Thursday 16 February 2023

Kindness with Ageless Style

Welcome to this months Ageless Style link-up.  This month our theme is Kindness which was picked by the lovely Joanne from Slices of Life.  This theme is absolutely perfect timing as in schools we always acknowledge, celebrate and encourage kindness, empathy and understanding in our fight against bullying in the month of February.  In our school division we had out "pink shirt day" yesterday, Feb 15th.   In honor of this day, I decided to get my craft on and I made this shirt that I truly represents how I see small acts of kindness and their effects on community.  I bought the sweatshirt at Walmart for $17 and its not only a beautiful pink, but it's the softest sweatshirt I own.  I got out my Circuit and finally opened my Easy Press that I got for my birthday in July!!!!!  As a teacher I use the month of February to  really think about what love stands for.  What does kindness and love, look, sound and feel like? It's our actions big and small that  demonstrate who we are as humans, not just during a special day, but in our daily lives.  I would argue that the tiniest, smallest acts of kindness can have the greatest impact.  

Here is a perfect example.  Recently my teenage daughter began a job at a local supermarket.  It's mostly good and mostly people are kind, with an odd grumpy one here and there.  The main thing you can get as words of encouragement is a smile and a simple "have a nice day" or "thank you".  Well here is a story from last week that just went a little further and made her, and her collogues, feel a little extra special.  A lady purchased a handful of chocolate bars.  Upon paying for her groceries, she went and handed each till person a chocolate bar and thanked them for being part of the "essential workers".  Isn't that so kind?  It's not a HUGE donation.  It didn't come with camera crews and it wasn't filmed and posted on IG.  It was simply about connecting and thanking without expecting anything in return.  

So here is a list of little and big ways to show kindness:

  • Smile at a stranger and say hello
  • Hold the door for someone at the gym, mall, hallway, etc.
  • Leave a little note with a treat for a collegue
  • Leave a review for a buisness 
  • Buy flowers and stop by a friends house to surprise them just because
  • Send a card to someone special for no reason at all
  • Shovel or snowblow a neighbours dirveway (especially if you live in Saskatchewan)
  • Make and deliever packages for the homeless in your area (we've done this and it's wonderful way to take away some of the fear and stigma related to interacting with homeless people, yes even for kids)
  • Donate blood (this is something I am scared to do but really want to)
  • Surprise a total stranger by buying them coffee 
  • Buy a bouquet of flowers and give them to a stranger
  • Volunteer or offer to car pool for friends to help out

What other ideas do you have?  Add them to my quick brainstorm!  

Below are two ways I've styled my cute little top.  Work version and a casual weekend version.  Have a great week and join me back on Monday, Feb. 27th for a new post, until then see you over on IG!

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  1. Love the sweatshirt you created! I haven't been using my Cricut much and never tried doing shirts! It is really amazing how a few kind words makes a difference. I have received several compliments lately on my outfits when grocery shopping and it always bring a little joy and a smile to my face.

  2. You shirt is so cute! That is such a sweet story about the candy bars; I often think those little random acts of kindness are the best ones ad thank so much for the list of ideas.

  3. A beautiful sweatshirt with a wonderful sentiment!

  4. First, how fabulous that you MADE that sweatshirt. So creative and will be perfect for so many outfits.
    Second, what an incredible story. That's exactly what we need more of.

  5. I love that you made your beautiful top. And I love your post and the ways of sharing a bit of kindness.

  6. oh my gosh this looks so pretty on you.
    New post:

  7. Your sweatshirt is adorable and I love that you made it! And, love the story at your daughter's supermarket! What a great way to spread kindness!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  8. You are so crafty! I love the sweatshirt you made and those are great prompts for showing kindness in one's personal life.

  9. You did such a great job on your kind shirt! I love the color! It's always good to be reminded of the simple ways we can be kind.

  10. I just adore your sweet heart. And I am sure you have raised the sweetest children. What a precious kindness that customer showed in buying candy bars for each of the employees at the registers of the grocery store.

    Your sweatshirt is adorable. Look how crafty you are. My sister has one of the latest Cricuts and uses it for everything. I have a very old one that chews rather than cutting most times. Maybe it is time to upgrade!!

  11. Your sweater is fabulous! We always say here: a kind word cost nothing.

  12. Well isn't this sweatshirt just the cutest? And we could all do with more kindness!

    I've got a new post up, I hope you'll stop by!


  13. You have a Cricut…I am so jealous! :) That thing is amazing and I love what you did with your sweatshirt. It’s such a great message! And how sweet of that lady to do that for your daughter and her coworkers. That is something really special and priceless.

    Maureen |

  14. That is such a cute top! It meets the theme so well and it's a really pretty design, you are sure to get a lot of wear from it! :)