Thursday 1 December 2016

My November Shopping List in Review

Hello friends!!!!  I took almost a month hiatus and though I wish I could say that I was away enjoying a fabulous vacation, I was not.  Honestly, life just got way too busy and I was feeling absolutely overwhelmed trying to keep all the balls in the air. First thing that went was blogging, next reading my favorite blogs, then my running, which led to me being pretty much unbearable to live with.  All is well, this is just what life is like sometimes, and I know most of you mommies out there totally get that. 


Now it's Dec. 1st and I am back and feeling great.  Today I had a big day, two presentations to approximately 150 people and though I was extremely anxious leading up to it, everything went so well and I am so happy to have it behind me.  I feel like I am back in control of my life and I am liking it. 


In October and November I had a list of the following three items, over the knee boots, a faux-fur vest and faux leather pants, that I wanted to purchase.  I have been practicing being on a strict budget, $100/month, and have been sticking to it. So in early November I scored these amazing, suede boots at the Bay for half price!!!!  Then in November, sometimes waiting really pays off, I got the faux-fur vest at Old Navy for $20 and the jeggings for $40 at the Bay.  For the two months I saved a total of $40!!!!!  Woohoo for me!

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of combining all of my new pieces into one outfit and I felt like a trendy mommy.  :) 


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 Faux-Fur Vest for Women



  1. Glad to have you back! I absolutely love this outfit combo and might wear something like that today now....thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Oh fun! I have been using the tutorial that you gave for the Thanksgiving banner a lot. I ever used it for the Harry Potter themed bday Anya is having this weekend. Pictures to follow.

  2. Hope you enjoyed your break Bo. Welcome back. What a chic casual look. Great boots and vest!

    Welcome by and join my recent Thursday Moda linkup, pretty lady. Happy first weekend of December!

    Ada =)

    1. Thanks Ada. I will be sure to link up next Thursday.

  3. Such a fun outfit! So glad you waited and got what you wanted for cheaper! Sometimes it totally pays to wait!

  4. Thanks Ruth! I was pretty pumped to get everything on my wish list and still stay on budget! LOL.

  5. Great outfit Bojana, love those boots. Welcome by and linkup tomorrow hun.

    <3 Ada.