Sunday 13 March 2016

Feeling Pinkalicious

I love pink!!!! I can’t tell you how excited I am to see blush pink all over the stores for the spring. I am in serious danger of dressing like the storybook character Pinkalicious, a character from the children’s books by Victoria & Elizabeth Kann, all in pink or shades of pink, from head to toe. :) Not to worry, I am not actually going to do that, but if I am not careful I could seriously end up with an outrageous number of pink items. That being said, I saw this cute little top at RW & Co and just fell in love with it. I love almost everything about this shirt, the color, the flowy, baby-doll look, and the lace trim that stands out just enough but in an elegant sort of way; the only thing I worry about is the delicate fabric that will snag easily.


After I got it home I just had to play dress-up and make sure I had enough items in my closet that I could pair it up with for both casual and work like occasions. I quickly found out that the top was super versatile and here are a few ways I plan on wearing it. I also suspect that it will pair well with my white jeans, which were in the wash, and a few pairs of shorts that are a part of my summer wardrobe. 

 This is what I wore to Anya's skating carnival today.  

 Have a pinktastic week!  ;) 

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  1. Pink is a great colour on you! You should link this post up with us on last week's challenge. Wednesday is white pants.....