Thursday 30 November 2017

Gift Giving for 6-8 Year Old Girls

For the first time in years I think we have the kids pretty much completely shopped for already!  YIPEEE!!!  One difficulty we have around this time of year is that the girls not only receive gifts for Christmas from EVERYONE in our family, but they also have birthdays in December and January.  It's always difficult to keep  a lid on the toys around this time of year so we try to stick to fun gift at Christmas and something more practical, or money towards activities for birthdays.   This year we've kind of turned a corner because Anya is still into toys, whereas Halie is in new territory for us and thus, I 've created two separate gift giving guides.  Today I am showcasing one for 6-8 year olds and on Monday I will release the tween guide.    

This year Anya is receiving a new Descendants birthday bedroom, bedding and new stickers, from Santa.  She LOVES all things Descendants but the items below are also on her wish list or she has received the last few years.

1.  Project MC2 Ultimate Spy Kit $65 (they also have a perfume making kit and a science kit).  This high on Anya's wishlist.  It's a new show on Netflicks and she is obsessed with all of their products.  Needless to say she is getting it from one set of grandparents.

2.  Journey Girl Doll $40.  Any of the 18" dolls are super popular for little girls and the best part is they have endless accessories for them, bed, clothing, pet, etc.   

3.  Unicorn Surprise $40  This is a twist on a stuffy.  We got the puppy surprise last year and it's pretty cute.
5.  Horse Club Advent Calendar $30 - Our Elf is switching things up this year from the classic chocolate Advent calendar to this one we found at Indigo.  Both girls are receiving it because Halie is horse obsessed.

6.  Keva Planks $65 - Perfect for any little builder in your home.  Honestly this is in the top 5 of gifts we have ever purchased.  Completely open ended and provides endless hours of fun.  It's worth the price tag.

7.  Princess Posey books.  Perfect for girls that are just getting into chapter books and practicing their fluency.  

8.  Cook by Colours $45.  Another top 5 of all time gifts.  You guys, both girls love this gift.  The cookbook is real food, like meatballs, smoothies, pizza dough, etc.  It teaches kids step by step instructions using real ingredients and measurement.  All the recipes are delicious and mostly food that you cook as a mom.  I highly recommend this!

I hope you enjoyed this addition and hopefully it helped find something for that special girl in your life.  I'd love to hear any other suggestions you might have.  Don't forget to come back on Monday to see the Tween Girl Gift Giving Guide.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Great items and ideas for little girls. I have yet to start Christmas shopping but as Vivian is approaching turning 5 I have a hard time choosing gifts for her, this year.

    Come join my linkup with the latest, thanks.

    Ada. =)

    1. I agree in some ways it's getting harder and harder. We don't have regular TV with commercials, and we don't really get catalogs anymore, and we don't go out to the shops much either, so it's difficult to figure out what catches their eyes. Not to mention that I feel like my girls have so much already. Haha.

  2. Skip-Bo was my favourite game growing up. Thanks for putting this together, I can always use some more ideas.

    1. We love it too! It's the perfect purse game. Skip-Bo and Uno go everywhere with us, activities, airports, beach, etc. Plus our family really likes to play games. I can't wait for the girls to get good at Yatzee!

  3. So many fun ideas in here. I have a 5 and an 8 yo. They love their dolls and both adore horses.

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