Friday 19 August 2016

Summer Style: Circle Skirt Crush

I have spent the last half of July and first part of August living mostly in shorts and t-shirt/tank tops while at the lake with the family, but in early spring my very talented mother agreed to sew me this amazing circle skirt (see below).  My mom is a miracle worker with her sewing machine but I hate being measured, adjusted and overall touched so she was shocked when I asked her to actually make me something. We picked out a pattern together and she got right to work.  

Since June, I have worn it several times to work, where I received a ton of complements  and then passed them on to my mother.  It's the perfect length to be work attire and for chasing children around.  Here are three of my favorite looks from this summer.


Look #1 Paris Graphic Tee 


What's better than a Paris graphic tee, while actually visiting Paris?!?  This outfit was absolutely perfect for a long day of walking in the summer heat.   I love contracting this floral skirt with a tee and my Etnies.  

 Look #2 Pretty Pastels


For a more feminine look I paired the skirt up with a soft pink camisole, a little cardigan for added warmth, and nude flats for another lengthy day on my feet.  I added a chunky necklace to help accessorize the outfit and it's one that I feel I can wear to the office!


Look #3 Around Town


After wearing the same shorts and shirts over and over at the lake for several weeks, I was kind of dying to get a little dressed up.  I wore this outfit to do some running around and catching up on some errands the other day.   My favorite piece of this outfit is this new to me cross-bag that I picked up on our local buy and sell for $3!!!!  

I love new-to-me stuff  :)

Needless to say, I am loving my circle skirt and will definitely be taking it into early fall with me and possibly wearing it to the first day of school.  Yes, I am an adult that still loves to dress up on the first day of school :) 


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    1. Yes, we went at the beginning of summer. I've been meaning to write a recap but it's been crazy with camping since we've returned. Back to work now :(

  2. Love this skirt! I'm going to Paris in a few weeks, and I've heard that skirts and dresses are very popular there!

    1. Lana I am sure you will love Paris. Our time there was a bit too short so the trip felt rushed. It was HOT and light weight clothing was the way too go and comfy shoes. I wore my Etnies everywhere, with everything! Have a great time.

  3. You wore that skirt beautifully all over Paris!

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment and for stopping by.

  4. What a cool skirt. I am so impressed your mom made it.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style