Thursday 20 July 2017

Fashion Friday: Coloful Tassels and OTS Shirt


OMG, I am in love with this little number that I stumbled upon at Winners.  I can't believe my luck on that day.  Seriously I saw it, picked it up and didn't even bother trying it on at the store, that's how much I loved it.  Winners and Marshalls are full of hits & misses for me, but when I find a winner, I am always 100% satisfied with my purchase.  Since my shirt can't be linked, I have found you a sweet alternative that's on sale right here.


Apart from loving it for all the obvious reasons, like the colorful and playful little tassels hanging off of the neckline, the cut is extremely flattering and flowing.  I had every intention of wearing it with jean cut-offs to the beach but it was too chilly so I opted to wear it with jeans while Logan and I were doing some errands back in the city.  ANOTHER reason to LOVE this top I that I can wear it to work.  Above I am showing off my shoulders, a little too sexy for the office, but I think it looks pretty darn cute with the neckline up as well.


Now lets talk my adorable accessories that I scored at the lake during their Christmas in July Craft Sale!  I found tons of stuff but I want to feature these adorable little pieces from Violet & Viva.  Make sure to check out their homemade jewelry.  They are 100% perfect for the summer, or in the depths of the dark, cold winter, to pull out and remind yourself that summer is back on it's way. 

I am wishing you all a beautiful weekend soaking up the sunshine and enjoying whatever you have planned!


  1. SUCH a cute top! I love it with the shoulders up and down!

    Thank you so much for joining on Mondays We Link Up!

  2. How cute!! I've never shop at winners but it looks like I really need to. Loving the tassels and your colorful jewelry!
    Thank you for linking up with Weekend Wear


  3. The top looks fabulous and your instinct was spot on! It's a bonus when you don't try on and it looks this good xx