Friday 1 June 2018

2018 Summer Adventures & Continental Drift Link-Up #3


I am pumped to kick off summer 2018 in four weeks.  We are doing something completely different this year to kick the summer off.  The girls are flying to Victoria, BC to visit my sister and her family, while Logan and I are driving and doing some adult only touring, and then we are all driving back to SK while exploring Kelowna and Calgary along the way .    The highlight for me is going to be :

a) spending a few days alone with my hubby

b) spending some much needed quality time with my sister

c) seeing two girlfriends and their families while on this trip

d) experiencing new adventures as a family


Okay here is what we have loosely planned!


Logan and I are going to venture out to Banff to do a moderate/challenging hike, if you've been to this area I would love to hear your recommendations.   I am so pumped to work up a sweat in the mountains without any whining from the kids.  Of course I want to take a light picnic lunch to enjoy on the hike, as well as take time to hopefully stroll a little bit in the town of Banff (time permitting).


Kelowna wineries.  I've never  been and am a huge fan of wine.  Top of my list is visiting Mission Hill Winery, Quails' Gate and Cedar Creek Winery.  I already have my outfit planned for the day 😄

Once we arrive in Victoria, I am all about spending time with my sister, brother in-law and my nephew who is sadly only going to be around for a couple of days before he takes off to Quebec to do some road bike racing.  (side note, I do get to see him for a whole week in August when he comes to Sk.).  I have nothing really on the agenda for Victoria because my sister and brother in-law are always amazing hosts and tour us all around.  One request I did make is that my sis and I get a teeny tiny bit of alone time so we are hiking at Bear Mountain, getting facials at their amazingly posh spa, and hopefully soaking up the rays by the pool. 

My sister and I many years ago loving Vegas life. 


As a family we are going to spend a day and a half in Kelowna, BC and my friend who I met in grade 9 is hosting us.  I am so beyond excited to hang out with her little family, especially her little girls Nova  & Sage.  Babies and toddlers, bring it on.  We hope to take the kids to the either Wibit Water Park or Kangaroo Park and maybe some cherry picking.  Anyone experienced either of those two?  Recommendations? 

My friends from left to right (Kristi, Carling, Jill & I) in grade 9 at our first outdoor concert!

As we head from Kelowna back to Calgary, we plan to stop in Revelstoke to tour the Enchanted Forest and their adventure park with the kids.  This park came highly recommended to us on FB by various friends and it's totally a thing my girls would enjoy.  I am all about taking a self guided boat tour through the forest, and possibly the Tree Adventure Park. 

In Calgary we get to see some more friends!  My friend Lindsay and I met in a first year class University English class when I try to cheat off of her on the first day!  LOL!  She was my dancing and bar bestie pretty much the entire time I was in University and she is loads of fun.  My kids absolutely love her energy and easy going nature.  Last time we visited her we hit up Callaway park and she was such a trooper even though it was freezing cold.  This time we are hoping for better weather and to finally experience the Calgary Zoo.  We've never been and every time we try to go something happens, the flood, too cold, raining, so fingers crossed one of the two days that we are in Calgary it works out.  Like in Kelowna we are pumped to catch up with friends and just go with the flow. 


Back home in Saskatchewan brings our favorite part of the summer LAKE LIFE.   Beaching. Boating.  Reading.  Family games.  Friends.  Roasts by the fire. Relaxation.


Time to link-up your post!

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  1. Totally jealous of your winery touring- that'S something I have always wanted to do but always have kids with us when we'Re there

    1. I am giddy-excited for it. I am just thrilled that we'll have a few days just to do 'adult' stuff and create memories just the two of us. Don't get me wrong, I love adventures with the girls but I just feel that sometimes Logan and I need to make memories to hold on to just the two of us. :)

  2. That is such an exciting trip - for everyone! And time just you and hubby is perfect! We will be doing something similar in Sri Lanka and have about a week just us, it has been a long time! It will come around quick won't it, look forward to hearing more about it soon. Michelle Fifty & Fab x

    1. I read about your plans this morning and was so excited for you. I can't wait to read about it afterwards. I love my girls but it's such a great opportunity for Logan and I to make some memories of our own. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Sounds like a fantastic trip! Enjoy!