Sunday 9 January 2022

Part Two: New Year, Same Me


Last week I looked back and reflected on my 2021 goals.  I am a firm believer in the power of the reflection process, not only as accountability but more as a check in with myself.  Through the process do you know what I discovered?  I really want to continue focusing on all the same things more or less in the upcoming year.  My word last year was CONNECTION and apart from a blip in February 2021 when I experienced a really difficult time and some short term depression, I really was able to stay connected to what my personal and professional goals and needs where.  What was important to me and I learned how to let go of things that no longer serve me.  

As 2022 began and the onset on yet another round of cation, lock-downs and plans falling apart, I felt that "down" feeling and "disappointment" settling over me.  We had planned to go to Mexico in February as a family to celebrate my dads 65th and my husbands 40th birthday.  With the current situation we've decided to cancel and not risk being stuck in Mexico.  As we closed out 2021 and began 2022 and I was wrestling with the decision and then this image from my friend @fashinablyfit_with_t came across and had me pause.


I liked that I had the power to look at myself, the situation around me, and see not just the disappointment, but what other opportunities might be able to emerge from this disappointment.  This reminded me that I had the power to change my outlook in most situations.  Now we are looking at booking a local trip to the mountains with our kids.  Something we've talked about for years but have never done because we've always had to choose between a hot holiday or a mountain vacation.  We will contribute to our local economy.  Is it prefect?  No?  Could it be terribly cold?  Yes.  And if we have to cancel we will and we will have to seek another opportunity.  

So this year as my goals and focus is staying similar to last year.  Here is a list of the goals I want to continue to focus on that fill-me up in a good way.

1.  Relationship with my girls.  As they are getting older, they are spending less tangible time with us.  This year I am aiming to do a monthly  family that focuses on reconnecting with them.  I know they are getting older and part of that means letting them grow their own friendships and relationships outside of our family, so this is a good compromise.

2.  Read and write more.  I've been aiming for 12 books a year but this year I am bumping it to 24 because I want to continue to listen to audiobooks as well as read.  I also want to include more non-fiction content into my reading this year.  I also want to incorporate journaling into my life.  I recently have started to think about how journals can give our children a glimpse of who we were at various times throughout our lives, even after we are gone from Earth.  I purchased this lovely journal with various prompts that makes me excited to write and reflect.

3.  Continue to grow my side photography business, but only as long as I am enjoying doing what I am doing.  I would really like to do a graduation photoshoot this spring so if you are local in the area and want to be my model, please reach out and check out A & H Snapshots.

4.  Fitness!  This year I am hoping to do a mini-triathlon, if it happens with COVID.  One of my main goals this year is to make a team for the Frank Dunn Triathlon event this summer. It's something I've wanted to do for years and years and although  I feel confident in my ability to do the biking and running portions  of the event, I know I can't undertake the full swim.  That being said, I do want to get back into the pool and restart building my endurance in swimming.  

5.  Finances.  Oh man.  We need to start thinking about our finances and how to best invest or how to save for retirement.  We are so overwhelmed by the information nd I'd love any advice you might have on where we should start.  One way I'd like to contribute to our savings is by getting back to consciously buying clothes I actually need.  The past few years, I've honestly just been buying whenever I really wanted something.  I am not a big spender but I do think I sometimes buy just for the blog or for something to do. So this year I'd like to track my actual spending in the fashion department and I hope to keep it under $1500.  Will see.  

We brought in the New Year with good friends at home.  Since I haven't made a fashion post in a bit, not to worry they are coming back, I will leave you with my sparkly dress that I wore to our home NYE party because why not!  Have an awesome week and tell me what are some of your goals for 2022?


  1. You look fantastic in that dress! I am also wanting to be more conscious on my clothes spending so I am writing down what I am spending. Luckily for me, I had two gift cards for this month! In all seriousness though I have been getting what I want just like you and sometimes I should refrain myself! Hoping to add some more 5K this year, my son wants to do one a month but we shall see!

  2. Your sparkly dress is so fun for your NYE party! I'm sorry your holiday plans had to change but it's great you were able to still find somewhere else to go as a family :) We ended up taking a little mini break by staying at the resort for our favourite theme park, so it felt a bit more like a holiday for our kids, before the Christmas craziness. It was really fun even though we were only an hour from home!

    Good luck with all your goals this year! :) I'm trying to reduce my spending too - this year I spent almost $100 more than last year so it would be good this year to spend less instead of increasing my budget again!

    Hope that you had a lovely weekend :)

    Away From The Blue

  3. Good luck with your goals for 2022! You look stunning in the dress!

  4. I love these mindful goals you've set and know you will achieve them! I need to get back into the pool too. It's been way too long because of this never ending pandemic. You look beautiful in your NYE dress!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. Your sparkly dress is so pretty on you! I am so sorry about the Mexico trip, but I think you are looking at it in a positive way and I hope you enjoy the mini trip to the mountains. I know, being a parent of teens it really does make me treasure what time I have left with them and I want it to be valuable. Ohh, I want to get back into journaling again, but I want to be more positive with it.


  6. YOU look like a movie star!! What a gorgeous dress and it fits you like a glove. Very festive.

    I appreciate your take on the canceled or postponed trip. It must have been a disappointment to have to set it aside for now but good for you to look for the opportunities that may come because you won't be going to Mexico. I am trying to be thankful for opportunities. It seems things always find me just when I need them most.

  7. First of all, you look amazing in that dress! I love how it sparkles and it fits you perfectly. Secondly, I am sorry about your trip to Mexico. That must have been such a bummer. I know I would have moped around. We honestly don't get out much so any trips anywhere is something I look forward to. Lastly, I love your goals for this year especially the one with connecting more with your daughters. It's so important and love that you are being proactive. Okay I lied, lastly, congratulations on your photography side hustle! That is so exciting! I hope your week is off to a great start and happy Monday!

    Maureen |