Monday 1 February 2021

January Sentence a Day Edition

1st - Welcome 2021!!!!!  A beautiful morning calls for a cross country skiing with my love. 
2nd-  So far winter has been a gift to us.  Morning ☕, 5 km walk and visit with a dear friend.  Then an afternoon skate with my family on our local pond.  It was full of people, COVID safe, but so beautiful to see.


3rd - Sunday means holidays are almost over.  It was sadly time to take down or tree and Christmas decorations.  Everyone was feeling a little mellow.


4th - Back at works with my munchkins!  I had so much fun!

5th -  My daughter had her first riding lesson at her new stables.  It's a beautiful in place and she was thrilled to be back on her horse.
6th -- Thankful Thursday.  Today my gratitude was pretty easy to come to.  Sometimes I really have to dig deep but today it was hard to choose just three.  

#1 I was happy to be Canadian.  
#2 Thankful for the glorious winter weather we've been experiencing.  
#3 My cleaner makes work/life balance attainable.  
#4 Best day off work!  Sledding, creative play and a great staff meeting! 

#5 Oh and a kick ass workout after work.


8th- It's Friday and we make it through the first week of routine. 

9th- Someone got her belly button pierced!  No, not me!  LMAO.  My almost 14 year old.  


10th- A first for us.  Snowshoeing with the family.


11th- Just another manic Monday 😉
12th - Sledding with my students all afternoon brought me so much joy.
13th - A storm was brewing all day.  The winds overnight were just over 100km and did some damage but by the morning we were off to work.
14th -  A long day means a bath and some wine.

15th - Family movie night.  When I saw the scene below set in the future, who would have guessed this would be our world 3 years after its release. 

16th - Celebrating Halie birthday with a couple of friends at laser tag!

17th -  Just call me "dance" mom.  Today was filled with hair, makeup and dance costumes.  The girls had a COVID friendly videotaping of the dance routines they've been working on.  The studio will edit and compile the footage for a zoom family show and some of the proceeds will be donated to our Ronald McDonald House here in Saskatoon!

18th- Oh so tired.
19th- So much fun today with my students using large and small tree sticks to make representations of tree and then they were encouraged to record their learning by drawing and telling me a story about it. 

20th- Date night with my bestie.  So good to chat, laugh and be without someone who knows you inside and out. 
21st- Coming home to a clean house has been the greatest gift ice ever given myself to. Do you have a house cleaner?
22nd - What a day.  My class is going into isolation so I'll be teaching online for the next two weeks. 
23rd - Good news.  I don't have to isolate, as I wasn't deemed a close contact.  I am so happy to still get to be with my family.
24th - Baby it's cold outside.  Whit mascara trend.

25th My baby girl turned 14!!!  We did celebrate by going out as a family to a restaurant of her choice. 

26th - 4 miles in 39 minutes for the win today!  Felt so good to get back to it after a few days off from running. 
27th - Zoom book club was a blast.  We laughed.  We tackled tough topics.  And we had wine.  

28th Packing up for a family weekend at the lake.  Looking forward to lazy mornings, reading, puppy cuddles, walks in the woods and hopefully a cross country ski. 
29th Finally a break from -40 C and back to just a cold winter.  This meant going for an early morning run with my friend Amber. 

30th & 31st Both mornings at the lake brought ski adventures.  I was able to connect with my husband and a friend from grad school while enjoying the beautiful winter wonderland of Candle Lake.  Pretty sweet way to end the first month of the year.

Overall a pretty good month when I look back on it.  Honestly, I was feeling a little down on January until I compiled all the wonderful things we did in January and now I see that it wasn't so bad at all.  Long.  Yes.  But good.  Since this post is going up instead of my usual Friday fashion post, here is a few favorite outfits from this past month. 

What are you taking away from January 2021?

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  1. Sounds like your month was a good mix of busy and relaxing! Which movie are you referring to? Last year right when the Pandemic hit, we watched Contagion and it was so eerie how it was so much like what we were experiencing at the time.

    1. It's exactly what it was like! We watched Maze Runner, the third movie. They are dying because of a plague that's affecting humanity. Craziness. My girls love the Maze Runner movies and now are ripping through the books like nobody's buisness.

  2. It sounds like you guys had a really nice January.

    1. It sure was. I am so happy that I was able to reflect and look back at the whole month to realize although the end was a bit rocky, it really was a great month!

