Friday 7 October 2016

Betty Rubble Style (Cheetah Print)

Welcome to Bedrock!   I am Betty Rubble.   (if you are unfamiliar with that it's from the Flintstones)  On Wednesday I wore this little cheetah  number to work and had many compliments but leave it to a man to say,


"Bo, it's not Halloween.  Why are you dressed like Betty Rubble?!?" 


Yes.  I guess I kind of do look like her but I am okay with that.  LOL.  In fact, I think this might be my Halloween costume for this year, throw my hair up in a ponytail, throw a bone into the mix, and call it a day. 

This dress is fabulous for so many reason.  First off, it's an awesome print.  Second, and more importantly, it's the comfort of the dress that really sells me on it and keeps me grabbing if off of the hanger.  It has a tiny bit of stretch in it  so that you can get in and out of it with ease, and though it's fitted through top half, it flows out at the waist.  The length is perfect for wearing to a business-casual office or into a classroom. This dress is comfort disguised as work attire. 



I love gold accessories with the cheetah print, like this statement necklace I snatched up at a garage sale last summer.  I also decided to pull out my amber bracelet that I received from Europe as a gift some years ago and play with different shades of brown. 

The day I wore this outfit just happens to be the same day that winter arrived here in Saskatchewan.  I dug out my spicy mustard sweater  to keep me cozy and warm. 


I plan to ware this same outfit again this weekend for Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving).  Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Super cute! Really like the mustard with the cheetah.
    I wore cheetah too!

  2. Yup, totally agree...this dress is fabulous!

  3. Love the yellow cardigan with the dress!

  4. Great colour/print combo! I'd totally wear that too! Thanks for sharing. When you get a chance, you should pop by my online neck of the woods to say hi! :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by today. I love this combination as well, it screams FALL to me. I am heading over to your blog right away. :)