Monday 8 April 2024

Dance Mom Era Style

I never in a million years saw myself as a dance mom, but here I am so proud to be one.  Both girls gravitated to dance several years back and as I searched for a studio that was the right fit for our family I prioritize these three things.  

  1. Movement, creativity and love of dance over competition and perfection.  We began in the non-competitive stream and eventually joined the competitive one as the girls made that decision.
  2. Studio with a focus on empowering and encouraging dancers at all skill levels and of all body types.
  3. A studio that stayed relatively close by for competitions to reduce travel costs, so that we could continue to travel as family as we choose. 
I am happy to say that I feel like our studio meets all these requirements and has given my youngest not only  wonderful  dance training, but also a community of lovely girls that support and encourage one another.  My oldest left dance when she had to make a choice between dance and horseback riding but was very happy at the same studio while she was there.  So now Anya dances in five group dances and is doing her first solo this dance season.  It gives me joy to watch her on the stage on the days when she is flawless and also the times when disappointment hits.  

So as we went  a busy competition season, I decided to make this sweatshirt with my Cricut.  I purchased the crew neck at Ardenes and it's soooooo soft you guys.  I love springy light pink color and then I purchased the Dance Mom Era svg from here.  I absolutely love how it turned out and its been in heavy rotation over the past three weeks.  Love it casually styled with jeans/joggers and white sneaks.  

What's something you found yourself loving because your kids love it?


  1. That is a darling sweatshirt and you styled it perfectly with those cute retro looking jeans. Your priorities for finding the right dance studio are sound ones. So often dancers are pushed to be so slender they are unhealthy. My own dance teacher was that way. Glad you found a studio and instructors that embrace each girl for themselves.

    To answer your question...what's something I found myself loving because my kids loved it? Hmmm. They rekindled my interest in tennis.