  3. Crazy how the Maze Runner movie is so similar to what we're dealing with! Love your snow shots! Happy Birthday to your daughter!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. Right? We were watching it and I just was like, "is this happening right now?" Hahaha. Best part is my girls are obsessed and reading the books like crazy.

  4. Are you in Saskatoon?!?!?! That's where I grew up and where my parents live! We hope to be able to visit this summer. Mom said it was sooooo cold in January. Glad you were able to stay warm and enjoy some fun in the snow.

    I used to have my bellybutton pierced but it never healed well and I took it out after about two years. I hope your daughter has a better experience with hers.

    1. I sure do!!! That's so awesome. Where do you live now? It was only thankfully cold for a few days, which you know we can get longer stretches. Unfortunately our good weather is running out again and we are going back into what looks like a longer stretch of lows of -27 to -35. Sigh. I am really hoping that it'll lift for the Feb. break so we can spend lots of time outdoors.

  5. We're hoping to go snowshoeing tomorrow as we just had a lot of snow dumped on us. How did you like it? Looks like you had a fun month and I hope your daughter had a great birthday.

    1. It was fun to try. Honestly, I think going off the beaten path is more fun because the snowshoes would actually make it easier and do what they are meant to do, break the path. We went with somewhat grumpy kids, one really grumpy teen, so we kept to the path. It kind of just felt like walking, but still worth the experience, because why not? I want to know what you end up thinking and hearing about your experience.

  6. Look at your runs in the cold - go girl!!!!
    I didnt know belly button piercings were still a thing - that's so fun. I still want my nose pierced.. have wanted it since I was 18. But pain & all :)

    1. Hahahaqhah. I hear you on the pain, but honestly it's all the work afterwards that turns me away, and my age. It's healed well for her and she is super diligent about cleaning it and all that. As for the running, it's just kind of our reality where I live. It's cold and winter is long as F, so over the years I've just embraced it as much as I could. It helps to have a running buddy.

  7. I was feeling kind of bummed by January til I wrote my post, too. Overall a pretty good month. Especially by 2020 standards!!
    Your babies are so beautiful. Happy birthday to your birthday girl. Glad you were able to go to dinner to celebrate her special day.
    I just love all the snow. Wish we could have one big, fluffy snow. Just one good one. And then I am ready for spring.
    Pinned the book you shared. My online book club is always looking for thought-provoking reads. We are starting The Midnight Library.

    1. Yes, one or a few days of snow is so fun but what I am not a fan of is when we get the freezing cold temperatures and then we can't even go outdoors to enjoy the snow. Sigh. Anyway, I am so glad I joined you for this post because I was shocked how down I was on the month, until I looked back and realized a few bad days shouldn't define the whole month. And I certainly don't want to wish days, weeks and months away. Also, although the book I read is very important to Canadian history, it was very dense and heavy. Many members had a difficult time reading it and only a few finished it.

  8. Too funny! I just posted a selfie of my white 'eyelash extensions' on my instastories today! Isn't winter running so much fun? Haha!

    1. Do you like running in winter too? Mostly I get people asking why on Earth I would choose to run in winter. Hahahaha.

  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful January! Love your fashion favorites! Cool picks!

    1. Thank you so much. Have a great weekend.

  10. I need to get back to doing these posts! Putting it on the calendar for February! I love reading about others daily life and this was a nice glimpse into yours. All of the snow. This southern gal is jealous! I have always lived in the south: south of France, Mexico City, southern California, Georgia so not much snow.

  11. This was so interesting for reading. You have such exciting month full of activity and made so many memories.

    New Post -

  12. There is so much great stuff here, Bo! I really want to try snowshoeing one of these days! My boys have their first ski lesson today so I am hoping that goes well and without injury! Thanks for sharing and linking with me!


  13. It's really cold out when your eyelashes freeze up. I like all the pretty snow. Karen

  14. Looks like a good but busy month! I'm glad you didn't have to isolate and happy birthday to your daughter! :) I love all the snow pics, it's so humid here!

    Hope you've had a nice weekend and start to February :)

    Away From Blue

  15. I love this idea of doing a sentence a day, what a great way to record memories without it being overwhelming! Happy birthday to your daughter! Yay for online book clubs and relaxing with wine too :)