Sunday 12 March 2023

Blue Velvet Sofa: Living Room Refresh

Today I am sharing our living room transformation that happened at the beginning of the year.  Honestly, as soon as we brought our black leather couches into our space 5 years ago, I hated them in that space.  I loved the comfort of the couches, the recliners, but they were just way too big for our living space.  It's an open concept between living room, dining room and kitchen, but it's not grand and the couches were so bulky that they filled it up so much.  Regardless where we moved them, it felt overwhelming.  Although we loved sitting in them and lounging,  I didn't like the vibe.  I wanted a sitting space.  A place to visit without a TV in the background.  A modern feel with clean lines, color and textures that could play together.   Since then I've known I wanted a different set up but I didn't know what!  All of a sudden in December I went to look for a sleek little console table to hang our stocking from and once I found it, a few other pieces just kind of jumped out at me.   We ended up leaving with the console table, the marble and gold side table, and the two white accent chairs.  I being looking on Pinterest for a living space that I wanted once again, specifically looking for a couch that grabbed my attention.   I landed on a velvet, rich blue sofa and although at first my husband wasn't sure, being a good sport, he went along with it.  We went to numerous local stores and couldn't find anything like the sofa I had seen on Wayfair so we took a chance and ordered it.  I LOVED IT the moment it came.  Then I sat on it and LOVED IT even more!   It's extremely firm and the velvet is soft and smooth to the touch.  We've now had it for almost 2.5 months and have zero complaints.

After the sofa arrived, and all the previously purchased pieces went well with the vibe, I  began shopping around for new accent pieces like the paintings, pillows in light pinks, a new gold mirrored tray for the ottoman and a fake tree to add a splash of earthy tones to the space.  We swapped out the burgundy throws for plush white ones and a large wicker basket.  Most of the accent pieces came from Home Sense, Winners or the FB Market Place at a fraction of the price as many stores on line.  You just have to be patient and wait for it, but also when you see it grab it.  All around I think we were able to transform the space for approximately $2000. We also sold the couches that were downstairs for $500 so that helped buy a lot of the accessories.  

I love how the space has come together! I read or blog on this couch daily.  On the weekends we both enjoy our coffees and books, and even Oreo loves the new couch.  Oh, and the leather black couches went downstairs to our family TV/games room and they are prefect there!  Win all around.

Thanks for stopping by and remember that this upcoming Thursday, the ladies of Ageless Style and I will be back with our link-up and we will be styling spots and dots!  See you then.

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  1. What a beautiful transformation! I love all of your decor! You new sofa is gorgeous!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  2. What a huge difference. We have a similar situation over here with large, overstuffed, reclining furniture crammed into a small space. The den opens to the kitchen with a little dining area between. But our furniture is really big. I love how clean and pretty your room looks after the facelift. The blue is serene and beautiful. You give me hope that maybe we can someday update our room and have a similarly beautiful area.

  3. Wow! It really looks so good! It modernizes the room and makes a great statement.