Tuesday 22 March 2016

Mother - Daughter Time (it's never too late)

This past weekend I had an opportunity to spend a little one-on-one time with my daughter Halie.  These opportunities are few and far in between because I usually have both of the girls with me and if I am being completely honest until the last few years they haven’t always been the blissful mommy-daughter times that I had always envisioned.  When Halie was younger she tended to choose spending time with Logan over me, and Anya would only ever want me, which created and supported a habit of Logan being more with Halie and I with Anya.  Over the last few years there has been a big shift in our lives, as the girls have gotten older and our lives have slowed down tremendously.  In a nutshell this has been our life up to this point:

  •   Logan and I got married at 21.  I finished school and we bought our first house at 24.

  •   I got my education degree and bam baby Halie arrives at 25.  I had no job so I jumped at the job opportunity, full-time Kindergarten teacher, when Halie was 7 months old (one of the best decisions I’ve made because this has opened many doors for me and it provided us with financial stability.  Yes it was hard to leave my baby but it was for the better good).

  • Anya was born almost three years later.  Clingy, always craving to be held, needed lots of physical touch, etc. At the same time Halie went through a crazy terrible two stage, followed by the ‘fucken’ threes, which finally left her around the age of four.  (I know this is most peoples story)

  • Back to work full time for a year, then I decided that I would apply to do my Masters in Education: Curriculum Studies in the evenings, while working f/t and juggling the rest of my life.  Have I mentioned that I have the best, most supportive husband/family ever!!!!

  • I did that for two years and then took an educational leave from work, for one term to finish off my masters.  THIS CHANGED EVERYTHING FOR ME!  Slowing down and having time with the girls was such a wake-up call.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the learning that I did and am extremely passionate about my work, but I was reminded that my goal in life was my family and my children.  Not having to work provided me with a lot of time to be mom to both of the girls.  It truly was a informational four months.  Now whenever I get caught up in work, managing all our social responsibilities, playdates, activities, having a clean home, I step back and think, “Does this matter?  How much?  At what cost?”  

On the weekend Anya had a birthday party and I decided to leave the laundry, vacuuming, dirty bathrooms, cooking, etc. and I choose to spend some time with just Halie.   We’ve been doing this more often lately, a couple of times since December and I treasure the relationship I am building with her, it’s never too late.  I told my husband that I didn’t want him to join us because we need that time alone.  We had a blast playing mini-golf, then visiting my mom at Fabric Land (Halie loves to sew so she helped me pick out a fabric for a skirt that I want my mom to make me).   We laughed, had some friendly competition, I gave her tips without her giving me any attitude, she filled me in on her school friends, she told me endless stories and all around was happy to rub it into her sisters face that she got to spend time alone with her mom!!!  :)  

Halie's first hole in one!  She was super excited. 

Lucky hole #13. 

She is getting ready to join her dad on the golf course this summer.

The fabric she helped me choose for my skirt.  : )


  1. Love this- I think it's so important to have those special moments one-on-one with our kiddos!

    1. I do too. More and more often I feel time slipping away from me and I am really trying to stay in the moment and not fret so much about all the other "stuff" that is on my "to do list".