Sunday 3 April 2022

Currently April 2022

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Good morning and welcome back friends.  I decided to take an impromptu break last week from the blog and social media.  If you follow along on IG you probably saw that my grandma died and then I just decided I needed to take a social media break to focus on my feelings, my family and just be present in my home.  So lets jump right in and catch up a little bit.

Currently FEELING.  Much better after having a little time to catch up on life and just take time to be with my family.  I was sad and although we did know that my baka was struggling, it was hard to say goodbye.  Honestly, the last weeks she was suffering a great deal and it broke my heart to see her go through that, to watch my mom watch her mother slipping away and yet fighting to stay with us.  In the end we were able to say our goodbyes, I loves you, and give each other permission to let go.  This is the mini-tribute I wrote to her but there is just so much more to say and reflect on.  

"It is with a heavy heart that I write this post to say my baka Rada passed on the evening of Tuesday, March 22nd. I am thankful that I was there with my parents to offer some comfort and to be there for her until the end. My baka was a strong lady. Life threw many challenges her way over the years but she persevered with love in her heart. As a child I spent endless hours with her and she gave me numerous memories to cherish. She took me on excursions, played with me, provided safety in times of war, and even took me to her classroom when I refused to attend daycare (probably where my love for the classroom began). I am thankful for the years we had together, both in Bosnia and then eventually in Canada, and the fact that she had a chance to get to know Logan and my girls. We will miss her immensely but know that she gave us many years of herself and she is now at peace."

Currently ENJOYING. Although the previous was a sad moment in time, at the exact time, my youngest child returned to the stage in person! Three years ago, in spring 2019, was the last on stage dance performance that I was able to enjoy, so it was beautiful to see all the dancers buzzing with energy as they took their spots on a real life stage. We have another dance competition this weekend and then a recital before dance season wraps up. Anya's dance groups did well and even earned themselves a star award for Jazz.

Currently READING, well trying to read. I am over half way through this book but not enjoying it at all. I put it down 2 weeks ago and just can't seem to get myself to pick it back up. It's just a book that I am finding triggering and uncomfortable without fully being able to explain my feelings. Anyone else read this? Should I keep going or let it go?

Currently WATCHING. I am like 7 years behind but I love Downton Abby! I love all the characters but my favorite is Maggie Smith as Violet Crawley! It's sooooooo good and I wish I could watch it daily but the episodes are too long so sometimes I just can't watch a full one so I switch to Mom, which is 20 minutes and full of laughs.

Currently LOVING. Yesterday I had a shopping date with my BFF and it was soooo much fun.

Currently DREAMING of a trip to Italy that we have booked for my 40th birthday at the beginning of summer. We are so excited to explore Rome, Lake Como & Milan. It's been years and years since we've taken a trip without the kids, so although it was a bit of a splurge we are looking forward to having a grown up experience. What are must haves or tips you have for us!

Currently WEARING. Honestly, I feel a bit in a funk currently because it's still so cold here and I am so very over my winter wardrobe. I took out my spring/summer stuff only to confirm that none of it is weather appropriate and wont be for at least another month. Anyway, I'll just have to make due but all I really want is for the snow to be gone and sunny/warm days to arrive.

Notice the ribbon skirt on the left, it's something that has been worn by many Indigenous Peoples and tribes but can be worn by anyone. In our school we recently had a Ribbon Skirt Day in honor of standing as an ally to a young lady named Isabella. Isabella wore her ribbon skirt for a "formal" event at her school and was ridiculed for choosing this piece of clothing, rather than what her peers and school staff considered to be "fancy". We continue to grow, learn and reflect on our ideas, biases and consider our blind spots as individuals, a staff, with our students. My skirt was made for me by a colleague and I love it.

Thanks for stopping by and see you next Monday for a regular fashion post.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother - she sounds like a lovely lady. I can see why you had a break from the online world - and there were a lot of other things going on in life too! It's good your daughter has been able to dance on the stage again!

    I've heard good reviews of the "school for good mothers" book but I also have a general idea of the story and know as a mum I would struggle with it so it's definitely not on my list to read!

    Hope you had a good weekend and your week is off to a nice start :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, they are greatly appreciated. I try to take a break each season, it helps me reset and re-focus, plus I find that missing the blog and IG confirms if I want to continue with it or not.

      I have decided I am just not at a place to read that book and I wouldn't recommend it.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. Sending my prayers and thoughts to you and your family. One day at a time too and that's good that you are taking a break. Sometimes it's what's needed. Anya looks so beautiful and how amazing to see her back on stage. Must have been a treat! I have not read the book you referred to but I have heard of Downtown Abbey. I saw probably snippets awhile ago but have not watched it. I seem to be turned off from TV. Aside from watching my son's shows to make sure it's age appropriate and just appropriate, TV hasn't been something I have turned to. It's getting pretty hot in my neck of the woods and though I don't want to complain I am sad. 90 degrees in April is just not something I expect and it makes me sad that cool weather is short for us. Well I hope you are having a great Monday so far and sending big hugs!

    Maureen |

    1. Thank you for your kind words, they are greatly appreciated. What are you spending your time on these days? I am curious what projects you are up to. How was spring break? I love Downtown Abbey, it's a lovely story and I find it's a wonderful way to end the day without it causing stress, frustration or too much agony. LOL. At the end of the day I just need to turn off and get to bed for a restful sleep.

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss! My sincere condolences to you and your family.

  4. What a month for you! So sorry about your grandma, sending love and hugs! That is exciting your daughter is on stage again and you have your wonderful trip to look forward to!

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, having the kids back to doing things is lovely and they are so excited to be back on stage performing.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I lost my 97 year old Grandma last spring and it was truly heartbreaking. Sending you love during this difficult time xo


  6. Once again, I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet grandma. It sounds like she did so much for you. I totally understand the break. A shopping trip with a bestie sounds like so much fun and you both look darling in your outfits! I am so excited for your trip to Rome and the other two spots in Italy (that I haven't been to!).


  7. Your grandmother sounds like she was an amazing woman. I'm so sorry for your loss. So happy that your daughter is performing in person again! So excited for your trip to Italy!

    Jill - Doused in Pink