Tuesday 14 February 2017

Mother-Daughter Weekend Recap



 Do you ever feel like you didn't turn out to be the mother you always invisioned yourself as being? 


I do.   


There have been moments when I've felt like I am sitting on a moving train, looking outwards and seeing my life flying by and completely being disconnected from it.  Thankfully it's only sometimes that I feel this way and over the past five years I've been making a concious effort to live in the present more often then worrying about the next thing life will throw my way, or the scheduals that I need to keep up, or the next step in my career, or all the activities my girls "should be in".  Today I am celebrating taking a moment, or the weekend, to truly enjoy being with my girls.  A couple of weekends ago Logan went off to visit his buddy in Edmonton and the girls and I planned a weekend for ourselves. 


Friday night we cuddled up on the coach and binged watched The Next Step.  It's a dance show about an aspiring group of tween dancers and their day to day trials and tribulations.  It's totally corny and I am totally into it.  LOL!



Saturday we made gluten free pancakes (we all agreed that they turned out pretty well ) and hit the mall to get the girls haircuts.    We had a quick stop at Hardpressed, a local store that makes Saskatchewan unique shirts.  We purchased a  'grown on the prairies' shirt for our baby cousin and a few items for me. Halie and I agreed to buy the cropped sweatshirt to share, our first mother-daughter piece of clothing to share. 😍  



We hit the road to Regina right after lunch in good spirits!  We had loud girly music, coffee and hot chocolate for the road.  In Regina we had a blast staying with one of my dearest friends, Ashley and her family.  We made homemade pizzas, the girls played for hours, went into the hot tub  and had a movie night! 




On Sunday Anya helped Myalle's celebrate her 6th birthday, while Halie and I had a few hours to ourselves.  Halie's wish was for the two of us was to hit the trampoline park.  I hadn't participated in the jumping before so it was a lot of fun to do various obstacle courses, play dodgeball and jump around.  My cousin also joined our fun!





Finally we made it home late Sunday night, after we stopped by McDonalds for Happy Meals.  My girls were thrilled, as this is not a normal thing for me to do.  Sometimes its nice just to be "fun mommy" for a whole weekend and not worry about a clean house, chores piling up, doing homework, or working on anything except spoiling the girls.

I want to make these weekends a more regular part of our lives, especially since the years are just flying by and before I know it, they are going to be doing their own thing, with their own friends. 


  1. Being the fun mommy is so freeing sometimes! I often felt like I was a drill sergeant but I've let loose a lot more over the years and now that they're older I'm so glad I did!

    1. That's exactly how I feel and am really trying to let go of the trivial things and embrace life as it comes.

  2. I love that you got to do this...I hope to someday do more of this!

    1. Oh my goodness, I always feel like you are doing so much with your kids and celebrating them, even when it's tough and sometimes they are tough to be around. Haha.