Wednesday 27 September 2017

Life is Better with Friends: Reflecting on Friendship

Life is better with friends. 

Nobody can argue that walking, laughing and crying through life with friends is the best.  Ashley and I met in high school and slowly over the years we continued to grow closer and closer.  As we entered University that friendship just became stronger and stronger.  Logan, Ashley and I became a trio.  It was a no brainer that she would stand by our sides at our wedding, and not only that but she played her harp to From This Moment by Shina Twain as I walked down the aisle.  She has been there for me through the amazing, the good, the not so good and the worst.  She has treaded water with me,  pulled me up when I have been drowning and at times  even pulled me up on shore. 


Along the way she moved to another city,  met Jeff and Kaileya, got married, added another little girl, Myalle,  to their already beautiful ,and still we continue to grow our friendship except now that includes a whole lot more people. 


The thing about old friendships is that they don't need to be tended to on a daily basis like when you are forming a new friendship and just getting to know each other.  Old friendships can whether the days/weeks that  pass by without a phone call, and they can withstand "life" that  sometimes gets in the way.   Though we don’t talk every day, heck sometimes not even every month, we do have what I feel like is a never ending bond.  I know that she is literally a phone call away.  Sure we still "work" on our friendship, because all good relationships need to be worked on and nurtured.  So this past summer we were able to do just that.  Not only did our friendship continue to blossom  but the friendship that has gown amongst our families continued to flourish.  The Roffey’s joined us for four glorious days at our cabin and it was probably my favorite four days of the summer.  Unanimously we all agreed that this little ritual would become an annual event for our families. 



Here are a few of our favorite moments from our time together. 

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