Thursday 24 May 2018

Mother's Day Recap: Sometimes Low Key is All I Really Want

This post is a little behind but I was swamped both at work and home last week so it just didn't get done. It was such a  lovely weekend that I wanted to put it down on paper to share with others but more importantly to have to remember for years to come as well..  Mother's day is not an extravagant holiday for us.  In fact, we keep it super simple and have for years.  When the girls asked me what I wanted my answer was simple and completely truthful, "a picnic and a weekend of family time", and I feel like it's simply  implied that the girls would keep their bickering to a minimum.  We long ago abandoned the idea of $$ gifts, it's just not us, and instead have the kids create homemade cards, letters, or crafts to share with us.  We compile these into a large book that we add to every year after mother’s and father’s day.  This book is fun to look at as the girls have grown and their expressions of love have evolved with age. 


We kicked it the weekend by indulging in our first ice cream cones at the corner store following Anya’s soccer game. 




Saturday I surprised my mom and the girls by taking them all to get pedicures.  Though this was a great idea, the salon we went to created a rather unpleasant experience and we didn’t exactly get what we wanted but never the less we enjoyed our time together.





Sunday, I was awakened to a house full of decorations and love notes.  Anya had woken up extra early, 5:30 am, to decorate and then went back to bed.  I could read sweet, tender and heartfelt messages all day long.  The girls and Logan also brought me toast and coffee in bed, followed by sharing the most beautiful they've written with me.  I guess I am doing alright at this mothering thing. 

At 11 a.m. I was escorted out into a backyard that had been transformed into a tea party garden, fit for a queen and her princesses.    We enjoyed tea also known  as “Fresca”, a variety of snacks from the pantry, and  some lovely picture books.  The tea party eventually turned into “restaurant” play for all of us and then a lovely picnic lunch in the afternoon. 

Late afternoon Logan and I dashed out for a 10 km run in the sweltering heat, followed by afternoon naps.   You guys, one of the things I am most looking forward to in the summer and retirement are afternoon naps.  I love them.  


We wrapped the weekend off by having a BBQ in our backyard with my parents. 



This is pretty much the best kind of Mother’s Day for me, low key, time with the kids and Logan.  I don’t need more stuff, I just need to be grounded and removed from my never ending list of things to do, my phone and all social media.  I hope all the moms out there were made to feel as special as I felt on this day!

What are your traditions for mother's day?  Father's day? 

Now that father's day is just around the corner, please share with me your best homemade father's day gifts and ideas.   


  1. Your pedicure reminded me of a time my mum babysat my girls when I was at work and they took her to get her ears pierced! I was stunned when I got home. My mum had always wanted them done but was a bit scared of it. You had a super mothers day. Great seeing the family pic

    1. That's such a great story!!! Good for your mom for overcoming her fears. We did have a great weekend and it's nice to reflect on how lucky we are to have this time together.