness. 




When I was younger, pre-babies, I had D cups and hated them because I felt like I needed to double up on the sports bra when I was exercising.   I have been running for years and there is nothing I hate more then the feeling of things moving up and down let alone the idea of one of my breasts being able to slap me in the face while running.  (Did you get the visual?  hahaha)  One of my fears was that my breasts would grow significantly after having kids but they got smaller!!!!  I was overjoyed with the result and am now a B/C (bra dependent). The reality is that we can't really control what size we are and I am happy to tell you that I recently found an amazing bra at our local running store.  I told a friend of mine to give it  a try and she called me the very next day and said, "that bra is awesome!  Thank you so much." 


The Juno Sports Bra by Brooks.  Here are the spec from the website regarding this baby. 

This powerhouse of a racerback sports bra has it all. An interior unicup gives support, shape, and complete modesty, while an interior front yoke prevents vertical breast movement. Powermesh zones on the back keep you cool, while adjustable straps and back closure enable the best fit and total control. This Brooks sports bra offers the ultimate in support, shape, and customizable fit.
  • Interior unicup design gives support, shape, and complete modesty
  • Interior front yoke prevents vertical breast movement
  • Powermesh zones on back offers increased ventilation
  • Bonded front-adjustable straps with concealed hook-and-loop closure offer a custom fit on the move
  • Adjustable, soft-padded keyhole back closure for proper fit and support
  • Encapsulation/Compression
I have two in my closet and that's enough for me at one time.  I wash them in the gentle cycle, along with all my workout clothing, and hang to dry. 

What's your must have item for exercising?

Friday 21 April 2017

Fashion Friday: Updated Stripes

Let me start off by saying that I absolutely love the stillness of my house in the morning before the littles get up and being to ask/demand that their needs be met.  Just sitting listening to NOTHING but the sounds of chirping outside the windows, drinking my coffee and writing a blog post not one but TWO days in advance.  Hmmm, this is what it's like to not be rushing off to work/kids out the door.  I'll take it!

I am loving this new stripped shirt that I picked up at Winners a couple of weeks ago.  I never get to Winners and you need time when you do get there so it really never happens for me but I was out having a lovely coffee date with  a friend and we popped in and I walked out with this super cute top just in time for Easter.  I love that stripes are sticking around but have gotten a make-over, getting away from just the black/white and navy/white combos, plus they are including lots of trends such as cold shoulders, peek-a-boo shoulders, ruffles, bell sleeves.  This little top has just slight little bell sleeves and is pretty simple, but the color makes it pop and it's busy enough for me.  I added just a simple statement necklace, jeans and peek-a-boo shoes for a casual, yet trendy outfit.  The top was only $19.99 and the only thing I don't love about it is that it get wrinkly so you have to iron it.  Argh.  


I love the stripes trend and here are a few other items I'd love to add to my collection this spring/summer.  

Spring Stripes 2017

Spring Stripes 2017 on Polyvore

Shop This Look:

Tuesday 18 April 2017

Easter Weekend 2017



Hoppy Easter everyone! 


Let's begin this post with my EPIC Easter mom fail!!!!  If you read my post last week, here, I was all set to go for Easter until Friday.... While Logan and I ran out to check a couch out that we were hoping to buy for the lake, I let the littles have my phone to watch a video of Miss. H's performance from the night before.  When we returned to the car, Miss. A informed us that they had seen a bunch of Easter pictures and wanted to know what they were!!!!  Can you believe my luck?!?  Not knowing what to say, we choose to ignore them and their comment.  On Saturday I spent the day running around, returning and buying all new stuff so that it looked nothing like the pictures they had seen. Sigh.  The things we do for our children  and in the name of keeping their innocence just a little bit longer.   (oh, and I also lost the Starbucks GC I purchased for my nephew, so lesson learned:  don't bother being on top of Easter).


Apart from the little hiccup above we had a fantastic long weekend.  What I love most about these holidays is that it encourages us to just be with family and do fun little things.  Our list of fun things included:

  • Coloring eggs with a friend

  • Coloring more eggs on our own

  • Having egg wars and eating our year quota of egg salad sandwiches

  • Visiting two great-grandmas, two sets of grandparents, aunt, uncle, one baby cousin, and one teen cousin via telephone 

  • An hour long Easter Egg Hunt that took us outdoor into fresh snow

  • Annual pancake and chocolate breakfast

  • Hours of games including ping pong, darts, air hockey, horse racing

  • One last snowman of the season


Logan also had an opportunity to go to his first Rush game with my dad, while the girls and I had a girls night with appetizers and a movie called Nine Lives.  I also got two runs and one Shred workouts in over the long weekend. 


