Thursday 3 January 2019

2019 Word of the Year & My Intentions

Welcome.  First and foremost, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my blog.  I want to wish you and your families a happy New Year and all the warmest wishes for a bright, joyous and healthy 2019.  

I am a type A, I am also what Gretchen Ruben refers to as an 'upholder' in her book the Four Tendencies (see below), which means I like goals, plans, clear paths.  It helps me focus and refocus when I am overwhelmed or lost.  I also like putting them out there because it helps me stay accountable.  So here is what I am intending to focus my energy on for 2019!

My Word of the Year & Family Time.  The whole concept of a word for the year has never really felt like my thing,  until the other day.  I was driving alone with my thoughts and  the radio in the background and suddenly, PAUSE came to mind.   Pause and enjoy the moment.  Pause and use my mind (not just my camera) to capture the memories.  Pause and think before I react. Pause and put away all technology during supper or family time.  PAUSE to take in the awesome life I am living.  So I am choosing to remember to PAUSE and really be with my family this year.  Not worry about work, chores, 'to do' lists, technology, etc.  

I will say that Mr. and I are also committing to getting out for walks in the evenings 2-3 times a week either with the kids, or just the two of us.

Fitness.  I am one of those people who doesn't make fitness goals at the beginning of the year anymore.  Exercise is just a part of my life,, and has been for a long time.  I do make new goals when it strikes me but at this time my only goal is to maintain what I am already doing (swimming, spinning, running).

Learn Something New.  One might say  I am a "life long learner".  I love learning from people I meet.  I like learning  from peoples stories, in school, taking online courses, learning at work, etc.  There are so many things I want to know about and explore, but just haven't had an opportunity to yet.  Last  year I decided that I needed to create these opportunities for myself, so  last year I decided to start the year off by signing up for swimming lessons and it was a huge success!!!! This year I've decided to sign up for a 52 week photography course through Shoot Along.  I received a new lens for Christmas and am excited to finally learn how to use my Sony Mirrorless camera and get off just using the 'auto' setting.
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Reading.   I loved my goal of one book a month last year and I am happy to announce I reached 16 books in total (4 which were audiobooks, but I am still counting them).  I know for most people that's not  a huge goal but I read a lot for work and working on the blog in the evenings, just doesn't leave a whole lot of time for reading.  My book club definitely keeps me accountable and I love to throw in some great easy reads along the way.  Read my book reviews for some of these books form 2018 here and here.

Hosting.  This year rather than focusing on cooking new meals, I am focusing on hosting my friends more.  We used to host all the time but this past year  we didn't do as many friend get together as I'd like.  Since I fuss, cook, clean, make extra grocery shop visits, think of things to do with the kids, I am challenging myself to this idea of How to Host a Crappy Dinner (And See Friends More) that my friend Amber introduced me to.  I just want to reconnect with friends and let go of the little things.  So I am hoping to host family/friends at least once a month in some form or another, drinks, appetizers, dinner, brunch, games night, etc.

Hosting December Celebrations 

Blog & Work.  At the end of the year I burned out and realized that I needed a step back from all the blogging/work I was doing.  My family.  My work.  My friends.  My blog.  In that order.  So my intentions for 2019 is to write when I am inspired.  To post once a week, Fridays, because that's manageable and enjoyable for me.  I'll also write and post any other time that strikes me because it's my creative outlet, my journal, my reflection.  I also hope to continue to meet people in this online world that inspire me.

As for work, I am anxiously awaiting my term as consultant to conclude at the end of the school year and then......  I don't know but I am happy to return to a school and see what new adventures and learning await me.  Stay tuned.

Do you do resolutions?  Set goals?  Intentions?  Word to live by?  Is it for you?  

What does a New Year mean to you?


  1. I absolutely love your word for 2019 and the story behind it! Wishing you all the best in the new year!

    1. Thanks Laura. It's funny how sometimes it just comes to you out of nowhere, when you aren't looking. Isn't that how it always is in life? :)

  2. Such a great word for the year, and it sounds like you have many exciting things planned! The photography course sounds amazing! :)

    Happy New Year! Hope that your 2019 is off to a great start and you've been having a great week :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. Oh what a great word - can I share it? haha! I would love to pause a little more in 2019 and just 'be' - my mind was full on last year and down time became rare. Pausing is perfect xx Maria

  4. What a great word. We can certainly get too do goodish and think we can do everything. But it's better to slow down and enjoy life. I feel like I'm more creative then!!

  5. Great word you have here dear. Wishing you all the best this New Year! Happy 2019!
    Jessica |

  6. That's a great choice for a word to live by! I'm definitely trying to live in the moment more this year!

  7. What a perfect word for the year! I got a Sony mirrorless camera for my birthday and am still figuring out how to use it. Is the class you are taking online? Love the idea of hosting a crappy dinner! Happy New Year!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  8. Pause. Lovely word. Pause, and just be. Have those moments of peace, and laughter. I so wish that I had paused more when my kids were younger. I blog just once a week with my 2 blogs, and can recommend it.

  9. Great word. I should pause more in 2019 and take in the good moments.

    Thanks so much for sharing your post with us at Creative Mondays. Have a great weekend and we hope to see you soon!

  10. This is a great One-Word Resolution. One word can't be broken. But, a resolution can be broken. As soon as you break your resolution, you stop, give up. BUT - one word is a reminder. It's who you want to be or an action you want to take in one word.

  11. Pause. I love it. It's perfect because life is always busy but taking time to pause can really be worthwhile especially with family. I wrote a few of the books you read to read for myself. I also try to read one book a month so I am always looking for recommendations. As you know I don't post often, I could post more but decided more infrequently because it allows me to enjoy blogging and social media a bit more. There's always something I can do for it but having the time to do it at my pace really makes it worthwhile. I think you'll find it liberating and much more enjoyable. Happy belated New Year!

    Maureen |

    1. You totally get me. I always feel like that after I read your comments. Exactly, I think not pushing content out will continue to keep this space and platform for me and for meeting people I truly connect with. I remember reading your post a little while about and how you decided taking a step back helps you curate your posts into something that you are proud of and enjoy. That's exactly how I am looking at this whole year, Pause, enjoy and reflect.