I have the rest of the week off with the kiddos and I am looking forward to getting lots of spring cleaning done around the house and also taking Halie to her final dance competition over the weekend.  Hope you all had wonderful weekends with your own families. 

See you on Friday, for Fashion Friday's post.

Friday 14 April 2017

Fashion Friday: GYPO Style Challenge Week #1

The Get Your Pretty On spring style challenge started a week and a half ago and today I am sharing two outfits from the first week.  The outfit prompts are delivered the evening before, and are accompanied by a visual prompt as well as a written one.  The outfits are mostly causal but I, along with many others, adapt the prompts to meet our own needs, mine being mostly business casual (depending on the day).  If you are interested in joining it's not too late just click here. 

#1 Prompt: Bomber Jacket + Solid Tee + White Jeans + Sandals



My work version included my trusted white skirt (styled here) , my Guess bomber (sold out  but similar is linked), navy shirt  and Nine West pumps, that I feel every girl should own.



 #2 Prompt: Utility Jacket or Striped Blazer + Floral Top + Colored Denim + Sandals

The prompt featured blush pink denim which I currently have in  my closet with the tags still intact, but when I put these light blue  pants  I  was immediately in love with them. My husband also happened to walk into the bedroom at that exact moment and said, "oh, those are really nice." I was SOLD!!! I was happy to pull this little outfit together with everything from my exciting closet except for the new Design Lab pants which are on sale at the moment and they have them in various colors. 


That's all for today.  Follow along on Insagram to see the daily outfits. 


Happy Easter everyone!

Wednesday 12 April 2017

Easter Egg Hunt & Free Printable

Over the years we've developed some traditions that we love and treasure during Easter.  

#1 Easter egg coloring, followed by egg wars.
#2 Pancakes that are decorated with Scribblers (icing)  for breakfast.
#3 Our cousin Alen.  This year will be the first time in many years that Alen will not be with us and it'll be a strange not to share the holiday with him.  I can't honestly recall the last we weren't all together.  (insert tear drops and sad face) 


#4 The famous Easter egg/basket hunt!!!!!

Our kids anxiously anticipate the Easter Bunnies arrival, in much the same way as they anticipate Santa at Christmas.  Over the years we've always made the Easter egg/basket hunt a fun adventure for them.  When they were younger, they just had to follow a path of eggs to get to their basket, or a couple of clues here and there.  The past few years we've done a riddle hunt of sorts.  The riddles have gotten progressively more difficult in order to match their age and ability levels.  This past weekend I created 8 clues that will take them around the house/garage in order to finally obtain their bag of Easter goodies.  They absolutely LOVE the scavenger hunt and we love to stump them.  It's no fun to make it too easy but you also don't want to get them frustrated, after all it's supposed to be fun.  Feel free to download the clues, and modified them, and the letter to start your own Easter egg hunt. 

As they girls have gotten older their bag of goodies has changed as well.  If you are having some difficulty planning what to put in your child's basket below are a couple of ideas.  

For Harry Potter loving Anya.  

Horse loving Halie's basket!

 Have a blast and let me know how it goes with your little ones!

You can read all about our 2016 Easter Shenanigans here and I will be sure to follow up with a post next week about how we spent Easter 2017.

Friday 7 April 2017

Fashion Friday: Frayed Jeans & Graphic T's

Nothing says a casual Sunday afternoon like a graphic tee and a pair of comfy jeans. 

Confession time: I only have one pair of jeans, now two, in my closet! Can you believe it?!?    I love jeans but I don't get to wear them much except on the weekends, and most of the time I just live in my workout gear.  I decided this year, not only was I going to buy a new pair of jeans, but I was going to bye a FUN pair.  I knew the raw hem trend was something I could pull off and feel comfortable  When my packages arrived last week from The Bay with all my newly purchased goodies, I quickly pulled out these jeans  on and it was just meant to be.  They are a slim fit, not too long for my rather short lower half of the body, and they sit  above the hips so I don't have to worry about bending down in them at the playground or having any sort of breeze blowing in unwanted places.  


My other rather new found love are graphic tees.  Last year I started collecting them and have learned how to utilize them with blazers, skirts and pants to suit the office environment, as well as double up for my real life outside of work.  WIN-WIN. This zebra tee  came from H & M and I was unable to find it on their website but have linked several options from Simons that are fun and affordable so you can buy lots!

What is your casual go to outfit for spring? 

Have a great weekend everyone!